NostalgicOutdoors™- Isle Royal National Park- Rock Harbor Area Guide


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NostalgicOutdoors™- Isle Royal National Park- Rock Harbor Area Guide

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NostalgicOutdoors™- Isle Royal National Park- Rock Harbor Area Guide

  1. 1. Isle Royale National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Isle Royale National Park Rock Harbor Area Guide Welcome to Wilderness Enter the quiet of the boreal forest and wander beneath spruce and fir trees draped with tangles of Old Man’s Beard. Perch on a rock and experience Lake Superior’s moods which shape and change this area’s rugged shoreline. Listen for the cry of the loon, luring you deeper into this isolated Island wilderness. Explore… The northeastern end of Isle Royale National Park offers a variety of activities designed to enhance your park experience. Drop by the Rock Harbor Visitor Center to: view dis- plays, browse publications, receive your backcountry permit, check the interpretive pro- gram schedule, or have your questions answered. To aid in your explorations, the Rock Harbor Lodge offers boat, canoe, and kayak rentals, as well as sightseeing tours. Suzy’s Cave Edisen Fishery Three Mile Rock Harbor Lighthouse Passage Island Lighthouse Mott Island Park Headquarters Caribou Island Merritt Lane Saginaw Point Chippewa Harbor Tookers Island The Palisades Raspberry Island Blake Point Locke Point Scoville Point 2.0 2.4 4.2 1.5 1.7 1.9 3.7 1.4 3.4 1.2 1.8 1.2 Greenstone Ridge Trail Seaplane Dock To Lookout Louise Rock Harbor LodgeTobin H arbor 1.0 0.8 0.70.5 0.5 To Suzy’s Cave Stoll M em orial Trail Scoville Point Hidden Lake Rock Harbor Visitor Center Legend Hiking Trails Interpretive Trail Paved Walks Campgrounds Visitor Center Tower Scenic Overlook Isle Royale Daisy Farm Mt. Franklin Mt. Ojibway Tower LookoutLouise Duncan Narrows Five Finger Bay Lane Cove Lake O jibway Moskey Basin D uncan Bay Daisy Farm Trail MtOjibwayTrail North Lake Superior Lake Superior Tobin Harbor Snug Harbor Lake Superior Rock Harbor Ampitheater Smithwick Mine Stoll M em orial Trail to Scoville Point StollM em orialTrail to ScovillePoint Tobin Harbor Trail Kneutson Trail Rock Harbor Campground Rock Harbor Trail N 0 50 100 Scale in Feet Buildings Docks Walking Trails Paved Paths Fuel Dock Boat Rentals America Dock Seaplane Dock 213/214 205/206 207/208 215/216 217/218 219/220 209/210 211/212 203/204 201/202 Chippewa 1-15 Saginaw 21-35 Guest House Restaurant Snack Bar Gift Shop Nokomis 41-55 Ojibway 61-75 Auditorium Spruces First Aid StationTrash Restrooms Showers Laundry Store Lodge Office Fish Cleaning Station Restrooms Visitor Center
  2. 2. Short Trips Canoe or Boat Further Afield Scoville Point 4.2 mile loop This trail winds its way between the forest and shore- line communities out to spectacular Scoville Point. The contrast between the intimacy and protection of the woods and the powerful influence of Lake Su- perior is dramatic, especially on a stormy day. Hike all or part of this figure eight loop to experience the interplay of land and water. Interpretive signs along the Stoll Memorial section (1.8 miles) offer insight into these processes and their effect on the Island’s history. E X P E R I E N C E Y O U R A M E R I C A 0 7 / 0 5 Suzy’s Cave 3.8 mile loop Follow the Rock Harbor Trail 1.8 miles beyond the Rock Harbor Campground and turn inland at the wooden post directing you to Suzy’s Cave. Discover a wave-washed cliff and an inland sea arch, both formed by wave action some 4000 years ago when lake water levels were higher. From here the trail leads on to the gentler Tobin Harbor Trail, which loops back to Rock Harbor. Along the way, watch and listen for loons, moose, and other wildlife, as you meander through a thick canopy of spruce, fir and birch. Mount Franklin 10 mile roundtrip To reach this scenic overlook honoring Benjamin Franklin, take either the Rock Harbor Trail or Tobin Harbor Trail until they meet the wooden post which directs you to the Mount Franklin Trail. Then begin your ascent of Mount Franklin, a high point on the Greenstone Ridge. From this breathtaking overlook, view the Island’s interior and north shore, as well as the distant Canadian mainland. Bring along a day pack including lunch, a day’s supply of water, and rain gear on this all day hike through the Island’s Wilderness. Raspberry Island 2 mile roundtrip Looking across the Rock Harbor Channel from the America Dock, you see will see Raspberry Island, just a short canoe or boat ride away. Venture across the channel to explore the boreal forest, a fragile bog and scenic rocky shores. Paths and planked bridges lead you past many unusual plants; including the insect-eating sundew and pitcher plant, that thrive in the acidic bog environment. Interpretive signs along the route explain the ecology of this island’s rich and varied plant life and the geologic origins of its rugged shores. Take your time and you will discover enough variety on this island to keep you intrigued for half a day. Tobin Harbor For a peaceful day of canoeing or boating, explore the calm waters of Tobin Harbor. This area once attracted summer vacationers with its cottages, re- sorts and even a post office; but today is a haven for wildlife. Loons and mergansers frequent the area, so keep your eyes and ears open. Tobin Harbor, with its numerous small islands, provides ideal nesting habitat for Common Loons. Please respect these birds by keeping your distance and avoid landing on islands from early spring through late July, the end of the nesting season. Check with a ranger to learn more about protecting Tobin Harbor’s loons. As with all Isle Royale waters, be careful of shallow reefs and protruding rocks. Ojibway Fire Tower 3.5 mile roundtrip or 5.1 mile loop Starting at Daisy Farm Campground, the Mt. Ojib- way Trail climbs up and over several ridges to the highest point on the eastern end of Isle Royale. Formerly a fire watch station, the tower room today is complete with scientific instrumentation which serves to support a nationwide atmospheric moni- toring program. The tower room is closed, but you may climb partway up the stairs for views of the Island’s interior lakes and bays. To return, retrace your steps, or loop back via the longer Greenstone Ridge and Daisy Farm Trails that wind through diverse habitats. Edisen Fishery and Rock Harbor Lighthouse Step back in time at the historic Edisen Fishery located across the harbor from Daisy Farm. Named for commercial fishers Pete and Laura Edisen, this friendly couple’s restored fishery tells the story of this once booming industry. After exploring the fishery, walk the quarter-mile to the Rock Harbor Lighthouse, built in 1855 to guide ships safely to Isle Royale’s copper mining ports. Like the min- ing industry, the light was short-lived, lit for only 24 years. Today, exhibits in the lighthouse illuminate the Island’s maritime heritage. Lookout Louise 2 mile roundtrip A 20 minute paddle or water taxi ride will put you at the start of the Lookout Louise Trail, which leads hikers to a magnificent overlook. The trail winds its way past Hidden Lake, a small pond with a natural mineral spring which is a lure for moose; and then begins the climb upward. Halfway up the ridge, Monument Rock looms over the trail. This inland sea stack was carved by wave action thousands of years ago when lake levels were significantly higher than today. Traverse higher to the overlook and be reward- ed by a superb vista of the north side of Isle Royale and the Ontario mainland. Adventurous people equipped with a day’s supply of water, rain gear, and snacks may choose to hike the 9.4 miles back to Rock Harbor via the Greenstone Ridge, Mount Franklin, and Tobin Harbor Trails.