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Novell ZENworks Configuration Management within the National Health Service


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National Health Service (NHS) has an estimated 800,000 PCs. The county of Sussex alone has 10 NHS organizations with 25,000 PCs. They are supported by a single NHS IT service provider (Sussex HIS). Sussex HIS partnered with Novell and Connecting for Health to blaze the trail for adoption of Novell ZENworks Configuration Management across the NHS. This session will go through the journey, where we are now and what will happen next.

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Novell ZENworks Configuration Management within the National Health Service

  1. 1. Novell ZENworks Configuration ® ® Management within the National Health Service Steve Orman Technical Director NHS/
  2. 2. National Health Service (NHS) • National Health Service is three publicly funded health services across Great Britain – England – Wales – Scotland • 5th July 1948 launched with the proud expectation to make the UK the “envy of the world” 2 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. National Health Service (NHS) 5 th the Lar or 5th f ger 1.34m le rk ing and wo Engl eop HS in S pen ets e and t the Emplo Wo rld yer in P N T 70% dg Bu uctur 2 of I frastr tions % In era on Op S e NH An 850k n th i nu ers n Inf al NH Op ra Us go era stru S Sp 1.54bn IT in ork nd tion ctu en 10k W s 1 re d ple ture a eo c NP (Ex and on s S P astru ation fIT clu !) di n NH Infr per g O Ave ra Iden ge Num 6 Kno ti b wle ties a T er of I dge y T Wo pical rker has (1) Based on Kings Fund data 2007, excluding NPfIT and using Gartner statistics 3 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. (2) Gartner Infrastructure & Operations survey statistics 2006
  4. 4. National Health Service (NHS) • <£110bn/yr cost to the taxpayer • <£3bn/yr spent on ICT (or “informatics” in healthcare) • >£1.5bn/yr spent locally on Infrastructure and Operations • >600 organizations, >850,000 computer users, >700,000 computers in use (excluding servers) • >20,000 IT staff • >32,000 “sites” linked into N3 (the NHS WAN) • World’s largest single domain Microsoft Exchange service • >710,406 smart cards users registered on the Spine 4 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. National Health Service (NHS) • IT service delivery responsibility is devolved to each local organization (Trust) • Larger shared services are referred to as “HIS” – Health Informatics Services • No central government standardization for IT services through NHS Connecting for Health NHS Connecting for Health came into operation on 1 April 2005 and is a Directorate of the Department of Health. It supports the NHS to deliver better, safer care to patients, by bringing in new computer systems and services. 5 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. NIMM (NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model) • Common 5 level model for NHS IT to measure themselves and the trusts they support • Where are we, where are we going and assists the how on getting there • PCLM is integral to the NHS maturing “…getting local NHS organization to understand, prioritize how they make their local infrastructure, local foundation, a solid bedrock …” Dr. Mark Ferrar 6 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Sussex Heath Informatics Service (HIS) • Health Informatics Service for the English counties of West Sussex and East Sussex • Formed July 2004 to enable local trusts to meet National Program for IT (NPfIT) • Supporting 10 separate trusts and all doctor surgeries 7 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Sussex Heath Informatics Service (HIS) • 36000 users • 22354 PC (4th March 2010) • 997 Servers (physical and virtual) • 590 sites – Small surgeries through to large hospitals • 939 services 8 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Sussex Heath Informatics Service In the Beginning • Semi-organized chaos • Challenges – No service management – No standardization – Silos • Set about introducing base IT at an enterprise level • Focus on understanding the user experience • Once you can measure the service you can substantiate investment 9 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. One Key Focus Was to Standardize PC Delivery • PC software installed in multiple ways with varying results • PC hardware was expensive and bought because the user “liked that one!” • No concept of TCO 10 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Maintaining Control PC Life Cycle Management
  12. 12. PC Life Cycle Management • Needed to respond to customers – Reporting – Audit • Need to support users – Increase first time fix rate – Deliver required software quickly • Need to enable IT technician – Diagnostic information – Remote Management – Software Deployment • 12 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Some of the Sussex Heath Informatics Service Challenges • No operational standardization of PC estate – Mixture of Win2000 and XP with all flavors of Service Packs • Wide Area Network linking trusts was in development • Just begun delivering a single Microsoft ADS to replace multiple vendors and types of directory services • Manual installation of new software was slow and costly • Perception of Novell within the tech and customer ® community 13 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Sussex WAN 14 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Targets for ZENworks ® Configuration Management • No single view of the Sussex Health Informatics Service (HIS) supported estate • Stop software being installed from CD, USB device • Secure remote access for support • Sussex had a interesting infrastructure How many How many CFH are asking system types devices are what Microsoft Do we support? running XP? software is installed? 15 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. National Health Service and Novell Needs ® • No central government standards but there is considerable help from CFH agreements – Nationally funded Novell licensing, support and training ® • Novell wanted to step up to the NHS challenges 16 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. No More Talking, It's Time for Action We Begin
  18. 18. Approach • Designed for Novell ZENworks 10 therefore had to ® ® delay for release • Test, review, feedback, change, test….. • Proved technology with a pilot • Operational roll out begun • Then….. 18 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. MARCH 2008 • BANG! Turquoise screen of delay • BrainShare 2008 week ® • 11K of 24K PC’s installed and where not responding • Eroding confidence for customers, users and techs 19 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. The National Health Service Is Complex! Route Cause
  21. 21. What Symptoms? • Users PC’s taking 10’s • PC’s with the same minutes to boot ZENworks ID (GUID) • Novell ZENworks client • Closest server rules ® ® crashing on Windows manual rather • Inventory not removing than automatic history • ZENworks loader service • Unable to reliably deploy crashing bundles 21 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Several Months of Pain • Rollout frozen • We had a tangled ball of string not 1 issue • I had confidence in the team on the ground • Assurance and support from Senior team in Novell ® and the NHS • July 2008 Senior NHS and Novell teams met to agree whether ZENworks ® had a future in the NHS • Novell have modified design, testing and service approach • Several false starts but in October 2008 we were back with a tight deadline to complete • Sussex HIS worked closely with Novell engineering to influence 10.2 release 22 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Pressures • The team knew that other National Health Service IT organizations were watching closely • Sussex had to use Novell ZENworks to deliver ® ® – XP SP3 – New NHS software – Effective Licensing position – Reduce FTFR 23 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. ZENworks Configuration Management ® Goes Operational – About Time!
  25. 25. Simply Put! Microsoft SQL 2005 Cluster 4 server class ZENworks ZENworks ® reporting 12 primary ZENworks 280 PC class (GP surgery) satellites server servers (2 virtualized) ZENworks satellites 688 managed servers 22354 managed 25 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. PCs
  26. 26. March/April 2009 • We were housekeeping • We were operationally using Novell ZENworks® ® – Service Desk remote managing – Service Management populating CMDB – Client Devices support team deploying software – Management reporting – Software Asset Manager throwing out the Excel sheets • Still had bugs but not show stoppers • 10.2 swatted the bugs (14th July 2009 installed) 26 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Lessons Learned • Scale the infrastructure for the worst case in your planning • Establish a test environment and use it • Establish metrics for PC performance • Continuously monitor the performance of the infrastructure during deployments • Believe the inventory, question your setup • Ensure you have assigned internal owners for the product and the components • Don’t under estimate the effort 27 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. Is It Embedded? • Still have pockets of user resistance to having Novell ® ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) “Turquoise ® screen of delay” memories • ZCM is no longer the reason for PC failures • Populating CMDB • Super users now migrating to Novell ® remote management • SLA costing metrics are from ZCM • Management information is trusted • HIS developed ZENworks dashboard • ZENworks quality council 28 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. Results • Reduction in the time to resolve desktop support calls – from days to minutes • Targeted distribution of software – Quicker – Informed – Managed • Ability to respond to threats 29 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  30. 30. Patch and Asset Next?
  31. 31. ZENworks Enterprise ® • Asset • Patch – Manage contracts – Actively manage the PC – Manage software usage not compliancy and threats just installations – Pre-bundled – Better inform – Develop operational financial planning processes to – Improve efficiency control release. – Confidence in legality of deployed software Major benefit that there is no need to deploy new components to users PCs 31 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. National Health Service Other NHS IT departments able to deploy without Novell ® ZENworks Configuration Management ZCM issue ® • NHS can demonstrate that the investment is delivering • NHS IT is maturing 32 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  33. 33. Answers Other Total 366 Compaq Total 215 Dell Total 6957 Fujitsu Total 2 HP Total 15770 IBM Total 32 XP devices 22,401 33 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  34. 34. Unpublished Work of Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This work is an unpublished work and contains confidential, proprietary, and trade secret information of Novell, Inc. Access to this work is restricted to Novell employees who have a need to know to perform tasks within the scope of their assignments. No part of this work may be practiced, performed, copied, distributed, revised, modified, translated, abridged, condensed, expanded, collected, or adapted without the prior written consent of Novell, Inc. Any use or exploitation of this work without authorization could subject the perpetrator to criminal and civil liability. General Disclaimer This document is not to be construed as a promise by any participating company to develop, deliver, or market a product. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this document, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for Novell products remains at the sole discretion of Novell. Further, Novell, Inc. reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes to its content, at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revisions or changes. All Novell marks referenced in this presentation are trademarks or registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.