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Personio - NOAH17 Berlin


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Startup Stage - Recruitment - Presentation by Hanno Renner, Co-Founder & CEO of Personio at the NOAH Conference Berlin 2017, Tempodrom on the 23rd of June 2017.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Personio - NOAH17 Berlin

  1. 1. Personio - The HR Operating System @NOAH 2017
  2. 2. GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! 6-7 Old Billingsgate, London Tempodrom, Berlin JUN20182-3 NOV2017 SAVE THE DATE
  3. 3. PROBLEM AND SOLUTION Personio allows HR managers to focus on value-adding topics by providing full access to all employee and applicant data and to in detail customize all HR processes 02 Repetitive administrative tasks keep HR managers from working on value-adding topics Personio facilitates all administrative HR tasks and processes Distributed employee information diminishes accessibility, consistency and overview Personio acts as the single source of truth and flexibly grants access to information Individual requirements can so far only be met by expensive and cumbersome on-premise solutions Personio is the only fully customizable yet affordable cloud-based HR solution THREE CORE PROBLEMS SOLVED BY PERSONIO
  4. 4. PRODUCT Personio serves as the HR operating system, covering all processes along the employee life-cycle and providing detailed reporting 03 USPs One-stop-HR solution 
  5. 5. We are positioned in a little penetrated but fast growing market with a TAM in Europe of 1.7M companies and a resulting potential of €5.5B 041 10-1,000 employees, 2 Based on ACV of €3,188, 3 Based on ACV of €3,162 Revenues in €M MARKET SaaS HRM MARKET SMEs - DACH SaaS HRM MARKET SMEs - EUROPE 496K COMPANIES1 €1.6B2 1.7M COMPANIES1
 €5.5B3 Revenues in €M CAGR: 15.0% CAGR: 12.5% Sources: European Commission, Eurostat, Transparency Market Research (figures for DACH extrapolated) Saas HRM Market SMEs DACH €0 €100 €200 €300 €400 2025202420232022202120202019201820172016 Saas HRM Market SMEs Europe €0 €250 €500 €750 €1000 2025202420232022202120202019201820172016 MARKET POTENTIAL - DACH MARKET POTENTIAL - EUROPE
  6. 6. MRR ARPA ARPAYearly MRR Monthly MRR Mar-17 Mar-16 May-16 Jul-16 Sep-16 Nov-16 Jan-17 Jan-16 €0 €20,000 €40,000 €60,000 €80,000 €100,000 €0 €50 €100 €150 €200 €250 €300 €350 €400 €450 In the last 1,5 years, Personio has grown from 15 to > 300 customers with monthly recurring revenues of €150k in June 2017 MOMENTUM AND TRACTION ØMOM
 GROWTH: 23% 07 MRR TRACTION AND ARPA TOTAL # OF CUSTOMERS #ofcustomers Total customers (BOM) Net new customers Mar-17 Mar-16 May-16 Jul-16 Sep-16 Nov-16 Jan-17 Jan-16 €0 €50 €100 €150 €200 €250
  7. 7. Personio is deeply integrated in the day-to-day routine of HR managers and involves all other employees to boost efficiency of HR processes CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT DAILY ACTIVE USERS TIME SPENT PER ACTIVE USERS DAU: Daily active users; HR manager: User of customer with maximum usage KPIs 12 min Daily time spent per active HR manager Daliy time spent per active user 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Mar-17Feb-17Jan-17Dec-16Nov-16Oct-16 87.3 92.0 91.3 107.2 96.8 97.4 20.4 21.1 18.9 19.4 17.9 17.5 Total users Share of DAU (HR manager) Share of DAU (all users) Users 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 Mar-17Feb-17Jan-17Dec-16Nov-16Oct-16 79.0% 6.8% 6.8% 5.9% 7.9% 7.9% 8.2% 74.0% 70.4% 81.1% 85.6% 86.6% HR manager All users
  8. 8. VISION AND STRATEGY We are building the category leading cloud-based HR management and recruiting solution for SMEs in Europe 17 WHAT HOW GOAL CORE PURPOSE Enabling better organizations STRATEGIC VISION Personio empowers modern companies to recruit, manage and develop their people through software that increases HR process efficiency and data quality BHAG1 Personio is the leading cloud-based HR Management and Recruiting solution for SMEs in Europe by 2020 1 Big hairy audacious goal
  9. 9. SELECTED CUSTOMERS 17 We have reached our BHAG when the distribution of Personio in Europe is as high as it is across NOAH attendees or the german technology scene 16 EXAMPLES OF OVER 300 CUSTOMERS
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention PERSONIO@NOAH 2017
  11. 11. Selected Completed NOAH Transactions Focus on Leading European Internet companies Covering over 400 companies across 25 online verticals, a broad range of over 500 investors as well as 100+ online-focused corporates Deep understanding of industry dynamics Ability to add value beyond banking advice Facilitates overall process and minimizes management distraction NOAH Advisors is globally well connected and has direct access to virtually all key players in the industry Knowledge of and strong relationships with potential buyers’ key decision makers Proactively finds and unlocks attractive investment opportunities for leading investors Annual NOAH Conference in its 8th year Over 40 years of combined relevant M&A experience Routine execution of M&A and financing transactions with sizes of several billion euros 30 successfully completed NOAH Advisors transactions underline successful transfer of M&A competencies to the Internet sector Entrepreneurial mind-set, focused on growing the business and establishing a reputation for excellence Ability to deliver top results in short time frames Highly success-based compensation structures align interests of clients and NOAH Advisors, and demonstrate conviction to deliver top results Creative deal solutions December 2014 September 2014 October 2014 May 2014 Sale of 100% of for $800m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Fotolia and the Selling Shareholders Sale of 100% of for €80m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Trovit and its Shareholders Sale of controlling stake in to Exclusive Financial Advisor to and its Shareholders sold 100% of for $228m to a joint venture between Exclusive Financial Advisor to Yad2 and its Shareholders Unique Industry Know-How Unmatched Network and Relationships Strong Investment Banking Competence Full Commitment - We Are Entrepreneurs! EUROPE’S LEADING INTERNET CORPORATE FINANCE BOUTIQUE September 2016 October 2016December 2016 May 2016 Investment in by Financial Advisor to Oakley Capital Exclusive Financial Advisor to 10Bis and its Shareholders ® Marco Rodzynek Managing Director & Founder Jan Brandes Managing Director Justus Lumpe Managing Director The NOAH Advisors Core Banking Team Nikhil Parmar Director 10Bis Acquisition of a Majority Stake in by from at a valuation of €300m Investment in Exclusive Financial Advisor to KäuferPortal and its Shareholders by 84% Ownership Financial Advisor to Silver Lake Investment in by