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Yardlines Two Year Hitchcock Closing


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Hitchcock Street will be closed to
vehicle traffic from the South face
of Pier #3 to about the North face
of Pier #5.

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Yardlines Two Year Hitchcock Closing

  1. 1. “The official electronic newsgram of Norfolk Naval Shipyard” March 1, 2011 Personal masteryTwo-year Hitchcock Street Closing is about creating what one wants in life and in work. Continually expanding personal mastery is a discipline based on a number ofHitchcock Street will be closed to Due to contractual requirements key principles and practices: per-vehicle traffic from the South face the projected effective date of this sonal vision, personal purpose,of Pier #3 to about the North face change is 1 March 2011 and will holding creative tension be-of Pier #5. There will be a walking continue until 30 August 2013. tween vision and current reality,path and a Maintenance of Traffic If you have any questions, com- mitigating the impact of deeply rooted beliefs that are contrary(MOT) detour will be installed on ments or issues which arise from to personal mastery, commit-Hitchcock Street per the attached subject notification you can contact ment to truth, and understand-drawing. Mr. Billy McIntyre Code 1100 ing the subconscious. This is similar to the Hitchcock Deputy, Cathy Michael of Human Practitioners of personalStreet closure which happened last Resources, or Audrey L. Cov- mastery exhibit the following characteristics:year; however, the walkways will ington Head, Labor & Employee • They have a sense of pur-be wider this year. Relations pose that lies behind their goals • Their vision is more like a calling than a good idea • They see current reality as an ally, not an enemy • They are committed to seeing reality increasingly accurately • They are extremely inquisi- tive • They do not resist, but work with, the forces of change • They feel connected to oth- ers and to life itself • They feel that they are part of a larger creative process that they can influence but cannot unilaterally control Senge links personal mastery to effective leadership stating, “The core leadership strategy is simple: be a model. Commit yourself to your own personal mastery.”
  2. 2. Map of Hitchcock Closure
  3. 3. LCDR Oscar Moreno, Norfolk Naval Shipyard Senior Watch Officer has Job assumed all duties and responsibilities of the duty officer. Please feel to contact him for Postings any duty office and watch related issues at any time at (757)274-2665. 1. Engineering Aide/tech (Sum- mer Student Hire) 2. Financial technician (Summer Student Hire) 3. Miscellaneous Clerk (Summer Student Hire) 4. Office Automation Clerk (Sum- mer Student Hire) 5. Physical Science Technician (Summer Student Hire) ELIGIBLE STUDENTS (Students who are at least 16 years of age, pursu-Have you Completed Your Information ing any of the following education programs: High School DiplomaAssurance Awareness (IAA) Training? or General Equivalency Diploma (GED), Vocational/Technical cer-A reminder of the requirement to complete the annual DoD tificate, Associate, Baccalaureate, Information Assurance Awareness (IAA) Training for FY Graduate, or Professional Degree. Students must be currently2011. The training must be completed by 1 April 2011, or your enrolled, or have been acceptednetwork account will be deactivated. This includes users of for the Fall Semester 2011, on atNMCI, NNPI COI, SYLAN/legacy, SECNET, and/or SIPRNET assets. least a half-time basis (6 semester NNSY and NSSA are currently 44% complete with the training hours/9 quarter hours). Includefor FY11. If you have already completed the training, thank you current amount of undergraduate/for your assistance in completing this requirement. graduate school credit hours on resume. If you have not yet completed the training, please ensure thatyou complete it as soon as possible. The original email that For more information:advertised the training is provided below, and the directions for // the training are attached to this email. As a remind- searchresultsE.asp?sType=9&kw=ser, the training is taken and tracked through Total Workforce ummer&sCountry=9&sState=&sCi ty=&sSeries=&sPPlan=&sPLevel=Management System (TWMS) at &sClaiment=&sSalary=&SortBy=login.asp. 2&sAN=&page=1 If you have any problems or questions about complet-ing the 2011 DoD IAA Training, please contact John Vogel or 757-396-1304.