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Career Readiness: Grades 5-12


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Presented by Boston Collegiate Charter School at the 2014 NPEA conference on April 24-25, 2014.

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Career Readiness: Grades 5-12

  1. 1. Boston Collegiate Charter School: Career Readiness, Grades 5-12 April 25, 2014
  2. 2. P2 Consensus-gram # Descriptor 4 Strongly Agree 3 Agree 2 Disagree 1 Strongly Disagree A) All students should go to college. B) High school students have a clear idea about what their likes and dislikes are. C) The connection of college-to- career is absolutely critical to stress in order to develop a college-going atmosphere.
  3. 3. P3 Goals • YWBAT reflect on career readiness best practices from Boston Collegiate • YWBAT consider the applicability of career readiness strategies in your own school setting
  4. 4. P4 Agenda 1. Consensus-gram 2. Who we are 3. Best Practices 4. Lessons Learned 5. What’s applicable? 6. Q and A
  5. 5. P5 Who We Are: Our Mission • The mission of Boston Collegiate Charter School is to prepare each student for college. • We do this through: 1. Maintaining a Community Where Students are Known As Individuals 2. Balancing Strict Structures with Positive Reinforcement 3. Ensuring Rigorous College Preparatory Academics 4. Using Data to Identify and Fill Gaps in Knowledge and Skills 5. Explicitly Teaching and Coaching Students Towards College-Readiness 6. Hiring Smart, Outstanding People and Encouraging Them to Stay at BCCS… because “Without Great Teachers, Nothing Else Matters.” • As a result… – 100% of our graduating seniors have been accepted to college since 2004.
  6. 6. P6 Who We Are: Building Toward Proficiency 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Math English Science 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th/10th 2013 MCAS Advanced and Proficient Scores
  7. 7. P7 Who We Are: College Persistence • 50% of the class of 2004– our first high school graduates– received a college degree • Of the class of 2010, which was the first class with which we focused on college persistence and alumni programming, 87% are still enrolled in college (80% 4 year, 7% 2 year) • 98% of our alumni note that BCCS prepared or over-prepared them academically for college (52% say “over-prepared”!)
  8. 8. P8 Who we are: College-Going Culture “BCCS has made me realize my strengths and my weaknesses.  It has made me think that I want to be successful and possibly pursue a career in engineering.” –Jillian Arroyo Mark “BCCS has helped me think about my future career because I’ve been writing about stuff inside and outside of school that inspires me to create movies; I want to be a director.” –Jacob Curley “BCCS has helped me by making me realize that I’m not just some dumb kid who gets by on luck and miracles. They have helped me realize that I truly can do whatever I want and they have inspired me to be curious and teach myself new things.” –Robert McCann What kind of culture is needed at a school to elicit these responses?
  9. 9. P9 Best Practices: Bridges to Success Grade Partner School 5 Curry College 6 MIT 7 Babson 8 Tufts University 9 Boston University 10 Massachusetts College of Art/Wentworth 11 Alumni Campuses 12 UMASS Boston
  10. 10. P10 Best Practices: Career Fair Grades 5 and 6 •Career Fair •15 professionals •Musical Tables •Career exposure and exploration •Role of Higher Education
  11. 11. P11 Best Practices: HS Transition Portfolios • 8th -to-9th Interview Process • Focus on identification of strengths and weaknesses • Explore majors of initial interest, important facts, and connected careers Student Work:
  12. 12. P12 Best Practices: Collegiate Skills 9-12 Collegiate Skills Course Sequence Grade Collegiate Skills Course 9 CS 9: Collegiate Bootcamp 10 CS 10: My Paths 11 CS 11: Junior Seminar 12 CS 12: Senior Seminar
  13. 13. P13 Best Practices: CS 10 • Personality and Career Inventories • Job Shadow Day • Guest Speakers • Internship Prep • My Paths Project
  14. 14. P14 Best Practices: CS 11 Career Symposium •40+ professionals •Mingling and network event with students •Internship leads •Art of small talk
  15. 15. P15 Best Practices: CS 11 Internship Prep •Mock interviews with local professionals •Resume writing •Networking •Business etiquette
  16. 16. P16 Best Practices: CS 11 Internship •2-weeks off-site •Local businesses, organizations, and partners Sample Internship Sites New England Aquarium Boston Medical Center National Center for Time and Learning BPD/Domestic Violence Unit Life is Good Red Sox Marketing Department Liberty Mutual
  17. 17. P17 Best Practices: CS 12 Reality 101 Programming •2nd half of senior year •Alumni guest speakers •Financial Literacy course
  18. 18. P18 Best Practices: Alumni Internships Director of Alumni Programming •Next big focus: ensuring alumni are placed in competitive internships
  19. 19. P19 Lessons Learned 1. Be intentional across all grades 2. Use local resources 3. Involve your development office; great opportunity for volunteers and donors 4. High School Internship needs to be in junior year 5. Actively connect and support Alumni with internships
  20. 20. P20 What’s applicable? • Think across grade levels: what already exists? • What can be enhanced? • What can you add that you are not currently doing? • Develop an action plan: 2 months/summer/next year
  21. 21. P21 Questions and Answers