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7.1 Transparency 1


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7.1 Transparency 1

  1. 1. Hi there… My name is Joe. You’ll read about me in a really cool comic soon. I’ve had some problems… But right now, I’m going to get my uncle, Enoch, to show you some stuff about growing up, risks and behaviour. I think I need to pay special attention… Hey kids. My name is Enoch. I am really excited about all these interesting and very important things we’ll learn about today. You are all at a stage where, as a teenager, you are in an exciting new phase in growing up, but it is also a risky one. • Risky behaviours are those actions that are likely to be dangerous for health or emotional well- being in the short or long-term. • As you are given more responsibility to make decisions about how to spend your time, it is important to know what the various kinds of risk behaviour are and what their possible consequences may be. • Even though people may know that a certain kind of behaviour may lead to an accident or a problem later on, they still do so because they enjoy it, it makes them “feel good”. This is what we call the anticipated reward. Grade 7 | Unit 7.1 | Page 11 Unit 7.1 Transparency 1 - page i
  2. 2. • Certain kinds of behaviour are more risky than others in that they are more likely to lead to problems. We call these kinds of behaviour high- risk behaviour. • High-risk behaviour has a high probability of leading to social, emotional and physical problems. • You can change the probabilities of getting harmed, or being in an accident or developing an addiction by choosing to do or not do certain things. • This entails understanding the risks involved, the probabilities and having the right decision- making skills to think through a complex situation. • The decision-making process we’ll learn about is not so much a matter of what to decide, but rather how to go about making sensible decisions. I think I am sometimes unaware of the risks involved in what I do….What about you…? Grade 7 | Unit 7.1 | Page 12 Transparency 1 - page ii