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How Geo-Fencing Can Help Your Business


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Geo-Fencing is a location-based service that sends messages to smartphone users who enter a defined geographic area. To find out more e-mail us at for a free consultation!

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How Geo-Fencing Can Help Your Business

  1. 1. 1500 W. Cypress Creek Rd. Ste. 503 • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Local: 954.368.1640 • Toll-Free: 844.677.2777 • Fax: 866.406.5029 •
  2. 2. Geo-Fencing is a location-based service that sends messages to smartphone users who enter a defined geographic area.
  3. 3. Mobile users spend far more time using apps than they do browsing mobile sites on their devices !!!
  4. 4. Geo-Fencing are alerts that are sent as a push notification to your subscribed users. 50% of customers who stopped by a business prompted by a notification said the visit was unplanned!!! Businesses use Geo-Fencing to send special offers to customers within a certain radius. According to a 2013 customer experience study by comScore, 47% of customers surveyed said they’d be more likely to shop with a business if they offered promotions to their smartphones when they’re nearby.
  5. 5. Example 1 – Dry Cleaner. A dry cleaner in a city establishes a two-block radius Geo-Fence centered on its main location. The dry cleaner’s customers have downloaded its app, and are trackable in the dry cleaner’s system. When a customer carrying their mobile device enters the Geo-Fenced area, a push notification comes up reminding him or her that an order is ready for pickup. Customers love the reminder, and never forget their orders, and the dry cleaner is able to offer a value-add that doesn’t take up any extra manpower or energy. Example 2 – Bakery. A trendy bakery is cooking up mega-batches of a new cookie. To help spread the word and get feedback, the bakery sets its Geo-Fence notification to invite fans to come in for a free sample. Not only do they get all the info they need on their new cookie recipe, they drive a ton of traffic and sell out their case of cakes, too! Example 3 – Real Estate Agent. A real estate agency has an app that active searching buyers often download. The agency can establish a Geo-Fence around its listings when they are holding open houses. When a potential buyer enters the Geo-Fenced zone, they get a notification of the open house, and head over to check it out if interested.
  6. 6. Geo-Fencing provides an immediate response when customers are looking for a specific product. Customers are more likely to shop with a business if they are nearby. Current customers can opt-in to receive push notifications and always stay informed of business sales and events.
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  8. 8.  Geo-Fencing is a great tool to drive customers to your business.  To learn more about Geo-Fencing and how it will help you send an e- mail to  Call to schedule your free consultation toll free 1-844-677-2777 Mobile Marketing Advertisement Is The Way Of The Future.