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MovinGame - NOAH16 Berlin


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Startup Stage - Education - Presentation by Dotan Cooper, Co-Founder of MovinGame at the Axel Springer NOAH Conference Berlin 2016, Tempodrom on the 8th of June 2016.

Published in: Education
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MovinGame - NOAH16 Berlin

  2. 2. 10 - 11 November 22 - 23 June Save The Date
  3. 3. CHILDHOOD OBESITY IS A TICKING BOMB $120B spent globally with virtually no impact 40% 0% 30% 20% 10% 1965 1975 1985 1995 2005 2015 UK 2050 100% %50> >90% % OF POPULATION UNDER 18 OVERWEIGHT Source: Government Office for Science
  6. 6. ENABLE APPS FOR HABIT DEVELOPMENT Week 3 Week 5Week 1 Week 7
  7. 7. Yael Tamar CEO Adi Ben-Nesher Head of Product Dotan Cooper Creative Director Senior project director, with 20+ years experience heading design, development and implementation of digital solutions in organizations utilizing behavioral science and innovative tech. LINKEDIN Entrepreneur with 8+ years building social apps, biz dev exec, marketing and communications director, and M&A consulting for FMCG, health company founder. LINKEDIN Graphic and Visual Communication Artist for 16+ years, specializing in UX/UI for web and mobile apps, animation and branding. Founder of a creative agency. Lecturer. LINKEDIN Lev Korol Developer A developer and a student at the Technion Institute of Technology. Has developed games since he was 15. As a hobby he builds robots. LINKEDIN DIVERSE TEAM OF EXPERTS
  8. 8. MARKET: OBESITY & CORPORATE CAMPAIGNS Obesity $120B Digital Marketing $200B*B32$ “Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating & physical activity, can lower the risk of obesity.” - CDC *Unilever plans to spend ~$2B (24% of its ad budget) on digital marketing “Corporations can help reduce childhood obesity via responsible marketing aimed at children & teens.” - WHO
  11. 11. APP/ACTIVITY SPONSORSHIP + BESPOKE APPS proprietary app: sponsorship of app or activity Bespoke app via platform
  12. 12. Chartered Clinical Psychologist and senior lecturer. mindfulness teacher at the University of Bangor (UK) and CBT therapist at Oxford University, Clinical Director of The Mindfulness Project (UK). Mindful Eating trainer, board member, the Center for Mindful Eating (US). Adler Institute lecturer and coach, founder of training school for professionals in the field of coaching for parents and kids; leader of parent groups at the Adler Institute; advisor to large organizations and companies; writer and guest blogger; regular radio guest; Integrated Pediatrics Consultant. Naturopathic doctor and personal trainer and coach with experience in pediatric exercise. After earning her naturopathic doctor degree in natural and integrative nutrition, Ortal opened a private practice combining physical activity with nutrition for groups, families and individuals across Israel. Clinical Dietitian at Ha'Sharon Hospital and Clalit HMO with experience working with children and their parents. In the past, Intelligence officer (8200) in the IDF, technologically- oriented, experience with various communication medias, data mining and Big Data. RESIDENT EXPERTS: PROGRAM Maya Stainhardt Ortal AmitzCinzia Pezzolesi, Ph.D. Inbal Shilo
  13. 13. WE ARE WORKING ON A PROOF OF CONCEPT Dec - Mar Apr-May June-Jul Aug-Sep Oct-Dec Jan 2017
  14. 14. Employees Revenues Profit Impact PROJECTED IMPACT BY 2021: >50M USERS 2017 2021 20 32 $1.6M - $115M $55M >5M >50M
  15. 15. Prototype screens for an app showing platform capabilities
  16. 16. US, ISRAEL YAEL TAMAR US: +1 (347) 757-4638 IL: +972 (54) 458-4618 UK ADI BEN NESHER UK: +44 (7792) 940-813 IL: +972 (7) 22-23-7464 JOIN US!
  17. 17. Pre-Seed investment Smartphone app PoC (proof of concept) • Dev’t & testing of key app elements • UX, design & animation • Collection of activities & shortlist Setup & market research • User journey • Architecture development • “Jump to avoid lava” AR mini-game • LOI with producer of wearable for kids • Cooperating with an IoT producer Smart phone app MVP (Minimum Viable Product) • Development of “lean” mobile app • Testing with focus groups • Preparation for Seed investment Public smartphone app (available on app store) • Routine iterations of enhancements • Gather feedback from the community • Focus on monetization Public brand awareness (roadshows and promotion) • Platform development • B2B marketing and sales • Focus on growth API (partners) • Platform monetization • New apps • Partnership with hardware makers Dec - Mar Apr-May June-Jul Aug-Sep Oct-Dec Jan 2017 Users 15K 30K100 5K 140K – 1.3M Initial revenue APPENDIX: DETAILED TIMELINE
  18. 18. Focus on Leading European Internet companies Covering over 400 companies across 25 online verticals, a broad range of over 500 investors as well as 100+ online-focused corporates Deep understanding of industry dynamics Ability to add value beyond banking advice Facilitates overall process and minimizes management distraction NOAH Advisors is globally well connected and has direct access to virtually all key players in the industry Knowledge of and strong relationships with potential buyers’ key decision makers Proactively finds and unlocks attractive investment opportunities for leading investors Annual NOAH Conference in its 8th year Over 40 years of combined relevant M&A experience Routine execution of M&A and financing transactions with sizes of several billion euros 22 successfully completed NOAH Advisors transactions underline successful transfer of M&A competencies to the Internet sector Entrepreneurial mind-set, focused on growing the business and establishing a reputation for excellence Ability to deliver top results in short time frames Highly success-based compensation structures align interests of clients and NOAH Advisors, and demonstrate conviction to deliver top results Creative deal solutions September 2015 December 2014 September 2014 October 2014 May 2014 February 2013 May 2012 Sale of a 70% stake in to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Drushim and its Shareholders Sale of 100% of for $800m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Fotolia and the Selling Shareholders Sale of 100% of for €80m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Trovit and its Shareholders Sale of controlling stake in to Exclusive Financial Advisor to and its Shareholders sold 100% of for $228m to a joint venture between Exclusive Financial Advisor to Yad2 and its Shareholders Growth equity investment from for a 30% stake alongside Softonic’s Founders and Angel Investors at a valuation of €275m Exclusive Financial Advisor to Softonic and its shareholders 150 million growth equity investment from for a 50% stake alongside Fotolia’s Founders and Additional $150 million senior debt financing Total $300 million investment Financial Advisor to Fotolia and its Shareholders Selected Completed NOAH Transactions Unique Industry Know-How Unmatched Network and Relationships Strong Investment Banking Competence Full Commitment - We Are Entrepreneurs! EUROPE’S LEADING INTERNET CORPORATE FINANCE BOUTIQUE May 2016 Investment in by Exclusive Financial Advisor to 10Bis and its Shareholders ®