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Novell ZENworks Advanced Application Management


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Novell ZENworks Configuration Management makes it easy to manage the setup, updating, healing and migration of desktops from a central location. In fact, application management is one of the most powerful and often utilized features of the product. During this session, Novell technical specialists will demonstrate application management and packaging features and provide numerous examples of how these features are used in real-life situations.

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Novell ZENworks Advanced Application Management

  1. 1. Novell ZENworks Advanced ® ® Application Management Allen McCurdy Pat Nurre Technical Sales Specialist Consultant, identity Automation Novell Inc.,/ Novell Inc.,/
  2. 2. Agenda Basics of Bundles Creating and Managing Bundles Actions with Bundles 2 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Bundle Basics
  4. 4. Types of Bundles • Directive Bundle: Performs one or more actions on a device. • File Bundle: Copies or installs files or directories to a device. • Imaging Bundle: Performs operations before the operating system boots. • Windows Bundle: Distributes a Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) package, Microsoft Windows Software Patch (MSP) package, thin-client application, or other Windows-based applications to a Windows device. 4 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Windows Bundle Categories • Empty Bundle: A bundle with no initial tasks. • MSI Application: An application that is packaged as a .msi file (Microsoft Windows Installer) • MSP Application: An application patch that is packaged as a .msp file • Simple Application: An application that is not packaged as a .msi or .msp file • Thin-Client Application: An application that is accessed through a terminal server client session (either RDP or ICA) • Web Application: An application that is launched by using a URL in a Web browser 5 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Other Concepts • Bundle Folders – Use folders to structure your bundles and bundle groups into a manageable hierarchy • Bundle Groups – Group bundles to ease administration and to provide easier assigning and scheduling of the bundles 6 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Creating and Managing Bundles
  8. 8. Creating a Bundle 1. Choose the Bundle type 2. Select the content 3. Set options for Deployment, Launch and Availability 4. Assign to Users and/or Devices 8 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Content Repository Application files are compressed and encrypted, resulting in smaller bundles that reduce bandwidth during transmission and provide greater security during transmission and on the content server • Time and space requirements will need to be considered when packaging bundles • UNC path are still supported and available 9 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Content Delivery Content Delivery is the process of transferring bundle and policy content from a content server to a managed device Settings determine how content is delivered to managed devices – Set up Closest Server rules that determine from which content server a managed device downloads its content – Schedule times, referred to as delivery blackout dates, when content cannot be downloaded by managed devices – Decide how often you want managed devices to look for new content to download 10 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Bundles Schedules • Distribution Schedule: Defines the dates and times when the bundle is distributed • Launch Schedule: Defines the dates and times when the ZENworks Adaptive Agent automatically launches ® the bundle • Availability Schedule: Defines the dates and times when the bundle is available to the device or user 11 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Bundle Events • Date Specific – Specify one or more dates on which to run the event • Event – Specify the event you want to trigger the scheduled action • Now – This option runs the event immediately. Only applicable to workstation assignments • Recurring – Repeat the event at a specified interval 12 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Bundle Icons Available: You can launch the bundle. Unavailable: You cannot launch the bundle. Either the device does not meet the system requirements or the bundle is not scheduled to be available at the current time. Downloading: The bundle is downloading from the network location where it is stored. Installing: The bundle is installing to the device. Running: The bundle is currently running. Uninstalling: The bundle is being removed from the device. Not Installed: The bundle failed to install. Right-click the icon, then click Verify to repair the bundle. 13 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Actions with Bundles
  15. 15. Demo Scenarios Demo Adobe 9.2, install/uninstall Demo Office Office 2003, Office 2007 Demo OpenOffice, Visio, Project Remove ZENworks Patch Management and ® ZENworks Asset Management 15 © Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Unpublished Work of Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This work is an unpublished work and contains confidential, proprietary, and trade secret information of Novell, Inc. Access to this work is restricted to Novell employees who have a need to know to perform tasks within the scope of their assignments. No part of this work may be practiced, performed, copied, distributed, revised, modified, translated, abridged, condensed, expanded, collected, or adapted without the prior written consent of Novell, Inc. Any use or exploitation of this work without authorization could subject the perpetrator to criminal and civil liability. General Disclaimer This document is not to be construed as a promise by any participating company to develop, deliver, or market a product. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this document, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for Novell products remains at the sole discretion of Novell. Further, Novell, Inc. reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes to its content, at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revisions or changes. All Novell marks referenced in this presentation are trademarks or registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.