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Ics part 4


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Ics part 4

  1. 1. Visual 4.1Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsUnit 4:Incident Commanderand Command StaffFunctions
  2. 2. Visual 4.2Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsUnit Objectives Identify the five major ICSmanagement functions. Identify the position titlesassociated with theCommand Staff. Describe the role andfunction of the IncidentCommander. Describe the role andfunction of the CommandStaff.
  3. 3. Visual 4.3Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsManagement Function DescriptionsFunction DescriptionIncidentCommand• Establishes incident objectives, strategies, and priorities.• Assume overall responsibility for the incident.Operations• Determines tactics and resources for achieving objectives.• Directs the tactical response.Planning• Collects and analyzes information.• Tracks resources.• Maintains documentation.Logistics • Provides resources and needed services.Finance/Administration• Accounts for expenditures, claims, and compensation.• Procures needed resources.
  4. 4. Visual 4.4Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsIncident CommanderThe Incident Commander is responsible for allICS management functions until delegated.
  5. 5. Visual 4.5Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsWhy is it critical toestablish commandfrom the beginningof an incident?Discussion Question
  6. 6. Visual 4.6Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsDelegating Incident Management FunctionsRemember: The Incident Commander onlycreates those Sections that are needed. If aSection is not staffed, the Incident Commanderwill personally manage those functions.IncidentCommandIncidentCommandOperationsSectionOperationsSectionPlanningSectionPlanningSectionLogisticsSectionLogisticsSectionFinance/AdminSectionFinance/AdminSection
  7. 7. Visual 4.7Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsIncident Commander ResponsibilitiesThe Incident Commander isresponsible for: Ensuring incident safety. Providing information tointernal and externalstakeholders. Establishing and maintainingliaison with other agenciesparticipating in the incident.
  8. 8. Visual 4.8Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsWho has overallresponsibility at anincident scene?Discussion Question
  9. 9. Visual 4.9Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsDeputy Incident CommanderA Deputy Incident Commandermay be designated to: Perform specific tasks asrequested by the IncidentCommander. Perform the incidentcommand function in a reliefcapacity. Represent an assistingagency that sharesjurisdiction.
  10. 10. Visual 4.10Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsWhat needs to occurbefore the DeputyIncident Commanderassumes control?Discussion Question
  11. 11. Visual 4.11Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsExpanding the OrganizationCommand Staff:Provide information,safety, and liaisonservices for theentire organization.PlanningSectionPlanningSectionLogisticsSectionLogisticsSectionLiaisonOfficerLiaisonOfficerSafetyOfficerSafetyOfficerPublic InformationOfficerPublic InformationOfficerGeneral Staff:Delegatedfunctionalresponsibilities.OperationsSectionOperationsSectionFinance/AdminSectionFinance/AdminSectionIncidentCommandIncidentCommand
  12. 12. Visual 4.12Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsThe Incident Commander approvesinformation that the PIO releases.The Public Information Officer: Advises the IncidentCommander on informationdissemination and mediarelations. Obtains information fromand provides informationto the Planning Section, thecommunity, and the media.Public Information Officer (PIO)LiaisonOfficerLiaisonOfficerSafetyOfficerSafetyOfficerPublic InformationOfficerPublic InformationOfficerIncidentCommandIncidentCommand
  13. 13. Visual 4.13Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsSafety OfficerThe Safety Officer: Advises the IncidentCommander on issuesregarding incident safety. Works with Operationsto ensure safety of fieldpersonnel. Ensures safety of allincident personnel.LiaisonOfficerLiaisonOfficerSafetyOfficerSafetyOfficerPublic InformationOfficerPublic InformationOfficerIncidentCommandIncidentCommand
  14. 14. Visual 4.14Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsLiaison OfficerThe Liaison Officer: Assists the IncidentCommander by servingas point of contact forrepresentatives from otherresponse organizations. Provides briefings to andanswers questions fromsupporting organizations.LiaisonOfficerLiaisonOfficerSafetyOfficerSafetyOfficerPublic InformationOfficerPublic InformationOfficerIncidentCommandIncidentCommand
  15. 15. Visual 4.15Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsWho within yourorganization isqualified to serve asCommand Staff?Discussion Question
  16. 16. Visual 4.16Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsActivity: Command Staff RolesInstructions: Working as a team . . .1. Review the case study presented in yourStudent Manual.2. Identify which Command Staff positions wouldbe assigned.3. Next, determine what specific activities theIncident Commander would delegate to eachCommand Staff member.4. Select a spokesperson. Be prepared to presentin 10 minutes.
  17. 17. Visual 4.17Incident Commander and Command Staff FunctionsSummaryAre you now able to: Identify the five major ICS managementfunctions? Identify the position titles associated withthe Command Staff? Describe the role and function of theIncident Commander? Describe the role and function of theCommand Staff?