Bryan Clontz: Planned Giving on a Shoestring


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Bryan Clontz visited the Community Foundation of Sarasota County on Tuesday, October 27 to share how nonprofits can develop a robust planned giving program with no money and only 2-3 hours per month.

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Bryan Clontz: Planned Giving on a Shoestring

  1. 1. Stages of Endowment/Planned Giving Effectiveness Developing Operational Advancing Excelling Endowment Evolution No operating endowment in place Board resolution to form endowment or foundation with specific objectives Board employs fund- raising mechanism to build funds (e.g., planned giving, capital campaigns, outright gifts) Greater than 25% of operating funds derived from endowment Intend to take next steps Planning begins; initial gifts secured Endowment balance is growing; goals have been set; investment committee active Principal grows even with large operating fund payments; Board executes annual drives Planned Giving Evolution Intend to take next steps Only planned gifts come from “out of the blue” Board approves planned giving policies and procedures General marketing and specific asks generate outright gifts and estate club members A staff member has specific PG responsibility to maintain marketing and gift consistency Board champion steps forward with leadership and gift; Board priority PG committee in place; investment strategy; Board and community education underway PG now viewed as an integral component of fund development; high community recognition
  3. 3. Current Beneficiaries of Wealth: Heidi and John Smith Goals: Leave their children $1,000,000 each and replace taxes whenever possible with charity 100% 76% 24% 0% HEIRS TAX CHARITY
  4. 4. NEW Beneficiaries of Wealth: Heidi and John Smith 100% + INS < 1% 71% HEIRS TAX CHARITY 71%
  5. 5. Social Capital: The concept of social capital clearly reveals that you have a choice - and the power - to direct how assets you will not be allowed to keep will ultimately be distributed and used. Involuntary Philanthropist Voluntary Philanthropist Alwin Ernst John Rockefeller, Sr. Estate $12,642,431 $557,905,182 Tax $7,124,112 $17,124,988 % Lost 56% 3%
  6. 6. CRT Heirs Community Foundation Insurance Tax Deduction Lifetime Income
  7. 7. WIN-WIN-WIN! Series 1- Sale and Reinvest Series 2- Charitable Remainder Trust IRS FAMILY HEIRS CHARITY