2013 Ab Machines Review


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Ab machines reviews of the most popular abdominal exercising equipment on the market today. We help you uncover which are worthy of your hard earned money.

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2013 Ab Machines Review

  1. 1. 2013Best Ab MachinesReviewwww.ab-machinereviews.com
  2. 2. www.ab-machinereviews.com2013 Best AbMachines ReviewSporting a sexy six pack hasnever been as highlydesired as it is today .But,there are hundreds ofab workout machinesand devices on the market.So how are you to choose…after all, they can’t all begood!
  3. 3. Ab Glider Reviewwww.ab-machinereviews.comWhy Ab Machines ?Ab machines arespecial because of theway they specificallytarget the numberone, and still growing(pardon the pun) areaof the body so manypeople want to focuson to flatten:ABDOMINALS!
  4. 4. 2013 Best Ab Machines ReviewMachines Reviewed:• Ab Rocket• Ab Circle Pro• Ab Roller• Ab Coaster• Ab GliderWe will cover whichpopular Ab Machinesto skip overANDyou’ll also get ourrecommendation for theBESTab machineon the market todaywww.ab-machinereviews.com
  5. 5. Ab Glider Reviewwww.ab-machinereviews.comAb Rocket ReviewThis 1 motion machine wasdesigned to help you performcrunchesPro’s• Offers neck & head support• Has cheat handles to help you pullyourself up if your abs are reallyweakCon’s• Anyone taller than 5’10” won’t fitin it properly• Must keep your legs out straight,tor else it falls over• Weak plastic brackets break easily• 3 tension settings don’t offerenough resistance to challenge youonce abdominals get stronger• At over $115 plus tax & shipping –doesn’t off enough pro’s to buy itSkip It!
  6. 6. Ab Glider Reviewwww.ab-machinereviews.comAb Circle Pro ReviewThe Federal Trade Commission fileddeceptive advertising charges when tellingconsumers that exercising on this devicefor just 3 minutes a day would lead tolosing 10 pounds in two weeks.Hmm!Pro’s• Engages your obliquesCon’s• Does not engage the core with anyforward/back motion to work yourupper & lower abdominals• Price ranges from $145 to $200 plusshipping & tax makes it very expensivefor just working your love handles!Skip It!
  7. 7. Ab Glider Reviewwww.ab-machinereviews.comAb Roller ReviewIt’s been around for almost 20 yearsand was the first infomercial fitnessproduct to reach $1billion in sales!Pro’s• Supports those with a weak neckwhile performing crunches• Weight plates can be added tothe sides to increase resistanceCon’s• Only assists with cruncheswhich are the least effective abexercise to begin with• Actually weakens your neckmuscles further over time byproviding too much support• Neck soreness can be overcomewith proper form withoutspending $40 plus shipping & taxSkip It!
  8. 8. Ab Glider Reviewwww.ab-machinereviews.comAb Coaster ReviewThis machine has some does havesome strong positive points.Pro’s• Accommodates a very tall personand up to 300 lbs.• Well made, high quality construction• Smooth and great forward/backmotion• Contoured knee support• Upper arm supportCon’s:• Only a partial swivel to work theobliques• Most expensive option at over $200plus shipping and taxes – for thatreason….Skip It!
  9. 9. Ab Glider Reviewwww.ab-machinereviews.com2013 BEST Choice:Ab GliderWHY?Check outthe next 6 slidesto find whyANDget a more detailedreview
  10. 10. www.ab-machinereviews.comAb Glider is the only one with swivela track to give you a 2 in 1 machine.It’s like owning both the Ab Coasterand Ab Circle Pro in just 1 machine .Ab Coaster – no swivel trackAb Circle – only side swivelsAb Glidercombines bothswivel &forward/backgliding
  11. 11. www.ab-machinereviews.comAb Glider ReviewKey Benefits:• Works out all areas ofyour abs by engagingyour entire core• Saves time since youdon’t have to do a bunchof different ab exercisesto work your entiremidsection• Works your lowerabdominal area in thesame way as a hangingleg lift, but withoutstraining as hard
  12. 12. www.ab-machinereviews.comAb Glider ReviewKey Benefits:• Offers high range ofresistance so you canstill use it once yourmuscles strength isadvanced• 180 degree rotationtrack is super smoothand will lock in placegiving for just thevertical motion option• Low impact exercise so itwon’t aggravate yourjoints
  13. 13. www.ab-machinereviews.comAb Glider ReviewKey Benefits:• Made with a sturdysteel frame to last formany years• Contoured knee padfor added comfort• It’s a self-poweredmachine - meaningthere’s no electricmotor to maintain orfail
  14. 14. www.ab-machinereviews.comAb Glider ReviewAb Glider Facts:• Made by the highlyreputable companyPro-Form, known forbeing the worldwideleader in treadmills• Warranty is backedthe credibility of Pro-Form who are knownfor their high qualitymanufacturing.When you hear the name ProForm…you mightautomatically think treadmills. During their its earlydays, ProForm revolutionized the treadmill industrywith the now world-famous SpaceSaver® fold-awaydesign.ProForm continues the tradition of quality andinnovation with cutting-edge advances inelectronics and reliability. ProForm treadmills arean overwhelming choice of fitness enthusiaststhroughout the world.In recent years ProForm has unveiled a completeline of exercise machines - all geared to provide themost effective workout available.
  15. 15. www.ab-machinereviews.comAb GliderLearn moreabout the30 DayRisk Free Trialby visiting the officialAb Glider site:Click Here