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Parlamind - NOAH17 Berlin

Startup Stage - Business Services - Presentation by Christian Wolf, CEO of Parlamind at the NOAH Conference Berlin 2017, Tempodrom on the 22nd of June 2017.

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Parlamind - NOAH17 Berlin

  1. 1. The artificial intelligent Customer Care team member.
  2. 2. GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! 6-7 Old Billingsgate, London Tempodrom, Berlin JUN20182-3 NOV2017 SAVE THE DATE
  3. 3. 2 Supported by great mentors & investors: We are parlamind. A team of tech entrepreneurs & AI researchers based in Berlin. tba, VP Product > 7 y project & product management experience Christian Wolf, CEO > 10 y tech entrepreneur Dr. Tina Klüwer, CTO > 10 y researcher in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning Tobias Lehmann, CIO > 10 y enterprise software engineering team leader
  4. 4. 3 The artificially intelligent Customer Care team member handles > 60% of customer cases. From: Nadya To: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Pet Paradise Team: My little puppy is still waiting for the treats to arrive. Wonder where my order got stuck?! Yours, Nadya From: To: Nadya ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Nadya: Sorry we kept you waiting. We shipped on Jan 23rd. Track your order here: Yours, Pet Paradise FAQ Simple Tasks Advising, negotiating, persuading, ... Complex Tasks Chatbot 60% parlamind Human team Reduces cost & increases scalability
  5. 5. 4 parlamind is plug ‘n’ play: customers experience instant results, no risk, low investment. Average AI or chatbot project timeline “We need an AI for Customer Service” Vendor screening Demos RFP RFQ Decision, negotiation Project Fixes Productive system parlamind timeline Demo Signup First results Productive system Offer Partially productive system Training 3-6 days 3-6 months “Our parlamind now handles 58% of our communication saving about $ 4,500 while costing only $ 800.” “And we practically had no work or worries.” 70% fail rate 6-figure investment Intense staff involvement 3 mins.
  6. 6. 5 parlamind AI as a Service technology at a glance. Understanding: issue analysis & interpretation Action selection: decision making based on understanding & process knowledge Answering: response output & completion of task parlamind USP and unfair advantage Environment Agentparlamind NNP understands VBZ nsubj Retrieve ReuseRevise Retain Case DB Deep Learning Case-based Reasoning NLP Reinforcement Learning Clustering Current performance: >160K monthly conversations DE: 56% recall 80% precision EN: 57% recall 86% precision E-Mail, Messenger, (Voice) Transaction Data, Customer Data [...] [...]
  7. 7. 6 Disrupting the global market for contact centers. Sources available upon request. Total Available Market Worldwide spend for Contact Centers > $ 300 B Serviceable Available Market Spend for Contact Centers in Germany & USA > $ 70 B Target Market > $ 2.7 B Addtl. languages add to SAM & target market. German & English: Germany, USA, UK, CAN, AUS Zendesk, freshdesk, Salesforce, desk, Helpscout, intercom, G Suite, Outlook365 (used for CS) Annual ARPC: $ 7,600 # companies: 363,200 Serviceable Obtainable Market: 30% $ 825 M
  8. 8. 7 B2C E-Commerce $ 1.3 T, 22% SaaS & Apps $ 150 B, 20% Enterprise AI focus = large, concentrated markets Sources available upon request. parlamind’s plug ‘n’ play philosophy enlarges the market for Customer Care AI. Industry growth (% p.a.) Industry diversity (# of companies) high low high Telecoms $ 5.6 T, 2.5% Travel $ 2.4 T Energy $ 2 T Publishing Financial services $ 6.6 T, 6%
  9. 9. 8 Successful traction with pilots & first paying customers. (Pilot) customers and users: Selected pilot customers & paying customers: Companies Users 12-2016 21 01-2017 25 02-2017 31 03-2017 46 04-2017 55 05-2017 68 136
  10. 10. 9 31% 17% 43% Raising seed investment of € 3 M to bring to market our artificial intelligent Customer Care team member. 31% Miscellaneous Sales & Marketing R&D Hires: VP Finance, HR, controlling + accounting Hires: VP Sales, marketing, sales + customer success Goal: acquire > 1.600 paying customers Hires: product management + AI engineers + data managers Goal: finalize vision and deliver to market Funding history: - EXIST grant I: € 788 K - Seed round: € 775 K Total to date: € 1,563 K Public grants from EXIST and ProFIT programs are non-repayable and non-equity. ProFIT loan is repayable with a subsidized interest (4.12% p.a.). Available public funding: - EXIST grant II: € 155 K - ProFIT grant: € 343 K - ProFIT loan: € 530 K Total addtl. funding: € 1,280K Public funds for use in 2017-18
  11. 11. Contact Christian Wolf, CEO Let’s revolutionize Customer Care together! +49 179 32 947 23
  12. 12. Selected Completed NOAH Transactions Focus on Leading European Internet companies Covering over 400 companies across 25 online verticals, a broad range of over 500 investors as well as 100+ online-focused corporates Deep understanding of industry dynamics Ability to add value beyond banking advice Facilitates overall process and minimizes management distraction NOAH Advisors is globally well connected and has direct access to virtually all key players in the industry Knowledge of and strong relationships with potential buyers’ key decision makers Proactively finds and unlocks attractive investment opportunities for leading investors Annual NOAH Conference in its 8th year Over 40 years of combined relevant M&A experience Routine execution of M&A and financing transactions with sizes of several billion euros 30 successfully completed NOAH Advisors transactions underline successful transfer of M&A competencies to the Internet sector Entrepreneurial mind-set, focused on growing the business and establishing a reputation for excellence Ability to deliver top results in short time frames Highly success-based compensation structures align interests of clients and NOAH Advisors, and demonstrate conviction to deliver top results Creative deal solutions December 2014 September 2014 October 2014 May 2014 Sale of 100% of for $800m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Fotolia and the Selling Shareholders Sale of 100% of for €80m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Trovit and its Shareholders Sale of controlling stake in to Exclusive Financial Advisor to and its Shareholders sold 100% of for $228m to a joint venture between Exclusive Financial Advisor to Yad2 and its Shareholders Unique Industry Know-How Unmatched Network and Relationships Strong Investment Banking Competence Full Commitment - We Are Entrepreneurs! EUROPE’S LEADING INTERNET CORPORATE FINANCE BOUTIQUE September 2016 October 2016December 2016 May 2016 Investment in by Financial Advisor to Oakley Capital Exclusive Financial Advisor to 10Bis and its Shareholders ® Marco Rodzynek Managing Director & Founder Jan Brandes Managing Director Justus Lumpe Managing Director The NOAH Advisors Core Banking Team Nikhil Parmar Director 10Bis Acquisition of a Majority Stake in by from at a valuation of €300m Investment in Exclusive Financial Advisor to KäuferPortal and its Shareholders by 84% Ownership Financial Advisor to Silver Lake Investment in by