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Introduction to Pippa & Jean - Presentation by Gerald Heydenreich, Founder & CEO of Pippa & Jean at the NOAH 2013 Conference in London, Old Billingsgate on the 13th of November 2013.

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Pippa & Jean - NOAH13 London

  1. 1. Company Presentation - Nov 2013 - Strictly Confidential
  2. 2. Vision & Mission Our vision is… … to create more than 100.000 careers in Social Selling and to become Europe’s biggest Social Selling Platform (“e Amazon of Network Marketing”) Our mission is… … to empower women to become independent by providing them a hassle free, honest end to end solution to start their own business Strictly Confidential 2 01.11.2013
  3. 3. Executive Summary   Pippa & Jean is a Social Selling Community, combining the benefits of Network Marketing with the power of eCommerce & Social Media that revolutionizes the Direct Selling / MLM Industry   Comparable successful companies with revenues of 250+ Mio. € already exist: Stella and Dot (US), LiaSophia (Canada), Pierre Lang (EU)   Other than traditional network marketing organizations, P&J is build on transparency,   P&J provides women (our Style Coaches) a little upfront investment (199€) and combines business system that enables them to earn a commission and built their own teams by offering the advantages of direct selling with the scalability power of eCommerce & Social Media a range of costume jewelries and accessories on and thus provides real returns to Style Coaches “Pippa&Jean Style Parties” and their individual “Online Boutiques”   After 16 months, PJ has more than 700 Style Coaches and is growing at 50-60 new SC per   On the client side, P&J targets women between month 25-50 years that are interested to get access to latest trends and affordable costume jewelry   P&J aims to generate in Central Europe by 2017 together with their friends in an amicable more than 100 Mio. € in revenues with an environment EBITDA margin of 20+% (average product margins are currently at 75-80%)   P&J was founded by Gerald Heydenreich and Annette Albrecht Wetzel together with experienced entrepreneurs and managers with the vision to support 100.000 women in their social selling career and stands for initiative , quality and do good Strictly Confidential 3 01.11.2013
  4. 4. How does it work? Pippa&Jean Style Coaches host parties, sell in their online boutique and build teams across Germany Pippa&Jean always sells to the end users – Style Coaches only buy samples Strictly Confidential 4 01.11.2013
  5. 5. Infrastructure After 16 months we have 700 style coaches across Germany, many of them just started…our vision is 100.000 “showrooms” throughout Europe Strictly Confidential 5 01.11.2013
  6. 6. Press Press is enthusiastic about the concept of social selling and Pippa&Jean; more than 300 publications in the first 12 months of operation with many celebrities wearing our products Strictly Confidential 6 01.11.2013
  7. 7. Market Evolution Social Selling makes the internet more “personal” and is an add on to the “Age of eCommerce” Good Old Times 80’s /90’s eCommerce Age Social Selling Age Personal Contact Access to Client Expert Advice Purchasing Experience Availability of product After Sales Service Emotional attachment to Shop Knowledge of buyers Price Selection Inventory / Working Capital Strictly Confidential 7 01.11.2013
  8. 8. Market Trends End Consumers believe that the importance of Direct Selling and Home Parties will increase significantly Importance Today Importance Tomorrow Diff. Retail Shopping 89 % 62 % -27 Internet Shopping 37 % 57 % +20 Mail Order Shopping 24 % 21 % -3 Shopping Channel (phone) 2% 18 % +16 Shopping Party / Direct Selling 2% 38 % +34 * TNS Infratest Study from BDD 2013 Strictly Confidential 8 01.11.2013
  9. 9. Market Statistics Already today, in Europe more than 12 Mio. MLM / Direct Sales people are generating well above 16 Bn. € in sales #of European Direct Sellers Sales in € - FEDSA members only •  Tupperware is generating in Germany more than 220 Mio. € revenues p.a. with more than 2.700 home parties per day i.e. 1 Mio. p a. •  Vorwerk is generating more than 2.5 bn. € revenues p.a. with more than 600.000 representatives *graphic own creation, based on : http://www.wfdsa.org/files/pdf/global-stats/ Global_Statistical_Report_Final_6-20-2012.pdf Strictly Confidential 9 01.11.2013
  10. 10. What makes social selling so special? Pippa& Jean is a Social Selling Community, built on 4 pillars that…   … combines the benefits or a vertically integrated brand, independent of retail   … is based on independent entrepreneurs that sell to clients personally who receive a success based commission for their work   … .uses the power of Social Networks and thus mainly growing virally   … with the built in benefits of an eCommerce company Vertically integrated Brand Network Marketing Social Network / Community eCommerce   End Consumer Access   Pricing Power / independence from retail   Independent Sales Force   Trust / Word of Mouth / Low Returns   Emotional Sale   Recurring Revenues   Virality   Exclusivity   Personalization   Central storage / Distribution   High Process Efficiency   24/7 shopping > High Product Margins > no Marketing costs > Customer Log In > Low Capex Strictly Confidential 10 01.11.2013
  11. 11. Market Size Jewelry As a first product category, Pippa&Jean is currently focussing on the market for Jewelry & Accessories which has a yearly market volume of more than € 30 Bn. Europe Market Volume* Rest of Europe 9.550 Germany Italy 4.800 UK 8.030 Netherlands 1.900 Spain 5.490 100 € per second 6.000 € per minute 3 Bn. € per year Sales Jewelry in Germany France 9.740 Germany 2.920 * In Mio. Strictly Confidential 11 01.11.2013
  12. 12. Growth Path Pippa&Jean is not a jewelry company but a social selling community which will expand over time in three dimensions: Near-term Growth Initiatives •  Expand product range (Handbags, children products, styling) •  Expand geographic reach in Europe •  Business Model Test other services (eg subscription) Social Selling Platform Subscriptions / Club Model Single Brand Style Shows & Online Boutique Today DE ES Costume Jewelry Handbags / Totes Individual Products Product Offered Strictly Confidential Italy France Eastern Europe Geographic Expansion 12 01.11.2013
  13. 13. Infrastructure Over the past 18 months, we have build a massively scalable multi channel IT infrastructure Twitter Email MLM Team Structure Management Shop on behalf Marketing followers facebook friends Addressbook Import yahoo, gmail, gmx, … 500+ shops Style Party Management Social Media Integration Commission Engine Lead Distribution Engine Coming soon Rewards, Bonuses, Vouchers ERP Strictly Confidential Reporting Landingpages Contacts Mini CRM 13 Google Geo Codes 01.11.2013
  14. 14. Stella & Dot vs. Pippa&Jean Comparable successful companies already exist in the US: Stella & Dot realized more than 150 Mio. € in sales in 2011 and is aiming at 1 Bn. € in the next years Pippa&Jean has the potential to grow as big in Europe as Stella&Dot did in in the US 2005 (Year 1) 2006 (Year 2) 2007 (Year 3) 2008 (Year 4) 2009 (Year 5) 2010 (Year 6) 250K € 500K € 1 MIO. € 2.7 MIO. € 23 MIO. € 100 MIO. € ca. 600 SC 1.000 SC 5.000 SC Ca..15K SC 2012 (Year 1) 2014 (Year 3) 2015 (Year 4) 2016 (Year 5) 2017 (Year 6) 380K € 1 Mio. € 2 Mio. € 10 Mio. € 40 Mio. € 100+ Mio. € 300 SC Strictly Confidential 2013 (Year 2) 600 SC 1.000 SC 5.000 SC 15.000 SC 25k+ SC 14 01.11.2013
  15. 15. Team Gerald, CEO / Chairman Martin, Operations   CoFounder of BuyVIP, leading European shopping club with more than 10 Mio members, 320 employees in 7 countries and revenues > 100+ Mio. €, sold in 2010 to Amazon,     CoFounder PortumAG, leading European B2B marketplace with trading volume > $10B and clients including Siemens, Total, EADS, Bayer; raised more than € 25M and sold company in 2006 to CapGemini, Manager at IBM Global Services, International Management Associate for the Hoechst AG board, Freelancer at Unilever, Arthur Andersen, Handelsblatt and ADL 10 year experience (5 of them as member of the board) in ebusiness sector with focus on e-learning and e-marketing at internet agency M.I.T. Various positions: COO, consulting, finance, BU leader with 100+ employees.   Several years with McKinsey in a wide area of projects ranging from strategy, to operations, cost cutting, and post merger integration   Cum Laude Master Degree from University of Karlsruhe in the field of industrial engineering   Cum Laude Bachelor Degree from European Business School, MBA from underbird / AGSIM University (USA)   “e Budding Entrepreneur Award” for youngest entrepreneur leading a 2002 Europe's 500 company; two-time finalist entrepreneur of the year sponsored by SAP, Deutsche Bank, E&Y Torsten, Sales / Training           In her role as Brand and Project Leader she has led multicultural and multifunctional, large teams all over the world, launching projects in Europe, the U.S., South America and Asia. Her role included Project Management (idea to launch), Creative Leadership (Packaging, Product Development, Communication) and Strategic Brand Management (Brand Positioning, Strategy, Implementation) for brands such as Dove worldwide Founder of Turning Point Ideas, an innovation agency specialized in concept development .www.turning-point-ideas.de     Strictly Confidential 1992-1995 Creation of a international Direct Sale Network with more than 15.000 Sales agents in 19 countries   During her global career, she worked and lived in Germany, the U.S. and Italy Experienced Speaker (Deutschen Rednerlexikon), one of Top100 Global Trainers in MLM Marketing (“Business For Home USA”)   10 years of Marketing experience with Unilever. She has taken over global, regional and local responsibilities for top Unilever brands as Brand / Marketing Manager Founder of TWprofiling®, License Company for HR Diagnostics with more than 100 Partners   Annette, Marketing & Products / Managing Director More than 15 years of experience in Direct Selling, first in a Direct Sales Structure (with more that 1900 team members) then as Success Trainer, Career Coach, Key Note Speaker, Author Yearly more than 25.000 participants in Global Events BA degree in Marketing and International Management at Westfälische Wilhelms University Münster (Prof.Meffert) 15 01.11.2013
  16. 16. PippaJean GmbH Carl-Benz-Straße 21 / 60386 Frankfurt am Main E-Mail: info@pippajean.com Tel.: 069 1753 70490 Fax: 069 1753 70499 © 2012 PippaJean GmbH. www.pippajean.com Strictly Confidential