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OPSEC Bulletin - April 2016


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This month's OPSEC bulletin is all about the best practices to use when you're traveling with your smart phone.

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OPSEC Bulletin - April 2016

  1. 1. NNSY OPERATIONS SECURITY (OPSEC) BULLETIN NORFOLK NAVAL SHIPYARD-PORTSMOUTH, VA 23709 April 2016 BEFORE DEPARTURE DURING TRAVEL AFTER RETURN - Save all important data - Fortify Passwords - Update Software/Apps - Encrypt Sensitive Files - Delete Sensitive Info - Enable Screen Lock - Enable Firewalls - Disable Bluetooth and GPS - Leave non essential devices at home BEST PRACTICES FOR TRAVELING WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE - Always maintain physical control - Terminate Wi-Fi connections after use - Use a VPN - Visit secure sites only - Disable file sharing - Avoid public Wi-Fi spots - Never use “remember me” passwords - Don’t click links in text or emails - Don’t download apps - Avoid immediately connecting device to personal networks. - Scan devices for malware - Change passwords