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eTWD, Cont’d from page 9to work packaging, to certification. Once the programis implemented, mechanics will even be able t...
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E twds

  1. 1. from the Quality Assurance, D Engineering and Planning, TWve e sa Operations, Production Resources and Nuclear Engineering and Planning Departments continually providing “deckplate level To insight” in ways to improve N S Y nd business. N As NAVSEA Commander Vice Admiral Kevin McCoy explained, time a y “The current work flow processes at Naval Shipyards are paper mone driven. Electronically created work instructions are printed and airs manually passed from person 0 Public Aff , Code 116 to person through all phases l Brayshaw By Michae of work, including packaging, executing (including problem resolution) and certifying the work. The eTWD initiative will revolutionize the way we do business in the shipyards and provide shipyard workers with a hand-held tablet to instantly accomplish actions, such as reference drawings, validation of data, timekeeping, and other maintenance tasks.” Sowell, who is NNSY’s recently assigned eTWD ProjectC ode 220 Mechanical Engineer Set to implement across Leader, said, “This is going to Lisa Sowell recently had her Naval Sea Systems Command fundamentally change how wenew clothes washer malfunction. (NAVSEA) and the four public do business on the waterfront,After the repairman arrived to shipyards in 2014, eTWD will from planning to closing out thetroubleshoot the problem, she was save approximately $168 million project. People aren’t going tosurprised to see him pull out an between Fiscal Years 2014 and be carrying around paper, they’llelectronic tablet that he quickly 2017, and will save countless be carrying around [electronic]hooked into a port on the washer man hours with employees being tablets. This will give them moreto diagnose the issue. “Welcome able to immediately reference time on the deckplate, and we’llto the 21st century toolbag,” she and verify ship maintenance save our budget in paper alone.”said. information using electronic Mike Zydron, Code 200 Pointing to this as an example tablets that will be provided to Engineering and Planningfor how much modern technology all waterfront mechanics. The Manager, said, “It’s all aboutcan assist work processes, Sowell six employees currently working continuously looking forknows she’s on the right track the project at NNSY are a cross- innovative ways to increase ourwith her shipyard project. Inside section of shipyarders from productive capacity; the ability toNorfolk Naval Shipyard’s historic the departments of Production, deliver more service to the FleetBuilding 705, Sowell and five Quality Assurance, and both for the same cost or less.”other employees are working one the nuclear and non-nuclear The eTWD program is setof the shipyard’s most significant Engineering and Planning to streamline functions infuture initiatives—implementing Departments. Sowell said all business aspects of shipthe Electronic Technical Work there are also more than 20 maintenance work from overhead,Document (eTWD). Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) See eTWD, page 11 Service to the Fleet, July 2011 9
  2. 2. eTWD, Cont’d from page 9to work packaging, to certification. Once the programis implemented, mechanics will even be able to accesstraining videos and ship drawings in “real time” whileonboard a vessel performing work. In one example,Sowell said, “If apprentices are performing valvework and need to look up a training video on how to Honoring the Flagbreak down a valve, they will be able to do that.” What to do when Colors sound Upon completion of a particular task, certificationwill be an electronic function that authenticates proper By Brian McNeal, Code 1160 Public Affairs Specialistaccomplishment of all work and tests. Sowell said that prior to the program’simplementation, everyone on the waterfront who willbe issued electronic tablets will be trained in how to N orfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY), like all U.S. Military installations, has specific protocol when it comes to honoring the U.S. Flag. While on base, alluse the equipment and read the documents. personnel— military and civilian — are expected to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard conducted a pilot follow regulations.program in 2005 doing actual production work.Following the successful pilot program, an The U.S. Flag is raised every morning at 8 a.m. andindependently validated business case analysis was lowered in the evening at sunset. Colors takes placemade and several large corporate value stream events in front of the Norman Sisisky Engineering andwere conducted with representatives from across all Management Building (Bldg. 1500) in a ceremonyshipyards. Subsequently, eTWD was selected as a known as Colors.Total Ownership Cost initiative within NAVSEA. For Norfolk Naval Shipyard, this initiative began This flag, which we honor and under which we serve,its big push in March 2011 with all shipyard and is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought andNAVSEA representatives meeting to outline programplans, and have been updating plans and collaborating purpose as a nation. It has no other character than thatever since. Between now and 2014, eTWD teamsfrom all four shipyards will continue to network which we give it from generation to generation.and develop future-state value streams that willreengineer virtually all process supporting ship work --President Woodrow Wilson, 1917operations. “Everybody is passionate about theirbusiness, and wants to grasp the new technology andmove forward,” said Sowell. Discussing the benefits During colors, all vehicles shall stop and passengersof networking and having a shared vision for eTWD should sit at attention. Personnel on bicycles shouldacross the NAVSEA enterprise, she added, “You completely dismount. Once the “Carry On” hasrealize it’s so much easier sharing and coming to a sounded immediately following Colors, all regularconsensus from a corporate point-of-view.” activities can continue. NNSY’s IT Department (Code 1230) is currently While outside, military personnel are required toplanning for the wireless technology upgrades to allowconnectivity in the shipyard and onboard the ships, stop, face the direction of the base flagpole andwith the necessary infrastructure set to be installed render a salute if in uniform. If not in uniform,next year. military personnel are still required to stop, face the McCoy said, “Once this program is in place, flagpole and stand at attention.its rippling effects will be enormous, affecting the Civilians and visitors are also expected to stop,time we spend on tasks, allocating resources, and face the flag and remain still until the music ends. Ifin utilizing manpower. These will all be rolled into wearing a hat, it is customary to remove it.a more innovative way of how we can better our Veterans of the Armed Forces can also render a salutebusiness practices. eTWD will inspire us to think as stated in the 2009 Defense Authorization Act.differently, and ultimately, alter our behavior to sustainour programs in support of the challenging demandsthat confront our warfighters and our Fleet.” For more information on honors, ceremonies and customs see OPNAVINST 1710.A Service to the Fleet, August 2011 11