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Digital Citizenship Message - September 2013


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NPSD Technology Director Robin Lutcher shares resources on digital terms.

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Digital Citizenship Message - September 2013

  1. 1. September 18, 2013 District Administrator Meeting
  2. 2. Definition of Digital Citizenship  Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use.  Maybe a shorter version for students “The self-monitored habits that sustain and improve the digital communities you participate in, enjoy or depend on.”
  3. 3. Short Video to Share with Teachers  =PLvzOwE5lWqhRhUa0Zet5__9yfLX8NRvb3&index= 2&feature=plpp_video  Definitions for staff and students
  4. 4. Videos to share with Students  Secondary Level:  Elementary Level: nternet/digitaletiquette/
  5. 5. Classroom Poster  me-digital-citizenship-graphic-for.html