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Its your life live it! ikhwezi lokusa wellness centre


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Its your life live it! ikhwezi lokusa wellness centre

  1. 1. Its Your Life!!! Live It…Healing in Disclosure Skills Building Workshop 3RD NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PEER EDUCATION, HIV/AIDS, NAIROBI Hosted by Driven Force Drama Group under The Other Half Project from Ikhwezi Lokusa Wellness Centre
  2. 2. AUTHORS Mawethu Zita Viwe Maliti
  3. 3. THE PURPOSE OF THE WORKSHOP  Encourage participants to disclose and address sensitive issues on HIV, stigma and discrimination  Be aware of their power to prevent and change their situation and challenge them on how they think  Finding support in addressing these sensitive issues in their lives
  4. 4. SCOPE OF THE WORKSHOP Methodology: Forum Theatre of the oppressed technique Duration: one and half hour workshop Drive: To gain trust, respect, & team skills through physical and emotional exercises such as: facial expression, pass energy, body language, & sculpt each other
  5. 5. WHAT IS FORUM THEATRE Forum Theatre is a physical dialogue, non verbal imagery, consensus building, and problem solving process, which develops techniques of both external and internal forms of manipulation in addressing awareness
  6. 6. EXPECTATION Workshop Will be informal Material provided Hot Seating individuals Confidential pictures and scenes taken Participants Those interested in Theatre/Youth activists Desired no: 15 to 20 members Ideally 60% male attendance Full participation
  7. 7. DAY OF THE WORKSHOP Date: 19th June 2008 Time: 11H00 – 13H00 pm Workshop Room: Lenana room
  8. 8. ATTEND AND SEE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE GOOD LUCK The healing of disclosure is by living your life