UCL February 2012 Workshops


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UCL February 2012 Workshops

  1. 1. WIDENING PARTICIPATION UCL Outreach Horizons Success – February 2012 Workshops Debate Chamber : Law and Justice – GCSE Do you want to learn how to argue a case successfully? Are you interested th Monday 13 February in law or politics as a career? Do you want to learn more about the legal Meet @ 9.30 system? In this workshop, a trained lawyer will guide you through the Workshop 10-1 organisation of the British court system. You will learn how to argue a case and cross-examine witnesses, and will practise these skills wearing a real barrister’s wig and gown! Careers in Medicine: Classroom Medics – Yr 11-12 Do you want to know how to act in an emergency? Are you interested in th Tuesday 14 February becoming a doctor, nurse or paramedic? Do you see yourself working in a Meet @ 9.30 caring environment? This course will provide basic first aid training and an Workshop 10-1 introduction to medical careers. You will also have a chance to talk to current UCL Medical Students. Chance to be a Chancellor: Citizenship Foundation - A level th Wednesday 15 February Are you passionate about politics? Do you care about how government Meet @ 9.30 policies affect your community? This workshop will help you to understand Workshop 10-12 British politics and the Budget, and will challenge you to come up with better ideas that the current government! You will also have a chance to enter a national competition to present your ideas to George Osbourne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Amazing Architecture – GCSE and A level th Thursday 16 February Are you interested in building and design? Are you thinking about GCSE: architecture as a career? In this workshop, you will learn about the science Meet @ 10.30 and maths behind urban structures, and have a chance to build some Workshop 11-1 yourself. There are two courses running – one for GCSE students, and one A level: for A level. These workshops have received great feedback from previous Meet @ 2 attendees. Workshop 2.30-4.30 th Friday 17 February Build a Car: Wonderstruck – GCSE Meet @ 9.30 Do you think you could create the next great invention? Are you interested Workshop 10-1 in engineering, science and maths? In this workshop, you will learn about the science behind building and movement, before working in small groups to design, build and race your own fan-powered car. For more information and to apply for any of these workshops, call Charlotte or Alison on 07852 312221 or email horizons@ucl.ac.uk, or please visit our website: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/widening-participation/horizons/one-off- workshops Attendance Policy You must not sign up for a workshop unless you are 100% sure that you can and will attend. Please check with your family for any personal events and make sure you are not scheduled for conflicting school or extra-curricular events before you sign up. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Tuesday 31st January 5pm. If you do not attend or cancel at short notice, you will not be able to register for any future UCL activities, and we will contact your form teacher to advise them of your failure to attend. This may also affect future opportunities for students from your school.