NNSY's Maresa Driver STEM Award Recipient


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The Women of Color (WOC) STEM Conference recognizes outstanding women in the STEM fields and provides excellent opportunities for professional development, networking, and recruiting. It is hosted by CCG’s Women of Color Magazine. The conference is focused on the development of STEM women and ensures that the superior achievements and importance of these outstanding women in STEM are highly visible to all conference participants.

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NNSY's Maresa Driver STEM Award Recipient

  1. 1. of my career I was raising my son and daughterSTEM Award: Professional Achievement, Government as a single parent. They would probably be better at answering the question on how I did with that! How one makes career decisions is personal and different for everyone. There were jobs I did not apply for during my career because I felt the timing was not right. The time I wanted to commit to my children and what I would expect of myself to perform the potential new job well did not always align. Being available for homework and to attend after school activities was important to me. As they became older and there were opportunities available that I felt fit our lifestyle, I would apply. I think it all worked out. I am proud of both of my children and the things I’ve been able to accomplish at NNSY. These days since I’ve re-married I now have a total of four children and one grandchild. The work-life balance is still challenging but I believe in working hard and “playing hard” so I focus on work when it’s time to work and have fun with family, friends, and M a r e s a D r i ve r other interests when not at work and I try to make that distinction. If we are fortunate to live long Business and Strategic Manager enough, life has a way of keeping you grounded and helps you to realize what’s important. I feel like I get a wake-up call when the work-life What is your past experience and how did balance scales begin to tip too much in any one you get started in this field? My degree is in direction. Mechanical Engineering from Howard University and I was a co-op student sponsored by the What is your greatest professional Navy while in college. This was a great program achievement and why? I think my greatest where every month the Navy paid for my professional achievement is holding the record education I committed to working the equivalent for the ex-USS Atlanta Inactivation. In spite of time for them as a civilian. At that time I began other availabilities on the waterfront demanding by working for Naval Air Systems Command in resources, we were able to execute that various divisions. Post-graduation I was hired availability below budget and on schedule. It into the Nuclear Engineering Department at was really a team effort and we were a fairly new NNSY. I’ve held a variety of positions to include team so I was proud of what we were able to Project Engineer and Planning Manager on one accomplish despite all the obstacles. of the CVN-71 availabilities, Branch Head for the Material Procurement Branch, Nuclear Waterfront Why would you encourage young women to Operations Manager, and Project Superintendent go into a STEM field? The landscape in the for the inactivation of USS Atlanta (SSN 712) and STEM world is changing. There are even more MTS DEMA just to name a few. opportunities available than there have been in the past. The work and careers that you can What is your approach to work-life balance? choose to be a part of can be both rewarding and What has proven to be your most successful fulfilling. There is also the added benefit of being strategy for this and why? Maintaining a work- role models for other young girls in the same life balance is always a challenge. During most away that others paved the road for me. For more information go to: http://www.cvent.com/events/2011-women-of-color-stem-conference/custom-114-7e96edb54bb44df8a74d8bdf3e6b55f9.aspx