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2016 ICAA Webcast Sponosorship Opportunities


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NOWCastSA is seeking sponsors to commit to funding the live webcast production of the 2016 International Conference on Aging in the Americas. Promote your brand and support public media.

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2016 ICAA Webcast Sponosorship Opportunities

  1. 1. Sponsor the live webcast of the 2016 International Conference on Aging in the Americas Contextualizing Health and Aging on Both Sides of the U.S./Mexico Border The University of Texas at San Antonio College of Public Policy (COPP) will host the 10th Annual International Conference on Aging in the Americas (ICAA) September 14-16 in San Antonio. Due to the wide appeal of this conference and geographic limitations of interested participants, COPP would like to provide a live webcast and archived videos of the conference sessions so the entire community can benefit from this important event by attending online. However, COPP only has enough funds to cover the production costs of half of the conference sessions. NOWCastSA is seeking sponsors to commit to funding this production so the entire conference can be webcast live on YouTube and replayed later. Special Rates for ICAA Webcast Sponsors Underwriter - $5,000 (one available) Match the College of Public Policy’s contribution and be branded as an ICAA Webcast Underwriter. Receive logo recognition in every conference video and on the home page, as well as in printed flyers distributed to all conference attendees. BONUS: Underwriters will also receive one year of NOWCastSA membership (valued up to $1,500) and be recognized as an Edge sponsor ($700 value). Includes logo, text and audio recognition on one issue of the Edge, NOWCastSA’s weekly news review video segment. Also receive banner ad placements on the Edge story page and newsletter ($100 value). Sponsor - $2,500 (one available) Receive logo recognition on and on all panel discussion videos. Receive text recognition on all keynote presentation videos. BONUS: Sponsors will also be recognized with a free horizontal banner ad on a NOWCastSA newsletter ($75 value) Supporter - $1,000 Receive logo recognition on and on one keynote or panel discussion video of your choice. BONUS: Supporters will also be recognized with a free banner ad on a NOWCastSA newsletter ($50 value) Standard Webcast Sponsor - $500 Receive text recognition at the introduction and closing credits of one video of your choice. To lock in these special rates and secure your sponsorship, please contact Amanda Evrard at or 970-222-1847 by 5 p.m. Friday, September 9
  2. 2. Sponsorship Recognition Examples Figures A and B: YouTube video screenshots Figure C: Story page logo recognition Figure D: Online newsletter banner ad
  3. 3. About The International Conference on Aging in the Americas (ICAA) Now in its 10th year, the International Conference on Aging in the Americas is aimed at utilizing research to augment knowledge about dimensions of healthful aging for people of Hispanic and Latin American descent and fostering emerging scholars in the field as this topic rapidly develops as a major policy and national budget issue. The 2016 conference will focus on the influences of social and economic contexts on healthful aging in Latino communities across the U.S./Mexico border in cities and towns such as Harlingen, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico, San Diego, California, and Chicago, Illinois. Event highlights include: Wednesday, September 14 • Keynote presentation: How Place and Space Matter among Aging Latinos by Dr. Peter Ward, Associate Dean for Research; C.B. Smith Sr. Centennial Chair in U.S.-Mexico Relations and Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin Thursday, September 15 • Keynote presentation: The New Era of Mexico-U.S. Migration: The post 2006 Experience and the Collapse of Undocumented Migration by Dr. René Zenteno, Vice Provost for International Initiatives and Senior International Officer at the University of Texas at San Antonio • Panel discussions on Mexico’s Health Care Context, Contextualizing Human Security in the Americas: Mexico, Brazil, and the U.S., Aging in the Context of Stress, Fear, and Religious Involvement Friday, September 16 • Closing Keynote: The Physical and Social Environment: Effects on Mental Health by Dr. Maria Aranda, Associate Professor at the University of Southern California School of Social Work and the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology • Panel discussions on Social Support and Mexican-Origin Aging, and New Binational Perspectives on Geriatric Health Services: Mexico and the USA
  4. 4. About NOWCastSA NOWCastSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan community news organization that democratizes data and information in a way that inspires thoughtful conversation over divisive rhetoric. Its services include live webcasts, archived video productions, community resource maps, free online news and event publishing platform, and free training in community journalism, digital communications and technology. NOWCastSA reaches more than 103,000 individuals annually online. visitors are civically engaged, involved in public discourse, and actively seeking local services and public information. They are interested in the arts, community events, local politics, education, health and the environment. NOWCastSA sponsors are branded as supporters of civic engagement, independent journalism, nonprofit media and education. Click here to see NOWCastSA’s complete sponsorship guide and rate sheet.