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Mobile Retargeting for Apps: Increase Revenue and Win Back Dormant App Users - Workshop by Ravi Kamran, Founder of Trademob at the NOAH 2013 Conference in London, Old Billingsgate on the 14th of November 2013.

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  • $25m a day from
  • The cost to acquire loyal users reached the highest level ever recorded in August at $1.90 (Fiksu)For the purposes of the Index, loyal users are defined as people who open an app three times or more.
  • Acquiring the same users over and over again
  • Android has always encouraged usage and quality over number of installs. Which is why app store ranking is notoriously hard to control.Apple is looking to changeValue of the app stores are that they are recommended by your piersEngagement and usage will become more a priority for marketers wishing to keep their apps in the top rankings.Oh and actually keep users and get them spending of course
  • How to find the users who are big spenders and always active (source: Statista)
  • Source: Flurry
  • The retention rates of all apps have increased since 2009 from 25% to 35% whereas the engagement rate decreased from 6.7 to 3.7. Competition and better quality of the apps are the drivers of that development. There are just too many apps fight for the attention of the users (Source; Flurry)
  • After 10 opens, user loyalty increases – 30% left. You should know something about them!70% - wasted acquisition (Source: Localytics)
  • Loose half of your user base between 1-10 opens
  • 69% of users rarely or never accept push notifications. Marketing or gaming apps that have less of a reason to send push will see lower acceptance rates, in the 30% range.Mobile app developers are abusing push notifications and it has to stop. Although it’s widely understood that it’s not an effective strategy to continually ping users with non-critical updates, app developers can’t seem to help themselves to the free marketing channel that is the opt-in push. The problem with push notification abuse is not just that it’s annoying when you’re interrupted by something that has no meaning to you, it’s that it creates an environment where users become suspect of the whole push notification mechanism itself. I’d argue we’re already there. If you’ve said “no” to an app upon first launch when it asks your permission to send push notifications, then you basically agree. Users can no longer trust developers to use the system properly, so we’re opting out of notifications entirely.Also mention that a number of users uninstall an app because of push notifications(Source: Business Insider)
  • It’s like spending $millions getting people to your store and then ignoring them, with no staff and no product knowledge
  • (ad-roll – this is true online as well as apps)They won’t buy anything at all if we don’t try and get them backDo we have to accept this?
  • 1. (also true with apps so why do we measure the value on a download to 1st purchase?)4. – contextual and preference targeting = target specific ads to specific individuals.Effect of the cookie-less society???? – need to understand more about this
  • Category, brand logos, gaming, commerce, travelTypes of brands using re-targeting on-line – how do they use it? i.e abandoned basket, re-engage audience you’ve seen before.
  • I get courted by a lot of data companies and what struck me was how general and samey these guys all were in the main! Without cookies all you seem to get is!Probability and statisticsIts likely this person lives here because of his IP addressIts likely this is a guyIts likely he’s quite wealthyIt’s likely interest in discount shoppingOr investment opportunitiesMaybe he drives an SUV a lot of people in that ZIP or IP range do you know!As some one who’s spent 15 years in tech industry“I don’t like probably, maybes, possibly” makes me nervousMy clients don’t buy “probably, maybes, possibly”They buy “certainly, actual, results, definites”Thankfully The world has changed
  • What if!!You could perform 1 2 1 marketing for apps on mobile – without push notifications or cookiesYou could optimise campaigns to the individual, not optimise by large ad-network, DSP or publisher level buckets – example of how gaming guys buy tier 1,2,3 traffic sources.You could reduce CPI & use costs to < $1You could segment your audience on an individual basis – CRMyou could automatically offer and apply special offers to individuals and track them auto – dynamic deep linking examplesYou could build a loyalty program and understand all your user preferences – knowing what they do, what apps they have and which ones they use oftenYou could react in real time to any in app user actionsYou could chase an abandoned basket in real time, wherever the user went after your appYou could emulate that incredible re-targeting service we see on-line – we know the individual, the exact product, can find the user on any publisher and drive them back to us to buy!!!
  • This is obvious right? If you keep a brand front of mind then we’re more likely to buy from you or buy more often…………….
  • Campaign results
  • Campaign Execution
  • If 60% are removing apps in the 1st month push app notifications will not work
  • We’ve done lot of work with gaming, gambling, retailers to advertise to the individual customers, unique customised offers just for 1 individual.Money off, $5, $50 off 1st bet, buy 1 get 1 free pair of designer shoes, and the system can tell the app exactly what advert the user engaged with and apply that exact monetary or product value to that app and that app alone……………
  • Trademob - NOAH13 London

    1. 1. Mobile Retargeting for Apps: Increase Revenue and Win Back Dormant App Users
    2. 2. Acquire! Re-engage! Make it Relevant! Berlin  New York  London 2
    3. 3. What has happened so far New users, new users, new users 1 2 Up In-App Mobile Advertising Spend to Top $7bn by 2015 $2.4b from n (Juniper Research) Berlin  New York  London in 2012
    4. 4. Gaming Acquisition $25m spent daily on advertising by Mobile Gaming industry Berlin  New York  London
    5. 5. Mobile Ad Spend in 2018 $39.3bn Berlin  New York  London
    6. 6. Costs more to acquire than retain! Why focus solely on new acquisition? Berlin  New York  London 6
    7. 7. Billions of App Downloads 70bn apps will be downloaded in 2013 10 Apps for every person in the world Berlin  New York  London 7
    8. 8. An Enormous Audience Billions of Users ANDROID IOS 900m users 600m users Berlin  New York  London 8
    9. 9. Apple and Android App Stores Quantity Quality VS Engagement and usage will become a bigger priority for marketers wishing to keep their apps in the top rankings. Berlin  New York  London 9
    10. 10. The Average Smartphone User Has Installed 26 Apps Lots of Apps Competing for Users’ Attention Time Berlin  New York  London 10
    11. 11. User Retention Rates Berlin  New York  London 11
    12. 12. User Retention Rates High Frequency Sustained Retention Berlin  New York  London 12
    13. 13. Retention of App Users by Mobile Platform 70% of Users Stop Using an App! Loyal users Disloyal users Berlin  New York  London 13
    14. 14. Many Dormant Users. The Download is Only Half of the Battle. 69% open an app 10 times or less 25% use an app just once after downloading Berlin  New York  London 14
    15. 15. Don’t Waste Acquisition Investment. Communicate to Your Current Users. So why don’t we talk more to our customers? They’ve cost us a lot to acquire Berlin  New York  London 15
    16. 16. Push Is Not Enough! 70% of Users Stop Using an App! Only 30% accept Push Notifications Berlin  New York  London 16
    17. 17. Don’t Stonewall Your Customers! Facilitate the Purchase. Berlin  New York  London 17
    18. 18. Mobile is a Lucrative Platform Billions to be Made with Apps paid $900m to developers paid $5000m to developers Berlin  New York  London paid $100m to developers 18
    19. 19. True bricks & mortar, online and mobile 90% of users leave immediately after downloading Nothing bought on first visit Berlin  New York  London 19
    20. 20. Online Retargeting Online process– how does it work? • Only 2% of shoppers convert on the 1st visit • Increase conversion rate by 300% • Re-engage 98% of potentials that left your site • Increase lifetime value Berlin  New York  London 20
    21. 21. Conversion Funnel 98% Visitors leave your site without converting Re-engage 98% that leave your site/app Drive repeat sales Increase lifetime value 2% 1st visit conversion Berlin  New York  London 21
    22. 22. Retargeting Spend is on the Rise Expect the Same for Mobile Over 50% of online marketers plan to increase their budgets for retargeting over the next six months. Berlin  New York  London 22
    23. 23. How is Retargeting Used Online? And for what? Gaming Travel Berlin  New York  Commerce London 23
    24. 24. Audience Targeting Market to the Individual Practice 1-1 marketing and communicate with personalized messages Berlin  New York  London 24
    25. 25. What if You Could... • Tailor special offers to specific individuals • React in real time • Chase abandoned baskets Berlin  New York  London 25
    26. 26. What if You Could... • Know the individual • Know their specific interests • Find them again anywhere • Drive them back to you Berlin  New York  London 26
    27. 27. Gaming example Optimization by network 1. Tier 1 networks - $5 CPI Network 7, 11 & 18 2. Tier 2 networks - $3 CPI Network 1, 5 & 22 1. Tier 3 networks - $1.50 CPI All other networks Berlin  New York  London 27
    28. 28. Re-engagement Ads on Mobile • 77% more likely to make a purchase • 3 times as many purchases Berlin  New York  London 28
    29. 29. Retargeting with Trademob Lower Costs, Increase Conversion • • Berlin  New York 62% lower cost per active user compared to acquiring a new user 150% higher conversion rate compared to display  London 29
    30. 30. Case Study 100% 100% Conversion funnel for: 62% lower cost to generate a valuable lead • Re-Engagement • New Acquisition 61% 45% 39% 34% 11% 9% 2% Total user base Total user base Savings per action compared to new user acquisition campaigns Engagement 1 Search Engagement 2 Detailed search -78% Berlin -77%  New York  London Engagement 3 Add to favorite -76% 0.8% Transaction Final Action -62% Confidential- for personal use only | 30
    31. 31. Case Study 1 User cohort and target group definition 2 Campaign execution with bespoke banner ads across the Trademob DSP 3 Deep-link inside app The Trademob DSP is integrated with the world’s leading SSP partners Berlin  New York  London Confidential- for personal use only | 31
    32. 32. 1. Chase searchers and abandoned baskets Multiple deep-linking Tuesday morning, 9 a.m. Monday evening, 8 p.m. Berlin  New York  London
    33. 33. 2. Retarget your dormant users! Re-engage existing users instead of buying new users October, 2013 August, 2013 User forgets about app & doesn‘t respond to push notifications Berlin  New York  London 33
    34. 34. 3. Retarget your high-value users! Cross and upsell high-value customers Week 2, user sees banner for Temple Run 2 coming out Week 1, user plays Temple Run Berlin  New York  London 34
    35. 35. Personalized Offers Target Individual Users with Special Offers • • New York Provide Unique offers to distinct user segments •  Provide them in real time to Individuals • Berlin Personalize offers Auto apply them to an individual app  London 35
    36. 36. Acquire! Re-engage! Make it Relevant! Berlin  New York  London 36
    37. 37. Contact Us! Ravi Kamran John Rankin Founder Vice President of International Sales Germany: +49 30 2021575 0 UK: +44 7776 333 888 US: +1 415 539 6794 Berlin  New York  London