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“The official electronic newsgram of Norfolk Naval Shipyard”                                 September 30, 2011    New Ins...
NNSY Access, cont’d                       cess to the shipyard proper remains      this case, they must tell the Passfrom ...
If you missed it in May . . .	   CI	Make-up	Briefings	at	NNSY	on	Oct.	18	and	19Submitted by Linda Williams, NNSY Security ...
NNSY blood drive                                                                            draws out donorsNNSY CFC Week ...
by Popular Demand!     CREATING AN EFFECTIVE     RESUME USING USAJOBSWe heard you Norfolk Naval Shipyard…LOUD ANDCLEAR!!! ...
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IMPORTANT information regarding BASE ACCESS and CAC cards ... a MUST read!!!!

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  1. 1. “The official electronic newsgram of Norfolk Naval Shipyard” September 30, 2011 New Installation Access Policy will take effect at NNSY on Oct. 1By CDR Paul Ruchlin, NNSY Installation Security OfficerOn Oct. 1, NNSY, including the an- after Oct. 1, the expiration date willnex properties of St Juliens Creek be 28 calendar days from the dayand Scott Center, will transition of receipt. Registrants must bringto new Navy installation access to the Pass & ID Office, a copy ofcontrol policies, in accordance with the letter from EID Passport givingPresidential Directive and United them the company code they use toStates Fleet Forces and CNIC register at the kiosk, as proof theypolicies. As part of this transition, are a valid registrant, to obtain theirNavy Commercial Access Control initial 28-Day Interim Pass.System (NCACS)/RapidGate will If EID Passport has not suppliedbe implemented. the NCACS ID within 28 Days, As of Oct. 1, the NAVSEA col- Pass & ID will issue a second (orored badges (including white) will third if necessary) 28-Day Interimno longer be authorized for instal- Pass. The individual needs to bringlation access. Beginning that day, their expiring 28-Day pass to Passall personnel will be required to use & ID. Pass & ID will ensure theytheir DoD-issued military/govern- are on the registered list and issue ament civilian ID card. Contractors new 28-Day Interim Pass.and vendors will be required to use Contractors/vendors who choose Contractors/Vendors can individu-their NCACS ID card, if they are not to participate in NCACS/ ally register at the NNSY Pass & IDa NCACS participant. For those RAPIDGate will be required to Office registration station (similarwho have registered for NCACS/ obtain a 1-Day pass from Pass & to the one shown above) to enroll inRAPIDGate and have not yet ID every time they wish to enter the Navy Commercial Access Con-received their ID Cards, they can the installation. Trusted agents trol System (NCACS)/RapidGateget a 28-Day NCACS Interim Pass for non-participating Contractors/from the NNSY Pass & ID of- Vendors will be required to sub- and SSN. CNRMA requires sub-fice. Beginning Monday, Sept. 19, mit the Contractor information to mission for vetting 5 days prior toNCACS registrants can go to the CNRMA for vetting, in order to get the first expected visit date. OncePass & ID Office to get a 28-Day a 1-Day Pass. This process is the vetted and approved, an individualPass. If the pass is received prior same as submitting an individual will remain on the approved list forto Oct. 1, the expiration date will for CVS verification, requiring anbe Oct. 28. If the pass is received individuals full name, date of birth See NNSY Access, next page
  2. 2. NNSY Access, cont’d cess to the shipyard proper remains this case, they must tell the Passfrom page 1 in effect. & ID clerk that they have forgot- Contractor/Vendors utilizing ten their NCACS Interim Pass and90 days and may return to the Pass a 28-Day NCACS Interim Pass need a 1-Day Pass, so the clerk& ID Office for a 1-Day Pass with- are not automatically authorized checks the proper authorization list.out being re-vetted. Contractors/ vehicle access to the installation, Contractors/Vendors who reg-Vendors choosing not to participate despite having vehicle information istered individually at a kiosk atin NCACS/RAPIDGate will still be on the pass. (If they were walking an installation will pick-up theirrequired to proceed through Com- on to the installation on 30 Sep- NCACS ID card at the installationmercial Vehicle Inspection prior to tember, they will be walking on to at which they registered. Con-installation entry. the installation on 1 October, and tractors/Vendors who registered NCACS/RAPIDGate ID cards beyond.) The Interim Pass must be for NCACS/RAPIDGate throughonly verify the individual and have shown to the gate guards in order to a mass registration at their par-nothing to do with vehicle access obtain installation access. Contrac- ent company will pick-up theirto the installation. DoD Decals are tors WILL NOT BE ISSUED RE- NCACS ID cards at the instal-still required for vehicle installation PLACEMENT INTERIM PASSES lation identified as their primaryaccess. Registering for NCACS/ because theyve lost or forgotten to installation. If the individuals areRAPIDGate does not make anyone bring them! If a Contractor/Vendor unaware of which installation thateligible to receive DoD Decals. forgets to bring their pass, they will is, they should contact their par-The eligibility requirements to ob- not be granted installation access. ent company NCACS/RAPIDGatetain DoD decals remain the same. They must return with their Interim representative or they may call theNNSY policy of not allowing con- Pass, or proceed to the Pass & ID RAPIDGate Help Desk.tractors/vendors general vehicle ac- Office to obtain a 1-Day Pass. InFrequently asked questions about the new access policyWhich ID should be used?Federal employees and military personnel will only use their CAC. Contractors with computer access will alsouse their CAC. Contractors or vendors without CACs will need to obtain the new NCACS (RAPIDGate) IDcard (or opt for using a one-day pass).How does this affect Military retiree, dependent IDs or other DOD IDs?There is no change for these other IDs. They continue to provide access when being used for the purposes ofwhich they were given.Will anything need to be done differently at the gates?Drivers of all vehicles need to roll down their window and have their CAC or NCACS ID (or pass with photoID) ready for inspection by the gate sentry.What about perimeter turnstile access?Personnel walking onto the installation via a turnstile will also be required to have either a CAC or NCACS IDbut they will need to continue utilizing the NAVSEA badge to operate the turnstile until a time when the perim-eter turnstiles can be converted to CAC & NCACS. Periodic / random checks of pedestrians at turnstiles to havethe CAC or NCACS will be implemented.What about new employees or contractors who have just registered but have not yet received their CAC orNCACS ID?Contractors will be given a 28 day temp pass when they register with NCACS to be used until that ID arrives.Same type pass will be issued for new govt employees who have not yet received their CAC. See FAQs, next page
  3. 3. If you missed it in May . . . CI Make-up Briefings at NNSY on Oct. 18 and 19Submitted by Linda Williams, NNSY Security Specialist Per SECNAV M-5510.30A Chapter 4, page 4-7 Para 4-9, a Counterintelligence Briefing (CI) is required annu-ally. All personnel who have access to material classified as SECRET or ABOVE must be given the brief by aNaval Criminal Investigative (NCIS) Agent. NNSY’s Counterintelligence (CI) Briefing make-up sessions will be held on Oct. 18 and 19 in the CommandBriefing Room (CBR) located in Building 1500, 1st floor. There will be 4 sessions each day at 0900, 1030, 1300and 1430 each session is expected to last approximately 45 minutes. If you went in May of this year, you DONOT have to attend again. These will be the last CI Briefings held at NNSY for this year. Come at least 15 minutes early so we can get everyone signed in before the meeting begins and bring yourSHIPYARD BADGE, NOT YOUR CAC BADGE. Parking is extremely limited, therefore make appropriate arrangements. Parking will be available in ParkingLot I across in front of bldg 1500. Follow the signs that say “CI Briefing Parking Lot I.” THIS IS A MANDATORY BRIEFING! This briefing is required to maintain your Level of clearance. Failureto attend will cause your security clearance to be downgraded to CONFIDENTIAL. If NNSY personnel want or need to attend at other bases, below is a list of dates and times held at other loca-tions. If someone attends at the below locations, they need to send to their Department Security Coordinator(DSC) their code the date, time, place and name of the NCIS Agent that gave the brief. The DSC will pass thisinformation to Linda S. Williams, Security.Anyone who cannot attend due to Temporary Duty (TDY), will have to make arrangements with an NCIS Agentat the location of their TDY and than contact their DSC of the date, time, place and name of the NCIS Agent thatgave the brief.*****NCIS also announces other locations as follows: First come first serve bases.NAVAL STATION NORFOLK NAS OCEANALOCATION: BASE THEATER LOCATION: BASE THEATER1329 BELLINGER BLVD, BLDG U-40 875 D AVENUE BLDG 531DATES: 4, 5, 6, OCTOBER 2011 DATES: 11, 12, 13 October 2011TIMES: 0900-1000/1030-1130/1300-1400/1430-1530 TIMES: 0900-1000/1030-1130/1300-1400/1430-1530FAQs, cont’d from page 2What changes for CIA access?Nothing changes for CIA access. The NAVSEA shipyard badge is still required for all personnel entering andmust be displayed at al times while inside. The CIA turnstiles will continue to be operated with the NAVSEAshipyard badge. The NAVSEA badges are not changing. Requests for badges will still be sent to pass office.Why is this change taking place?The purpose of this change is to improve overall Navy security as it will provide a standard way to check allpersonnel coming onto Navy bases.
  4. 4. NNSY blood drive draws out donorsNNSY CFC Week 2 Update By Ralph Peters,By Dorassa Fields, NNSY CFC Coordinator Armed Forces Blood Drive Coordinator I wanted to inform you of the results from [NNSY’s last] blood drive. There were 52 sign- We are in our second week of our campaign! Hurray! ins and 48 donors. This was a very good drive,We are now at the 15 percent mark! We have a ways to go, one which will make a significant impact onbut we can do it! I know we can reach and exceed our goal our shipping requirements for the DoD’s donorof $665,000.00. Remember to stop by and see your CFC program as well as in servicing our hospitaldepartment chairperson for a pledge card and book! You patients.can also visit to make online pledges. We are especially thankful to all those indi- I leave you with this precious quote by Ralph Waldo viduals from your installation who made theEmerson: “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of time and effort to support this critically impor-life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without tant mission.helping himself.” Again, many thanks. We wish for all the per- Thank you for your generosity in supporting the Com- sonnel continued safe operations and we lookbined Federal Campaign. forward to working with you again on Nov. 15.NNSY’s Federal Women’s Program observes Breast Cancer Awareness MonthIn observance of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NNSY’s Federal Women’s Program(FWP) is asking that all breast cancer survivors at Norfolk Naval Shipyard contact Frieda McCray by Oct. 7 at396-7702 or so FWP can honor you.Also, join the NNSY Federal Women’s Program Committee on Oct. 21 in celebrating Pink Out Day. We areasking ALL shipyard and tenant activity employees to wear something pink. Show your colors in support ofBreast Cancer Awareness Month.Several women of NNSY’s IT Department (Code1230) recently joined forces to design an entryfor the 2011 Macarthur Mall Bra-Ha-Ha, afundraising program designed to provide freemammograms and heighten awareness aboutbreast cancer. The participants brainstormedan idea for a shipyard-themed bra, in patrioticcolors and designed with Navy memorabilia,that will be on display at MacArthur Mall thismonth.“The crane is a symbol of the shipyardand the chains provide the support to womanwho have/had breast cancer. The bra representsthe strength and the beauty of the women ofthe shipyard friends and family. Additionally, itrepresents our compassion, commitment, andsupport to our co-workers and shipmates, moth-ers, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, cousins,and friends, who are survivors,” said April Beck- Participants, from left to right are, Stephanie Warren, Michelle Green,Miller. Demi Piranian, Charlene Wade, Monita Mason, Beck-Miller, and Patsy Williams (not pictured) Photo by Tony Anderson, Code 1170.
  5. 5. by Popular Demand! CREATING AN EFFECTIVE RESUME USING USAJOBSWe heard you Norfolk Naval Shipyard…LOUD ANDCLEAR!!! Another USAJOBS Resume WritingSeminar is going to happen. The first seminar wasso popular, people called and emailed about havinganother one. So, we’re going to do it again. Tuesday, October 4, 2011 4:15 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. Command Briefing Room - Bldg. 1500, First Floor Points of Contact Lydia Simmons, Code 100PI Special Emphasis Program Manager - (757)396-3758 Kirk Southall, BIG President - (757) 393-7108 Michele Jordan Captivated Seminar Audience She really has their attention. Kirk Southall, BIG President, Michele Jordan, Human Human Resources Specialist Resources Specialist, Lydia Simmons, Code 100PI - Special Seminar Facilitator Emphasis Program ManagerDesigned and Produced by Shipyard Instructional Design Center, Code 1170, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA 23709 For more information about our services please call (757) 396-3569 or (757) 396-5801