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Onserts presentation


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Onserts - Sticky notes on newspaper

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Onserts presentation

  1. 1. Onserts - An overview sticking it to your customers in style
  2. 2. • Onserts are sticky notes carrying key marketing messages applied to the front of a newspaper • Easily retainable onserts can be used as: o A reminder o A coupon o Key info - telephone number or web address o Pointer to an in-paper ad What are onserts? sticking it to your customers in style
  3. 3. • The onserts are applied to free newspaper publications • A majority of free newspapers accept onserts along for a coverage of around 9 million homes in the UK • This is either done by hand or mechanically by the publisher • The items are then delivered with your message right on the front of the paper How do we do it? Its not rocket science…
  4. 4. The Benefits • Associated with the most trusted of media – regional press • High Impact • Cost Effective • Easily Retainable • Targeted • Creative Opportunity • Can be used on their own or in conjunction with in paper advertisements …but it works!
  5. 5. Design & Print • Shape Choose your preferred shape from a variety of options, square, rectangle or even die cut into the shape of your product or logo • Colour A range of pastel or brilliant colours post-its Choose from any colour print • Scented items • Print Double sided print available We can arrange the print and delivery of the post-its So get your creative juices flowing and come up with something different. You are only limited by your own creativity
  6. 6. Masses of Creative Potential!
  7. 7. • Wraps • Costs – Distribution and Print • Lead Times • Bespoke Campaigns General Info Other considerations
  8. 8. Targeting • ‘Post Its’ can be applied to the full circ of a title, or in the main targeted by… • Geography / Demography • Arranged by postcode sector – CO 1 1 • Compatible with all major segmentation products – Experian’s Mosaic – CACI’s Acorn – TGI • Radii or traveltimes • Customer Data Profiles
  9. 9. Example Of Targeting • Housing Development Postcode B98 0GE • Target Audience of ABC1 age 25+ • 15 minute targeted drivetime around the postcode • Print and distribution costs for Sticky Ads onto freely distributed newspapers within the target area • Targeted Sticky Ads maximise response and return on investment via minimum wastage and maximum impact • Different messages can be distributed to different customers, again achieving maximum response and ROI Hitting the spot!
  10. 10. 15 Minutes from B 98 0 showing PC Sectors with an Index of ABC1 25+
  11. 11. Onsert Availability within a 15 minute drivetime of B98 0, and an above average concentration of target audience ABC1 25+
  12. 12. Round Level Targeting • Round Level is micro sector targeting whereby delivery rounds are profiled using Mosaic groups and types • Delivery rounds within your geography are identified • Those rounds that contain the highest index of your target audience are then selected for delivery What is it?
  13. 13. Round Level Targeting • Target your customers in groups of approx 200 as opposed to 2500- 5000 approx • Items can be versioned to meet specific target groups • Is available for ‘onsert’ and ‘door to door’ distributions across the Newsquest universe • Reduces wastage • Maximises return on investment The Advantages
  14. 14. Bob Mead – General Manager Newsquest Direct St Johns House, St Johns Street West Midlands Stourbridge DY 8 1EH • t: 01384 444944 • f: 01384 441666 • e: • w: Contact Details Interested? – Call…