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Unit 9.2
Learning Activity Sheet 9.2 with answers
Grade 9 | Unit 9.2 | Page 15
1. How does the letter try and make you fee...
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9.2 la answers


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9.2 la answers

  1. 1. Unit 9.2 Learning Activity Sheet 9.2 with answers Grade 9 | Unit 9.2 | Page 15 1. How does the letter try and make you feel important - like a winner? • By addressing you by name, by promising you “instant” cash, by giving you your own special code, and by testing your “skill” with an easy maths question. 2. How does the letter try to impress you with the seriousness of the offer? • By using official-sounding language, like “Security Code I.D. Number”, “Judging Organization Cash Cheque Disbursement Authority”, by warning against showing your I.D. number to anyone else. 3. What is the letter asking you to do? • Respond by email or phone. 4. How does the organization make money? • It collects a certain amount from your phone call charges. Given that you'll most probably spend about R50 to collect your R1.37 prize ensures that the company makes enough profit to stay in business. 5. What do you think will happen when you call the company? • The company will keep you on the line as long as possible. They will probably allow three minutes to answer the “skill-testing” question, they will allow time for reporting and processing the “Security Code” number, they may ask you to route your call using number codes, etc. 6. How does the letter try to discourage you from answering by mail? • By making the phone option seem quick and easy; by making the mail option complicated (obtaining a stamp and postcard of the correct size, then cutting and pasting); and by warning that “improper, incomplete and illegible” mail entries will be disqualified. 7. What are the chances of winning R7,500 in this “sweepstakes” lottery? What “prize” will you probably win? • See the “consumer disclosure” at the bottom of the letter, as required by law. The chances of winning the R7,500 prize are 1 in almost 3 million. They are the same for winning the prizes of R2,500, R1,000, R750 and R175. You are almost certain to win the prize of R1.37, but will probably have spent R50 or more on long distance charges. 8. Would you respond to this offer? • Don't do it!