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How stigma and discrimination hampers efforts at the univers


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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How stigma and discrimination hampers efforts at the univers

  1. 1. How stigmatization and discrimination hampers HIV/AIDS campaigns, support and care at Kenyan Universities Chakai Eluid
  2. 2. Chekai Khisa Eliud, Director University Students AIDS Control Association (USACA) University of Nairobi, Box 30197- 00100, Nairobi 0733-586178,
  3. 3. HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS continues to pose a major threat to Higher Education in Kenya  It increases operating costs but reduces productivity  It is unraveling hard won development gains in Africa and will have a crippling effect on its future prospects
  4. 4. M.J. Kelly says a thick cloak of ignorance surrounds the HIV/AIDS situation at Universities in Africa  This cloak is amply lined with layers of secrecy, silence denial and fear of stigmatization and discrimination  The consequence of this is that it is difficult for those who are willing to come out publicly about their HIV status  This has contributed to the absence of clearly identified Persons living with HIV/AIDS groups in Universities
  5. 5. Lessons learned: In settings where people have come out openly stating they are HIV Positive, others have also had the courage to come out and stated their status thus reducing stigma and boosting the HIV/AIDS campaigns and all kinds of support.
  6. 6. Recommendations: There is need for programmes in Universities that will provide incentives for people infected with HIV to come out and declare their status.
  7. 7. ways and incentives that can be used to get students to come out and declare their status and form support groups that will boost the HIV/AIDS campaigns:-  Psychosocial Support and Counseling  Material Support  Secrecy and Confidentiality  Treatment  Peer Education promotion that is fully supported by the University
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