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Yardlines no. 21


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Ike Leaves the yard
NMCA Golf Outing

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Yardlines no. 21

  1. 1. “The official electronic newsgram of Norfolk Naval Shipyard” June 14, 2011HEADING OUT TO SEA--USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) sails down the Elizabeth River on June 13 to com-mence sea trials as part of final preparations for returning to the Fleet. Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s “Ike” project teamperformed the largest Planned Incremental Availability and largest propulsion plant work package ever executed on a car-rier across all four public shipyards. Major tasks included a major pump overhaul; upgrades to the arresting gear sheavefoundation; inspections and repairs of the catapult accumulator and piping system; and hazardous material upgrades.“The shipyard workers and the ship’s crew pulled together in a very professional manner to accomplish the goal of get-ting ‘Ike’ ready to go out to sea again,” said Chrystal Brady, CVN 69 Project Superintendent.
  2. 2. NNSY’s NCMA holds its 2011 Brass Wheel golf outingBy Jay Jones, NCMA President, and Michael Brayshaw, Code 1160 Public Affairs Specialist The Brass Wheel golf tourna-ment was held at Portsmouth’sBide-A-Wee golf course on June9, allowing the shipyard’s military(Brass) and civilian (Wheel) golf-ers to once again engage in annualfriendly competition. The competition proved as heatedas the temperature, with first andsecond placeholders actually finish-ing in a tie with a score of 65. Aplayoff determined the ultimatewinners. First place winners wereJay Jones and Wayne Marek, withsecond place going to Paul Towns-ley and Marvin Teachey. Closest to the pin winners wereBobby Watkins, Tim Ribble, JoeGriffith and Lt. Marcus Machart.The long drive winner was Paul As a result of funds raised during the 2011 Brass Wheel golf outing,Townsley. NNSY’s Naval Civilian Managers Association presented a $600 charity The Wheels were once again donation to Edmarc Hospice for Children. Standing from left to right arewinners with final score averages NCMA Communications Officer Jane Ellsworth, Debbie Stitzer-Brameof 73.3 for the Wheels and 76.5 for (Edmarc Executive Director), NCMA President Jay Jones and Formerthe Brass. NCMA President Bret Lee. (Photo by Renée Russell, a Naval Facilities As a result of funds raised during Architect.)the tournament, the NCMA madea $600 charity donation to Edmarc to helping ill or bereaved children. members,” said NCMA President,Hospice for Children (see above “We had good representation Jay Jones. “It was a hot day but wephoto), an organization dedicated from retirees, military and NCMA all survived.”Lunch and Learn to be held tomorrow The next Lunch and Learn will be held tomorrow, June 15, from 11:30-1200 in the Building 1500 Command Briefing Room. The Naval Civilian Managers Association will be presenting videos on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Blowout. The presentation will include discussion and videos related to NAVSEA’s contribution to the recovery. One of the videos is a recording of a presentation given by Captain Patrick J. Keenan, U.S. Navy Director of Ocean Engineering, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving. An ice-cream social will be held at the completion of the presentation.
  3. 3. Update on food poisoning investigation As a follow-up to the notification the NNSY population."on June 3, Naval Medical Center To ensure the safety of its cus-Portsmouth (NMCP) and NNSY tomers, the Co-op immediatelyinvestigations were unable to conducted a food handling stand-conclusively determine the spe- down, held an All Hands meetingcific cause of the reported illnesses that included training from thefrom chicken dinners served by the NMCP Preventative MedicineNNSY Cooperative Assocation. Department Head, instituted dailyThere were 230 fried chicken din- food handling safety briefings,ners sold and 21 reported illnesses, and initiated formal internal healthresulting in a nine percent affected inspections. Also, NMCP willrate. An excerpt from the NMCP increase the frequency of its health NNSY is pushing to improvereport provided that "In a food inspections from monthly to week- further on traffic and pedes-borne illness outbreak, numbers ly. As a precautionary measure, trian safety throughout theare expected to be well in excess the Co-op will continue its cur- shipyard. As such, effectiveof nine percent. It should be noted rent policy of not preparing fried this week, NNSY Police willthat nine percent of the NMCP chicken from raw product for an be concentrating on all suchemergency room patients seen on undetermined period of time. vehicular traffic & pedestrian2 June also suffered from the same As always, your support of the crossing violations that maytype of symptoms as seen through Co-op is greatly appreciated. occur. NNSY Apprentice Association hosting bowling event on June 18 The NNSY Apprentice Association will be hosting a bowling event from 4-7 p.m. on Saturday, June 18, at the Strike Zone bowling center at the shipyard’s Scott Center Annex. The event is free to members of the Apprentice Association; non-members can also participate by paying a fee of $5 which will cover bowling shoes. There will also be a raffle with prizes awarded at the end of the event. To participate, there is a sign-up sheet on the fifth floor of Building 510 (next to the freight elevator). The association can only accommodate 60 persons for this event, so sign up today! HAPPY FLAG DAY, NNSY!
  4. 4. James McCullogh Elaine Doxey Joe Thompson Peter Marfio Diversity Director Director of Radiological Control Production Resource Officer Nuclear Production Manager Code 100PI Code 105 Code 901 Code 300N Presents Successful Interview Techniques SeminarDon’t leave things to chance—improve your interviewing skills today. Most people fail to realize that the success ofthe interview depends on the image you create and the way you interact with the interviewer. It is not just a matter ofmemorizing answers to questions. Yes, the words you choose are important, but so is the tone of your voice, the wayyou sit and the way that you listen. You win at the interview if you establish rapport with the interviewer. When peopleare just firing off questions at you, no real connection is established. It is absolutely vital to get the interviewer to starttalking. To do that you need to listen carefully for the opportunity to ask appropriate questions and you need to beaware of the interviewers body language so that you can gauge how they are responding to you. A job interview is aninteractive experience. Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Are ready to take charge of 4:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Command Brief Room, Bldg. 1500, First Floor Lydia Simmons Special Emphasis Program Manager 757/396-3758 Designed and Produced by Shipyard Instructional Design Center, Code 1170, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA 23709. For more information about our services please call (757) 396-3569 or (757) 396-5801