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Sana Expert - NOAH12 San Francisco


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E-Commerce - Presentation by Daniel Hasagic, Founder & CEO of Sana Expert at the NOAH 2012 Conference in San Francisco, Four Seasons Hotel on the 26th of June.

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Sana Expert - NOAH12 San Francisco

  1. 1. NOAH ConferenceSan Francisco
  2. 2. With unconditional sales approval in Europe, SanaExpert sells proprietarynutritional and dietary supplements on- and offline Founded in June 2011, online since August 2011 By December 2011 available in over 5k pharmacies in Germany By February 2012 available in 15k pharmacies in Germany, 2k pharmacies in Austria and prescribed by over 500 medical practitioners at least once Capital increase in march 2012 with minority purchase from founder helped to significantly increase reach Despite offline availability, very clear focus on online growth Sales increased from 5k sold products in Q4 2011 to over 20k sold products in Q1 2012 First profitable month 4 month after inception, positive EBITDA ever since
  3. 3. Sales volumes of food supplements in Germany, Europe and the USgrowing consistently Sales volume of OTC food supplements in Germany (Bill. EUR) Sales volume of OTC food supplements in Europe (Bill. EUR) 2,0 9,2 1,8 8,4 1,7 1,6 6,9 7,2 1,4 6,1 6,3 6,5 1,2 5,6 5,8 1,1Sales volume of OTC food supplements in the US (Bill. USD) 39,0 Legal approval for full marketability of 33,2 all SanaExpert products has not been 30,0 27,5 applied for yet 25,0 22,3 23,1 17,7 18,9 20,1 Legal approval for full marketability of all SanaExpert products exists
  4. 4. SanaExpert – All products and pure health at a glanceSanaExpert Hair Forte SanaExpert Heart Active SanaExpert NatalisHair growth Cardiovascular strength PregnancySanaExpert Body Active SanaExpert Anti-Age SanaExpert TauruminSlimming Anti Aging Fertility supportSanaExpert Meno Forte SanaExpert Brain Forte SanaExpert CranberryMenopause Cerebral support Bladder strength & wellbeingSanaExpert Immune Forte SanaExpert Arthro Forte SanaExpert AcaiImmune system Joints and bones Slimming
  5. 5. “Healthy Partnerships” with SanaExpert – how we do our business Health Partner of Switzerland Health Partner of Swisscom Switzerland Health Partner of United Internet Media Germany Health Partner of InteractiveMedia Germany Countless cooperations with Online pharmacies in Europe Various Athlete Sponsorships SanaExpert`s KPIs per Year 2011 2012 (runrate) 2013e Revenue 0,26 mln. 2,8 mln. 8,5 mln. EBIT - 0,05 mln. 0,5 mln. 1,7 mln. Customers 4k 35k > 120k Marketing ROI Europe 181% 202% > 210%
  6. 6. What`s coming Next? Launch of 5 new proprietary products within the next 30 days Continuous investment in new markets, about to enter our first 3 non-German-speaking markets within 60 days Keep or accelerate our current growth rate Significantly increase online media spendings and reach Take Leadership in the European online nutritional supplement market Always preserve honesty to our customers offering pharmacy quality products at prices you can affordOpportunities with SanaExpert If you are passionate about health, talk to us If you have Media Inventory, share it with us If you would like to strengthen our way as Strategic Partner in a certain country, get creative with us
  7. 7. Thank you.
  8. 8. NOAH Advisors - Europe’s Leading Internet Corporate Finance Boutique Selected Completed NOAH Transactions May 2012 April 2012 Unique Industry Know-How Core Investment Banking Competence Sale of a 100%-stake in 100% focused on Internet companies, covering  The NOAH team has 25+ years of media 150 million growth equity investment from over 25 sub-verticals in this highly complex investment banking experience industry - Routine execution of M&A and financing for a 50% stake alongside Fotolia’s Founders and to - 15+ years active coverage of leading European transactions with sizes of several billion euros Internet companies and investors  The team has been working together closely for 7 Additional $150 million senior debt financing Total $300 million investment Deep understanding of industry dynamics and years (including 6 years at Lehman Brothers) Financial Advisor to Fotolia and its Shareholders Financial Advisor to Toprural and its Shareholders thinking of industry leaders  8 successfully completed NOAH Advisors Ability to add value beyond banking advice transactions underline successful transfer of - Facilitates overall process and minimizes competencies to the Internet sector November 2011 July 2011 management distraction Sale of a majority stake in Sale of a majority stake in Unmatched Network and Relationships Full Commitment - We Are Entrepreneurs! NOAH Advisors is globally very well connected  The NOAH team are entrepreneurs and focused to to and has direct access to virtually all key players in on growing the business and establishing a Quants Financial Services AG the industry reputation for excellence Exclusive Financial Advisor to - Knowledge of and strong relationships with  Full commitment to deliver top quality results in grupfoni and its Shareholders Advisor to EnGrande potential buyers’ key decision makers short time frames - Coverage of over 500 companies and 4,000  Highly success-based compensation structures individuals align interests of clients and NOAH Advisors, and April 2011 April 2011 - Proactively finds and unlocks attractive demonstrate conviction to deliver top results Sale of a majority stake in investment opportunities for leading have acquired a majority stake in investors (e.g. Bigpoint) Annual NOAH Conference to for $350m from The NOAH Advisors Core Team Exclusive Advisor to Advisor to Yatego Summit Partners and TA Associates Marco Yoram Jan Rodzynek Wijngaarde Brandes December 2009 April 2009 Managing Director Director Director Partial sale of $80m partial sale of and Founder to toContact Details Contact Details Contact Details Valuing Softonic at € Advisor to Softonic Advisor to FotoliaUK Mobile: +44 77 85 330 330 UK Mobile: +44 79 17 084 784 German Mobile: +49 174 2010 984Swiss Mobile: + 41 79958 1512
  9. 9. Introduction to the NOAH Conference Overview of the NOAH Conference 2011 The NOAH Conference is an annual Internet event taking place once a Summary Overview Conference Program year in London, focused on top management from Internet start-ups to global media companies as well as senior investment professionals  NOAH ‘11 took place on 9-10 November 2011 at Old NOAH’s goal is to create a marketplace for the European Internet eco- Billingsgate in London system to discuss key trends, generate business and facilitate  Fantastic line-up of 90 speakers from 20 countries in keynotes, investment transactions presentations and panels over 2 full days Over the past 3 years numerous high-profile speakers presented at  1,150 attendees from 35 countries – 57% from Internet NOAH, including over 100 CEOs companies, 26% from investors, 15% from corporates (media The NOAH Conference was founded in 2009 by Marco Rodzynek and is companies, advisors, PR and recruiting) and 2% press organised by the NOAH Advisors team with sponsorship from some of representatives from leading on- and offline publications the world’s leading financial investors  NOAH party with additional guests from London and a great live band on the evening of the first day NOAH ‘12 on 6-7 November – Save the Date  Extremely positive feedback from numerous attendees, on twitter and in the press The conference will again take place at Old Billingsgate in London Registration will open in early 2012 Selected Conference Impressions For updates, please check: Event Sponsors Strategic Sponsors