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Energies For An Interview


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Energies For An Interview

  1. 1. Manners Gestures Behavior
  2. 2.  Selling Skills – A person who can Convince the employer to buy his talent.  Ground Work Skill – Planned approach before interview with all positives from past interview experiences and setting them right with Focus.  Probing Skills – Ability to Politely ask the Inner questions that makes your round go Smooth.  Team Member Skills – An Excellent team member will be a Team Leader only if all the peers in the team are at your side with Acceptance…  Presentation Skills – Abilities and Capabilities put in a form of Creative manner to deserved. (shows how well you are educated)
  3. 3.  Enthusiasm – Interest driven with passion and controlled attitude.  Aggressiveness – The word itself defines to be proactive at right time.  Flexibility – Ability to control emotions for any strategy or assignment given.  Resilience – Capability to handle back fires even after best Intensions.  Self – Confidence – Trust and belief in self regard motives.  Emotions Regulate – Ability to stay Focus during the Interview  Self – Awareness - Knowing you own Strengths and Weakness.  Growth Mindset – You must always be available for new Knowledge for growth.  Patience – If Spoken well then its better to always wait for the moment.  Perceptiveness – Always give attention and understanding both new and old Concepts as it will be Handy.
  4. 4. Comapany Facts Communicate Resume Facts JoB
  5. 5.  1. Eye contact – It is very important to maintain eye contact with the manager while answer his questions as this will prove the commitment levels.  2. Rapport – Ability to engage the interviewer with polished and groomed language always has its edge and long lasting impression.  3. Ethics – If you believe in your own ethic which gave good results, it is better to showcase it to the interviewer when space is given.  4. Awareness – you must be aware of the company and its process know how as this is a tool for creation of impression.  5. Commitment – Panel will select on those who’s answers are more work inclined. (The lesser leaves thoughts better image can be created)  6. Interest levels – Panel will try all means to extract the interest levels from you. It is advised to speak accordingly. Even consistency counts.  7. Confidence – Only those will get selected who’s energy levels are high and controlled as this a route to track your energy during the respective shifts.  8. Integrity – Compliment you past experiences even if they were bad.
  6. 6.  Egoism – Even if HRs shows it then its for a cause find intension behind it simple…  Arguing – Creates negative aspects on your image.  Personal problems – Never to disclose personal matter on the Hot Seat.  Impatience – Even if you came on time and the Interviewer is late remain calm as you need him to listen to you…  Frankness – It’s a weakness as you manifest unknown facts with courage!
  7. 7.  Hope Driven with Inspirations from respective Role Models in your own Careers.  No Role Models then select your beloved elders in your family not friends as bond of trust is way powerful from your loved One.  Good Listeners always gets the edge of the Agenda.
  8. 8.  Hope this Presentation Empowered your approach towards Interviews.  Need feedback is for Developmental aspects.  Thank you all for your time! IntelligenceEmpowersQualitythroughMethodologynot Accidents!