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Establishement of a program targeting sex workers pauline-


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Establishement of a program targeting sex workers pauline-

  2. 2. PRESENTER My name is Christine Injena and I am a member of Kisumu AIDS Self Help group, which in short is referred to as KASH.
  3. 3. ORGANIZATION’S BACKGROUND The organization I represent here is known as Kisumu AIDS Self Help Group or KASH. It is a community Based Organization, started three years ago by a few friends who have since then been joined by many of us. Currently we have over 120 members. KASH, has joined other HIV/AIDS organizations in Kenya to address the needs and challenges of CSWs in Kisumu.
  4. 4. AIM OF KASH Our aim is to address the needs and challenges of the Commercial Sex Workers in the face of HIV /AIDS, in Kisumu RATIONALE OF THE PROGRAMME This part of the country has since HIV/AIDS was first discovered in Kenya in 1984, has had the highest cases of HIV/AIDS. According to a baseline survey in five hot spots in Kisumu namely: -Kimwa -Octopus -Fanana -Social hall -Tot Restaurant The findings were as follows: -20% of the 60 interviewed do not use condoms -17% of them are abused physically -65% had knowledge on HIV & AIDS, STI’ s and Condoms -72% had people depending on them -80% do not go for treatment -77% do not know their status Our main objective therefore is to empower them with relevant knowledge on the above topics affecting them.
  5. 5. OUR TARGET GROUP We mainly target Commercial Sex Workers aged between 12 and 35 years based in all bars in Kisumu.
  6. 6. OUR ACCOMPLISHMENT / ACHIEVEMENT 1. KASH has been able to reach over 200 commercial sex workers with relevant information and education on STI and HIV/AIDS through numerous awareness workshops in Kisumu. 2.Conduct activities that aim to make them conscious of the risk of the risks associated with unprotected sex through ; Health Talks Video Shows Group discussions
  7. 7. CHALLENGES FACED BY KASH Stigma Disclosure / Mistrust Violation of CSW rights Migration of CSW’ s Police harassment Skiving STI treatment Getting them to visit medical centres when ill Avoiding use of condoms Getting them to visit VCT centres
  8. 8. WAYFORWARD 1.Strengthen CSW groups to enable them to unite so that they are able to work out common issues as a united group. 2.Continueenpowering them with relevant knowledge on : HIV and AIDS STI’ s VCT Condoms 3.Increased number of CSW’ s infected with STI’ s seeking medical attention. 4.Stretch our wings to cover western Kenya region as a whole. 5.Encourage donors and the government to support or fund some of the income generating projects they have.
  9. 9. This ladies and gentlemen, is an insight on the challenges that Kisumu AIDS Self Help Group (KASH) faced when we started and how we are going about to meet our objectives. Thank you for your patience and attention towards my presentation. Our address is: Kisumu AIDS Self Help Group, P.O. Box 3505 – 40100, Kisumu. Tel: 0721-445452 Email: Location: University Plaza (Formerly KNA building), 4th Floor.