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Summer tasks photo 2012


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Summer tasks photo 2012

  1. 1. PhotographyTake a photograph at sunset every day of the summer break. Document andpresent these images in the manner of Gerhard Richter’s ‘Atlas’.Take secret photographs of people waiting in queues.Take as many photograph’s as you can about ‘nothing’.Take 10 beautiful photographs. Then take 10 ugly photographs, document yourresults and present them on facing pages of your sketchbook. Write 50 words onwhich images are the most successful and why?Take 20 photographs of the thing you love the most. Make them as visuallyinteresting and ambiguous as possible. Document and present in yoursketchbook.Take a photograph of every item of clothing that you own. Present these as atypology in your sketchbook.Take 20 photographs of the sun on different days. Present these images in yoursketchbook. Compare your work to that of the work of the Americanphotographer Zoe Leonard.Exhibitions to seeVisit the exhibitions. Document your visit by making notes, collectingimages and any information about the artists or the work. Buypostcards and present all of this in your sketchbooks.Patrick keiller – ‘The Robinson Institute’ – Tate BritainThe Tanks – Tate ModernDamian Ortega – ‘Traces of Gravity’ – White Cube, Masons YardThe London Open – Whitechapel GalleryPhotographers GalleryAS Equipment List - Fine ArtLarge Hardback sketchbook (A3)PensVariety of pencilsVariety of brushesPritt stickMasking tapeSpray mountWatercolour setAccess to a digital cameraFishing Tackle box – to store and carry your equipmentIndependent work will require you to start collecting additionalmaterials.