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5 rules for writing paragraph


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This presentation is about 5 rules you have to consider while writing a paragraph.

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5 rules for writing paragraph

  1. 1. FIVE RULES TO WRITE YOUR PARAGRAPH. 1. Indentation ( leaving five letters space) 2. Capitalization and period. 3. Coherence (arrangement of ideas) 4. Expressions of your favorite or least favorite activities. 5. Present tense (habitual activities)
  2. 2. Time is precious and cannot be bought. Because I have two jobs I rarely find spare time. I usually go to my school at 6:00 a.m. and I come back at 3:00 p.m. When I go back home I spend a lot of time preparing my lessons. I am quite good at translating texts which keeps me good at my second job. I translate two articles weekly and two catalogs every year. Still, I must find time for having fun e.g. I am really into swimming because I enjoy it so much and it keeps me fit. Every time I finish swimming I feel hungry. Although I am not interested in cooking, I cook a few dishes like Lasagna and shrimps with rice.
  3. 3. REFERENCES  Paragraph  aph.png  essay  assessment-composition/