Pathway to In-Memory (SAP HANA) Success!


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Many are trying the fast path, but not taking the proven path for success. Learn how to Envision and accelerate your In Memory journey. Find out the questions all people ask! Develop a 360 shared vision between Business and Technology. Find out how Cloud is a viable solution. Its not all about speed but making the journey successfully!

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Pathway to In-Memory (SAP HANA) Success!

  1. 1. Big Data Analytics (Session 1) Date: May 19, 2014 This first section looks at Big Data and the 12 unique components that comprise Big Data. What the growth of each segment is out until 2017 and what were the actual dollars in 2013 as well as what were growth drivers and barriers. Additional components are; Focus areas, Priority of need, Infrastructure priorities, the 4 V’s revisited and the top ten trends of 2014. Section 2 looks at Analytics. What is Analytics and how it is different from Business analytics. Fueled by Big Data, although by definition a mature market now projected to be $50B by 2016, why the turnaround? In addition, a high level synopsis of the four types of Analytics commonly used today with examples and narrative on domains, capability needs, the 10 steps to make analytics work, how to build an analytics organization and approach, and 5 key take aways for Big Data Analytics success! Envision Your Way to HANA Success Date: May 21, 2014 Do you realize that most companies ask “6” critical questions in their journey to HANA? In a webinar crafted by SAP Value Prototyping learn the answers and much more and learn about how to bring your Business and Technology teams together in a “Shared Vision” for your company’s success. Learn how you can accelerate your success, what needs to be done, and the stellar results you can achieve! Hear about ‘ENVISION’, what it is all about and why over 400 successful workshops have helped companies like yours make their HANA journey even more successful. Learn about how Cloud is used as a value tool to drive business innovation faster and how pre-assembled Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) can accelerate the implementation; on average net about 40% savings versus classical approaches. Whether you have started the HANA journey or just thinking about it, it’s a webinar that you don’t want to miss! Order to Cash Date: May 23, 2014 One of the HOTTEST processes to know within any company! Why is Cash King and where do companies fall down in making this integratedted “critical” process work. Why focus on this process and why cash improvement? In a special SIG webinar co developed with Blue Hill Research, learn the three key verticals within a company and what processes/sub processes form critical linkage. Is there more than one O2C process, yes! check it out. See if common pinch points identified in presentation are similar to why you’re process is not reaching best in Class results. Learn the “ACES” methodology to make it work. Is your company: Best in Class, Average or Laggard. See what measurements would put you in one of these three business categories. Do you know the 7 successful steps to O2C success, they are included, plus key financial and process take away’s. Don’t miss this compact focused webinar, benchmark to see where you really stand. Best in Class, Average, or Laggard! Also, survey to be sent with results announced at Orlando! PMMS SIG WEBINARS
  3. 3. Presented By Hosin MinBrian Itow Christian Butzlaff Value Prototyping
  4. 4. PRESENTATION CONTENT  Value Prototyping in Brief  The HANA End Game  Obstacles to Success  Making the Hard Call  It’s All about Accelerating!  Why Envision?  The Envision Journey  Value Prototyping Reflections  Cloud Solution  Migration & Onboarding  40% Faster with RDS  Cases Study of Success  Your Journey Forward  Key Take Away
  5. 5. Serving all SAP solutions with no licenses or Ramp-up nomination required 3,500+ prototypes over 14 years for customers from all-over the globe and all industries One-stop Shop with everything needed to run a prototype including Business Specialists,Application & Development Experts, IT Infrastructure Flexibility & Speed to jump start a project within 5 days, project durations ranging between 3-8 weeks, and tangible results every 2 weeks Value Prototyping in Brief With theValue Prototyping approach, the project was 3 times faster and 5 times cheaper than with the classical approach. –Supply Chain Executive, Lego, Denmark
  6. 6. Value Prototyping in Brief Pre-Assembly  Jump-start projects with pre-deployed, pre-tested templates in the cloud  Accelerate development by eliminating common, manual configuration Cloud Logistics  Deploy system landscape in cloud first then move to final infrastructure  Start development early in staged environment Value Prototyping  Specify and show how SAP solutions address business requirements with iterative, cloud- based prototypes  Ensure business, IT and SAP are aligned to achieve your goals anytime ! Envision Workshops Iterative Prototyping (Solution, UI) Pre-Assembled RDS + World Template Micro Solutions Pre-Assembled RDS + World Template HEC Solutions
  7. 7. THE HANA END GAME Increase velocity of business Streamline business processes Make better decisions
  8. 8. THE HANA END GAME Instant Insight Real Time Information Process Automation Inter - Enterprise Better Ease of Use Unified Platform Cloud Deployment Predictive enterprise Insight to Action Configuration Flexibility
  9. 9. WHAT IS KEEPING YOU FROM MOVING? Will my custom code work with HANA? How do I move to HANA? Do I get the performance increase I am looking for? Will HANA really impact my business? How? What is the Best Area to Start? How do I jump start projects?
  10. 10. WHAT IS KEEPING YOU FROM MOVING? Will my custom code work with HANA? How do I move to HANA? Do I get the performance increase I am looking for? Will HANA really impact my business? How? What is the Best Area to Start? How do I jump start projects?
  11. 11. DECISIONS TO MAKE What value can I achieve? Can I do it? How can I get there? Where should I start? How can I do better? HANA drives Business Innovation “Rethink Business Needs”
  12. 12. ENVISION WORSHOP IS A QUICK SOLUTION FOR SHARED VISION INTEGRATE LOB’s • Conflicting organizational interests • Technology • Training • Regulation / Policy • Etc… • Business buy-in • Priority & Urgency • Funding • Ambiguous linkage to individual performance • In-transparent selection process Challenges throughout the journey (Innovation Bottleneck)
  13. 13. Accelerate Decision, Blueprint & Realization Go-live / RunRealizationBlueprint Final Preparation The Telephone Game Amplifies our Different Interpretations Our Experiences Shape What We See & How We Interpret It Strategy & Decision Change Management, User Adoption andTraining
  14. 14. Accelerate Blueprint & Realization Envision ( 3 Days) Prototype (4-8 weeks) Ideate & Align Design Validate • Understand business environment& implications • Discover opportunity • Identify hiddenassumptions • Clarify business needs • Alignand prioritize business& IT priorities • Clarify functionalrequirements • Determine right solutiondesign • Identify criticalpath & solution prioritization • Validate design & whatit takes to implement • Identify & determine how to remediate gaps up front
  15. 15. Why Envision? 100 ► 20 ► 10 ► 2 ► 1 Business Symptoms Shared Image of ‘To-Be’ Shared Image of ‘Path to Success’ Actionable Plan Top Pain Points (challenges) Business & IT Opportunity Best Possible Solution Options Core Roadmap (Critical Path) =
  16. 16. Envision Methodology GoalAlignment Business Model Alignment Solution/Strategy Alignment Agreement on capabilities required to meet business goals and differentiate Shared understanding of current & to-be business model & core process/solution interaction High level agreement on solution and priorities Action plan to address initial activities
  17. 17. an Empty Room… THE BEGINNING
  18. 18. 360 VIEW IN 3 DAYS! Process/use case/info map Solution Architecture Roadmap, action items Business Context (Operations Model) Critical Success Factors Business Direction
  19. 19. ACCELERATING THE HANA END GAME “How significantly can we increase APO performance and what does that mean for supply chain planning?” - Apparel “How can I operate my rig as a factory?” - Oil & Gas “Can I get an integrated view of my at-risk child population and how can I use that view to proactively help?” - Public Sector Charity “How can I provide a frictionless driving experience to (a) lower EV buying anxiety and (b) XXXX smart rates” - OEMs + Energy for Smart Cars “How can I more effectively engage with my customers across multiple-channels?” - CPG “How do I accelerate my financial closing?” - Supply Chain “How do I more proactively engage with my personnel?” - Financial Services “How do I accelerate my ability to use and report on data?” - Gas & Electric
  20. 20. WHAT IS KEEPING YOU FROM MOVING? Will my custom code work with HANA? How do I move to HANA? Do I get the performance increase I am looking for? Will HANA really impact my business? How? What is the Best Area to Start? How do I jump start projects?
  21. 21. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is:  End-to-end cloud-based infrastructure  Managed services offerings for ERP, CRM, BW, and selected custom and partner applications powered by SAP HANA SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud delivers:  The power of real-time in-memory technology with cloud simplicity Customers Benefit by:  Reduce time-to-value from in-memory innovations  Take advantage of the economies the cloud offers  Future proofed SAP Application And Customers can Trust that:  These enterprise applications are managed with trusted services from SAP  HANA Enterprise Cloud is delivering a fully scalable, enterprise-ready, mission critical, secure and high availability cloud service with a full-managed services approach  Largest & ‘Greenest’ DC in Europe  Over 600 instances of HANA running in 7 data centers  1100 people supporting them  ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certified  DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified THE SAP CLOUD SOLUTION
  22. 22. The Need: Customers want to move to SAP HANA using a low risk approach for a smooth transition. Customers do not have the right hardware in place but want to start the project Our solution: Predefined, easy to consume Onboarding and Migration services to reliably move their productive business systems into the SAP Managed Cloud Platform with the lowest possible disruption.  Predefined Onboarding service  Predefined Migration Service The Benefit: Reliable, easily manageable and efficiently run solution in the SAP Managed Cloud Platform. The Onboarding & Migration Services move a solution into the SAP Managed Cloud Platform and migrate to SAP HANA using a reliable, low risk approach. ONBOARDING & MIGRATION SERVICE
  23. 23. FASTER IMPLEMENTATION IN THE CLOUD! LOAD Step 1 – Rapid-deployment solution • Preconfigured, tested, and loaded solution Step 2 – Pre-assembly • Deploy the rapid-deployment solution to SAP’s secure private cloud • Load customer data RUN Step 5 – Transport to final environment (Logistics) • SAP Services moves the preassembled template to permanent infrastructure Step 6 – Go live • Customer implements production environment EXECUTE Pre-Assembly Cloud Hosting & Logistics Step 3 – Enhance • Fine-tune solution and further customize to accommodate business processes Step 4– Test (Cloud hosting) • Use cloud-hosted sandbox to experience SAP solution with real data
  24. 24. Implement Faster with Template Approach Blueprint up to 95% savings  Business blueprint ready to use  Best practice processes modeled and described Realization up to 50% savings  Best practices processes already configured and documented  High degree of business configuration automation  Education material included Testing up to 30% savings  Test case template supplied  Operations support template available Shorter time to start, deploy, and run through best practices, A2O and Cloud Design-based projects Go-liveTestRealization HW prep SW install. Business Blueprint Delivers Optional: Start your implementation in the cloud SW Rapid-Deployment Solutions & Assemble-to- Order (A2O) + SW and Content Close custom gaps guided by SAP Solution ManagerPre-Assembled Rapid- Deployment Solutions Customer Project
  25. 25. Case Study GREEN FIELD IMPLEMENTATION FOR LARGE RETAILER Workshop RDS Pre-assembly ERP (World Template), CRM and SPM) -2 -1 1 2 3 4 5 6 …. Week Workshop Prep System Access to Users System Transfer GoDecision Development Environment PreliminaryCustomer Call Customer site or SAP In cloud Web conference HANA Migration Development Landscape in the Cloud 3 months Validation …
  26. 26. WHAT IS KEEPING YOU FROM MOVING? Will my custom code work with HANA? How do I move to HANA? Do I get the performance increase I am looking for? Will HANA really impact my business? How? What is the Best Area to Start? How do I jump start projects?
  27. 27.  All solutions and all platforms (incl. HANA) Various test types, e.g. load tests, scalability tests, stress tests  From single system landscapes up to complex lab environments  Large-volume test data generation Full report on Performance tests, Scale Up tests, Scripting, Data Migration Walldorf - Palo Alto - New York - London - Minsk Sofia - Bangalore - Montreal - Miami - Gorinchem/NL Push Solutions Beyond Critical Volume High Performance Testing
  28. 28. Case Study HANA Performance Improvement Demonstrations  Tested and optimized APO Capable to Match for US-based consumer products company. Test new Custom Developments on HANA. Sized 5 year customer volume projection. • Tested and optimized PPM on HANA for Oil and Gas company. Proved that PPM on HANA is scalable for huge volumes and performs according to customer KPI’s.
  29. 29. How to Move Forward Will my custom code work with HANA? How do I move to HANA? Do I get the performance increase I am looking for? Will HANA really impact my business? How? What is the Best Area to Start? How do I jump start projects?
  30. 30. Envision + Prototype can ensure that your HANA implementation is addressing your business success factors SAP Migration Service can accelerate and minimize risk attached to migrating to HANA Cloud A2O Approach leveraging best practices accelerates projects by minimzing common implementation work VP Performance lab measure real performance of HANA with your data KEY TAKE AWAYS 30
  31. 31. Presented By Hosin MinBrian Itow Christian Butzlaff Value Prototyping Value Prototyping Palo Alto, CA 408-628-2415 Value Prototyping Palo Alto, CA 650-461-1680 Value Prototyping Palo Alto, CA 650-849-4365
  32. 32. ON TO ORLANDO! T-Systems is Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm. Using a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. With offices in over 20 countries and global delivery capabilities, T-Systems serves companies in all industries – from the automotive industry to telecommunications, the financial sector, retail, services, media, energy and the manufacturing industry all the way to government agencies and the healthcare sector. See us at Booth 1716.
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