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F Fluorine


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F Fluorine

  1. 1. Fluorine Amia H!se
  2. 2. General InformationSymbol: FAtomic Number: 9Atomic Mass: 18.99 amuProtons: 9+Electrons: 9Neutrons: 9.99*Density: 1.696 g/lMelting point: -219.6 degrees CelsiusBoiling point: -180.12 degrees fahrenheitClassification: halogenCrystal Structure: cubic
  3. 3. Uses: ToothpasteIt is also used asfluoride pills. Theyprescribe the pillsto stop or preventtooth.
  4. 4. Uses: PillsIt is also used as fluoride pills.They prescribe the pills to stop orprevent tooth decay.
  5. 5. Uses: Blown GlassIt it used mostly inblowing glass to create afrosted look.
  6. 6. Artifacts
  7. 7. Fluorine FactsWhen fluorine come in contactwith your skin it goes it got intoyour skin and dissolves yourbonesIt reacts to all elements exceptHelium, Neon, and ArgonIt gives you Herpes
  8. 8. What I Did on My BoxAt the top I portrayed a picture of an explosion representinghow fluorine reacts with most chemicalsOn the right side I add three main uses for fluorineOn the left side I made 3-d models of the crystal structure andthe atomic structureAt the bottom I have a tab that you pull add inside it holds theinformation about my elementIn the middle I it shows my element and its symbol F. It alsoshows the atomic mass on the bottom and the number ofprotons and electrons at the top.