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The follower thriller


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The follower thriller

  1. 1. The Follower.. Genre: Thriller The Follower...
  2. 2. Ron Buxton The Follower... Ron Buxton Anyone wanna meet up today? Ron Buxton Ron became friends with… Lucy Donald
  3. 3. Our Idea • Investigating a kidnapping, which happens where one individual disguises their identity through social media. Target Audience: 15 and above
  4. 4. Characters • The Kidnapper – Ron Hidden Identity, Hoodie • The Victim - Lucy Girly, Innocent, long skirt • Detective – Dave Long jacket Nervous twitch
  5. 5. Themes
  6. 6. Camerawork • Long Shots - empty room • Close ups - kidnapper(not revealing identity) • Mid shot - of detectives • Two Shot - Two People including the police officer and the parent • Extreme Close up • Panning shot - to show surroundings (i.e. first setting)
  7. 7. Mood Board
  8. 8. Real Text • Kidnapped (2011)- this is where we got the idea of making our film back-to-front; having the kidnapping at the beginning. • Catfish- the film Catfish helped us to come up with the idea of using social media within our kidnap and how people can pretend to be someone they’re not over the internet.
  9. 9. Idea for the opening... The opening credits is going to be black, flashinging police lights edited on top. Edit a pre recorded 999 police call into the background of credits. sirens are faded in background The Follower..
  10. 10. Plot - Beginning Beat 1: 999 call between mother and police officer (credits shown over the top). Beat 2: Shot of the person’s bedroom with montage of conversations between two people. (while seeing a flashback of the kidnapping) Beat 3: Police looking through the persons house and gathering initial evidence.