RDS - Understanding the SAP Basics of Rapid Deployment Solutions


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Understanding new Rapid Deployment Solutions. 150+ applications taht help solve business problems in weeks not years. Written from a basic user viewpoint.what

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  • Inside of each rapid-deployment solution are 4 components:Software that is pre-configured so you can address your most urgent business processes – fast.Content - SAP-supportedbestpractices, templates, andtoolsmakesolutionadoptioneasierEnablement - Guides andeducational material speed end-user adoptionImplementation services – that have a fixed price and a fixed,providing maximum predictability and minimal risk<<Suggestion topresenter>> => Have a sample step-by-stepguide open in a seperate web-browser, toshowthetoolandcontents in real-time
  • SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are now offered across all areas of SAP, from LoB & Industry applications, to analytics, Mobility, cloud and Technology & Database, such as SAP HANA.This broad portfolio can allow customers to plan and prioritize which areas of their business can be addressed with a new SAP solution, while also delivering innovations like mobility or SAP HANA, many in less than 5 weeks!
  • A major benefit of rapid-deployment solutions is the incremental approach that can be taken. Each solution delivers value to the business within a quarter, not a year, and as customers start this path, they can develop roadmaps aligned to the business needs, bringing efficiency and value gains that drives the organization forward, unlocking new innovations.You can get started with one area of functionality, perhaps sales with our CRM rapid-deployment solution. After this initial success, you can then look further out to other improvements can be made… you may want to extend sales to mobile devices with the Mobile Sales rapid-deployment solution, add marketing, or layer on innovations like SAP HANA customer segmentation, for detailed visibility into your customer base. This type of scenario is happening with rapid-deployment solutions across all LoB’s and industries.<<nextslide>>
  • RDS - Understanding the SAP Basics of Rapid Deployment Solutions

    1. 1. SAP RAPID DEPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS Understanding the Basics as a PM ] John Choate Chair Suzanne Passante Program Chair Program Management & Maintenance Strategies (PMMS) SIG
    2. 2. [ Second in a New Series by PMMS SIGSession Topic 1 SAP HANA 2 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions 3 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions supporting HANA 3 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, HANA & CloudReal Experience. Real Advantage. 2
    3. 3. [ Key Learning Points for SAP RDSReal Experience. Real Advantage. 3
    4. 4. [ Table of Contents SAP RDS RDS Offerings  Why Packaged  Solutions Solutions?  Industry  What is SAP RDS?  Line of Business (LOB)  Solution Examples  Why RDS?  CRM  What are the 4 Elements  SCM of RDS?  SRM  Top 6 Reasons  Finance Companies Pick RDS.  AnalyticsReal Experience. Real Advantage. 4
    5. 5. [ Table of Contents Applying RDS  Demo  Typical Savings Using RDS Implementation Methodology  Key Takeaways about RDS SAP FAST. SIMPLE. Deploy in 12 weeks or less. Clear entry-way to innovation Fixed-price implementation. Speeds end-user adoption. FOCUSED on BUSINESS OUTCOMES ALL environments: Cloud, Modular. Integrated. On-Premise, MobileReal Experience. Real Advantage. 5
    6. 6. [ Reasons Companies Look at Packaged Solutions?  Easier Buying Process  Simpler to Understand  Modularity & Flexibility  Faster To Purchase than  Modular Approach Custom  Buy Smaller > Thing Big !  Pay As You Go  Lower Cost & Faster Time to Value  Increased Governance,  Only Application You Need Transparency, &  Reduced Costs  Licenses Predictability  Implementation Services  Process and Deliverables More Explicit  Simplify IT Governance  Reduced Uncertainty &  Improve Predictability Around Risk Results  Costs  ScheduleReal Experience. Real Advantage. 6
    7. 7. [ What is SAP RDS?  SAP RDS is a “packaged solution”  SAP RDS is a comprehensive and integrated offering  SAP RDS addresses specific business challenges, enabling companies to go live with new software to address these challenges in a short period of time!Real Experience. Real Advantage. 7
    8. 8. [ Why the Need for SAP RDS?  Large “soup to nuts” greenfield implementations have basically become a thing of the past  Need “Best Practice” Template  Low TCO, faster speed to market, low custom code, easy usability, and agile implementation.  Quick ROI  Need to improve business processes NOW!Real Experience. Real Advantage. 8
    9. 9. [What are the 4 Elements of RDS? SOFTWARE CONTENT ENABLEMENT SERVICES Modular, Fixed scope and Preconfigured price ➜ maximum Proven Accelerated Address the most predictability & business value solution lower risk urgent business through best adoption needs practices, through guides & implementation educational accelerators & materials toolsReal Experience. Real Advantage. 9
    10. 10. [ Top Reasons Why Companies Choose SAP RDS1. SIMPLICITY - Incremental Approach, Complete Solution2. INNOVATION – More Benefits, Less Risk!3. GROWTH – Think Big, and Start Small4. DIFFERENTIATION – Solution Addresses Unique Business Need5. SPEED – Faster Time to Value6. VALUE – Align Business with ITReal Experience. Real Advantage. 10
    11. 11. [ Where Can I Use SAP RDSReal Experience. Real Advantage. 11
    12. 12. [ 150+ Rapid Deployment Solutions Modular, Pre-integrated, across SAP’s broad portfolio of solutions Mobile Cloud • Mobile Sales • SAP On-Premise Integration with • Mobile Apps & Infrastructure SuccessFactors, Ariba, SAP JAM • SAP Afaria and SAP Information Interchange • Cloud-based Quick Start Analytics Database & Technology • Sales & Operations • SAP HANA Operational Reporting • Asset Analytics • SAP HANA Customer Segmentation • CRM Analytics • Rapid data migrations to CRM, Sybase ASE, SAP HANA Lines of Business Industry Solutions • CRM powered by SAP HANA • Planning & Operations for Retail • ERP powered by SAP HANA • Deposits Management for Banking • Treasury & Risk Management • Citizen Contact Center for Public To see the full selection go to: www.sap.com/rdsReal Experience. Real Advantage.
    13. 13. [ RDS Solutions (Available Applications) INDUSTRIES: Banking (4), Insurance  LINE OF BUSINESS (2), Public Sector (1), Retail (2) and (LOB): Utilities (4).  Finance (16) GENERAL SUITES:  Human Resources (8) Analytics Solutions (4)  Information Technology (4) Enterprise Mobility (4) Enterprise Performance Management (5)  Manufacturing (3) Governance, Risk and Compliance (2)  Marketing (9) SAP CRM (9)  Procurement (6) Enterprise Asset Management (2) SAP ERP (15)  R&D, Engineering (7) SAP Net Weaver (3)  Sales (12) SAP PLM (7) SAP SCM (12)  Service (9) SAP SRM (1)  Supply Chain (13) Real Experience. Real Advantage. 13
    14. 14. [ RDS EXAMPLES  FOCUS:  OBJECTIVES  LENGTH OF TIME TO DEPLOY  PRICING  BENEFITS / ROIReal Experience. Real Advantage. 14
    15. 15. [ CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution  Key Objectives  Gain Greater Marketing Insight  Decrease costs by resolving customer issues quickly  Target campaigns more accurately to generate qualified leads  Length of Time to Deploy: 4 – 10 weeks (Dependent upon specific solution selected!)  Pricing: Base starts at $88,500, & Request a quote  Benefits/ROI:  Sales Increase, Better Customer Targeting, VOC!Real Experience. Real Advantage. 15
    16. 16. DeploymentMeet Business Needs in the QUARTER ! in ~12 weeks or less THINK WEEKS NOT YEARS ! Customer CRM CRM Business On-premise or Mobile Sales Segmentation with for Sales for Marketing Collaboration cloud SAP HANA Cloud-based < 10 weeks < 10 weeks < 8 weeks < 4 weeks < 5 weeks Quick Start© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 16
    17. 17. [ Supply Chain Management (SCM) Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)  Key Objectives  Create synchronized supply and demand plans that are aligned to your financial and strategic goals.  Drive business operations by using a single, unified plan  Increase transactional speed and get accurate data so you can better measure and monitor risk  Make informed, strategic decisions by leveraging data across departments  Length of Time to Deploy: Varies based Complexity of Organization  Pricing: Base pricing starts at $173,500/Request Quote  Benefits/ROI: Integrated Demand/Supply, Optimized Inventory and Increased Customer ServiceReal Experience. Real Advantage. 17
    18. 18. [ Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Key Objectives  Self-service procurement functionality to quickly shop online for goods and services and easily approve requisitions.  Enable employees to create and manage shopping carts  Comply with procurement policies, using automated, transparent workflows and preferred suppliers  Expedite user adoption with an intuitive UI that facilitates online shopping and simplified approval process Length of Time to Deploy: Within 10 Weeks. Pricing: Base pricing starts at $275,000/Request Quote. Benefits/ROI: Improved productivity, lower costs, increased quality thru AVL usage only, and reduced risks!Real Experience. Real Advantage. 18
    19. 19. [ Finance  Key Objectives  Predictable path for the future, with support for everything from general ledger (GL) to overhead cost accounting.  Automating processes and reporting functions with accelerated financial closes  Deeper insights from real-time accounting information  Increase competitive edge  Length of Time to Deploy: Varies based size organization, Complexity of GL and Balance Sheet, and outside reporting requirements.  Pricing: Request a Quote.  Benefits/ROI: Reduced Risk, Increased productivity, Improved Decision Making, Lower Costs, and Optimize working capital, liquidity, cash, and returns.Real Experience. Real Advantage. 19
    20. 20. [ Analytics  Key Objectives  Create interactive data visualizations with real business impact  Deliver timely insights in decision-ready formats  Develop mobile analytics apps using existing resources and skill sets  Leverage SAP’s best business practices, resources, and how-to guides  Length of Time to Deploy: Varies in Weeks  Pricing: Request a Quote from SAP  Benefits/ROI: Actionable Data at fingertips & Real time Execution of Business (Anytime/Anywhere!)Real Experience. Real Advantage. 20
    21. 21. Demo  How to discover an RDS package?  How does the RDS implementation methodology look like ?  What assets are typically delivered?
    22. 22. [ Test-driveReal Experience. Real Advantage. 22
    23. 23. [ RDS implementation methodology in step-by-step guide Start Start Remote ● Prepare project Onsite ● Do kick-off workshop Onsite ● Select Options Remote ● Check installation Deploy Remote ● Activate solution Remote ● Confirm Activation Remote ● Implement options Onsite ● Train key users Onsite ● Set up customer data Remote Onsite ● Test solution ● Switch to Production Run Run Remote ● Prepare end-user training Onsite ● Hand over solution Onsite ● Go liveReal Experience. Real Advantage.
    24. 24. [RDS Implementation Methodology Shorter time to start, deploy, and run through best practicesBlueprint Realization Testingup to 95% savings up to 50% savings up to 30% savings Business blueprint ready to use Best practices processes already Test case template supplied Best practice processes modeled configured and documented Operations support template and described High degree of business configuration available automation Education material included 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100Traditional Business Preparation Realization Testing Go-liveProject blueprintRapid- At least - 40% time andDeployment effort savings compared toSolution similar scope of traditional Discover Start Deploy Run projectReal Experience. Real Advantage.
    25. 25. [ Key Takeaways About SAP RDS 1. Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) simplify customer implementations with fixed scope and timeline 2. The scope of RDS packages can be enhanced to meet your business needs 3. RDS packages come in a variety of flavors for different use cases covering applications, analytics and mobile.Real Experience. Real Advantage. 25
    26. 26. [ More Information on SAP RDS?SAP Public Webhttp://www.sap.com/rdswww.experiencesaphana.comhttp://service.sap.com/solutionpackages (S-user needed)SAP Education and Certification Opportunitieswww.sap.com/educationWatch SAP TechEd Onlinewww.sapteched.com/onlineSessions related to EIM113: ALM222, EIM164, CD263Real Experience. Real Advantage.
    27. 27. [ Key Takeaways About SAP HANA  Empowers Your Organization  Reduced reliance on IT resources  Real-time visibility to complete data for transaction and analytics processing  Enable a 360 degree view of your business  Real-Time Analytics for Operational Data  Go from “what happened yesterday” to real time  Close to zero latency  Ability to leverage and analyze large volumes of data  Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  Non-disruptive to existing Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) Strategy  Low TCO by leveraging the latest technology and delivery as pre- configured applianceReal Experience. Real Advantage. 27
    28. 28. [ Business Scenario Recommendations for SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANASee how SAP HANA can help enhance your company’s currentperformance and competitiveness based on your current SAP usage!  Tailored report based on your current production usage data  Industry-specific, LOB focused  Free of charge  Business context, value drivers and innovations  Demos, test drives  Implementation tools and services Order your free report at www.suiteonhana.com »Real Experience. Real Advantage.
    29. 29. [ Sneak Preview – Coming Next Month RDS AVOID THE MAZEReal Experience. Real Advantage. 29
    30. 30. [  Thank you for participating. For ongoing education in this area of focus, visit www.asug.com. ]Real Experience. Real Advantage.