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SunRISE Fall 2008


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SunRISE Fall 2008

  1. 1. NMSU NIH Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement Busi ne ss Name Desert SunRISE Volume 1, Issue 2 Fall 2008 Inside this issue: RISE Scholar Presentations at SACNAS RISE Spotlights 2-3 2008 National Conference in Salt Lake City RISE Spring Calendar 3 Bañuelos, Iliana Ruiz- graduate Poster Presenta- Letter from RISE Director 3 Cooley, Richard Elicier, tion in Chemistry. RISE Ivette Guzman, Aerial Sin- staff member Linda SACNAS Presentations 4 gleton, Nabeeh Hasan, and Amezquita, who traveled SACNAS Photos 5 Gloricelys Rivera. Under- with students and the pro- graduate students present- gram director, character- Fall 2008 Graduates 6 SACNAS (the Society for ers included: Yvonne Diaz, ized the conference as RISE Program Contact Info Advancement of Chicanos Sarah Gonzalez, Jon ―eye opening,‖ saying it and Office Staff 7 George (RISE/BRIDGES) and Native Americans in was ―constant activity‖ and RISE Student Advisory Science) celebrated its 35th Jaime Guerra, Kellie Ju- ―exhilarating.‖ (See p.4 for committee and members 7 year with a conference in rado (RISE/ MARC), Tan- a list of all presentations.) Salt Lake City, Utah. The nia Lau, Alexander Louie national conference, run- (RISE/MARC), Amanda ning October 9-12, was Munoz, Brianna Rios, themed the ―International Marie Romero, Lacie Attend Conferences! Polar Year: Global Climate Yazzie, and Natasha “...Many government Change in Our Communi- Yazzie. Doctoral candidate agencies and universities ties.‖ A record number of Iliana Cooley won an are there...It is an NMSU RISE students pre- award for Best Graduate incredible opportunity to sented their research at the Oral Presentation in Marine get advice on grants, or conference. Graduate stu- Biology, while undergradu- choosing post-docs, or for dents who gave presenta- ate Jon George received getting feedback...” an award for Best Under- tions included: José Iliana Ruiz-Cooley Ph.D. student Iliana Ruiz-Cooley at SACNAS 2008 When Iliana Ruiz-Cooley, a tion in marine biology at the importance as a networking Ph.D. student in the RISE conference. Her appreciation tool for students of all levels. program, describes of the event, however, isn’t ―Many government agencies SACNAS 2008 the word she limited to the awards she and universities are there to uses is ―priceless.‖ Cooley’s won—or awards that her provide information about excitement is understand- students won. Erika Villa, an their programs‖ Cooley able, as her presentation, undergraduate senior in the points out, before adding: ―it ―Geographic Trophic Varia- same lab at NMSU as Coo- is an incredible opportunity tion of the Jumbo Squid, ley, was awarded the distinc- to get advice on grants, or Dosidicus Gigas, in the East- tion of best poster presenta- choosing post-docs, or for ern Pacific Ocean: Evidence tion for an undergraduate in getting feedback from the from Stable Isotopes,‖ was marine biology. Cooley also government agencies that Iliana Ruiz-Cooley at SACNAS 2008 judged best oral presenta- highlights the conference’s provide funding.‖
  2. 2. Page 2 Desert SunRI SE Volume 1, Issue 2 RISE Mentor Spotlight on Dr. Kathryn Hanley Kathryn A. Hanley, Assistant However, Hanley stresses support,‖ allowing for horizon Professor in the Biology de- that success in academia -broadening opportunities partment, has a long history isn’t just about having posi- like conference attendance of mentoring students. As a tive relationships with teach- and research-related travel. research associate studying ers and mentors—the re- infectious diseases at the search itself is a reward. National Institute for ―Research is,‖ she begins, More with Dr. Hanley: Health—where she worked and then pauses, before In a recent interview, RISE before coming to NMSU— continuing a moment later Hanley helped supervise the with a smile, ―it’s like to- staff caught up with Dr. Han- post-baccalaureate bacco. It’s entirely addictive.‖ ley. Asked about stu- ―mentees‖ in her lab. But dent/mentor relationships, Hanley’s current research on Hanley replied that “students even in her grad-school days the circulation of mosquito at San Diego, Hanley was will almost inevitably rise to born viruses directs her Dr. Kathryn Hanley, Assistant helping younger students, the expectations you [the across the globe to the Afri- Professor, NMSU Department of ―nascent colleagues‖ as she mentor] set for them.” Hanley can country of Senegal. Her Biology aptly calls them. Hanley conceptualizes the role of the own work is an example of credits her long track record mentor as one of introducing what Hanley describes as of providing guidance to stu- students to the “larger the ―larger world‖ of science dents to positive interactions world...of...the community of students too often are un- On Research: she had with teachers as an scientists worldwide.” aware exists beyond their “Research is….It‟s like undergraduate herself. ―I am classrooms. Programs like tobacco, it‟s entirely a scientist,‖ says Hanley, RISE are so valuable, Han- addictive. ―because I got extensive ley says, because they ―give mentorship.‖ Dr. Kathryn A. Hanley, [students] real and tangible Assistant Professor of Biology, NMSU RISE Grad Spotlight on José “Leo” Bañuelos matics and was a Crimson Lake City, UT, the GRAS and Regent’s Plus Scholar. symposium in Las Cruces, In 2002 he won the Marc NM, and the Gordon Re- Miller – Velma McClelland search Conference on Wa- On Grad School Memorial Scholarship for ter & Aqueous Solutions in Outstanding Laboratory Stu- Holderness, NH, among Recently interviewed by dent at New Mexico State other events. Bañuelos the RISE staff, “Leo” had University. Currently, stresses that the kind of the following to say about Bañuelos’ research focuses public exposure confer- success in grad school: on understanding intermedi- ences and poster- “Grad school is a „molding‟ ate structures of proteins presentations generate is experience, it challenges when they fold and unfold. essential to success as a your will….Perseverance is In addition to his research, graduate student. ―There Bañuelos has been very has to be,‖ he says, ―a will- a quality that has to be RISE graduate scholar José active in conferences and ingness to put yourself out- there.” Bañuelos is a Ph.D. candi- presentations. In 2009 he side your comfort zone. Per- date under the mentorship of presented at the American severance is a quality that Dr. Jacob Urquidi in the de- José Bañuelos, Physics Physical Society March has to be there.‖ partment of physics. As an RISE Graduate Student Meeting in Pittsburg, PA. In undergraduate student at 2008 he presented at the NMSU, Bañuelos studied SACNAS conference in Salt physics and applied mathe-
  3. 3. Desert SunRI SE Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 3 RISE Spring Calendar: From The Director: RISE Writing Workshop, March 19 development activities in Thursdays (5:00—6:25 URCAS abstracts due minority-serving institutions PM) in the Business through awards from the April 15 Minority Biomedical Re- Complex, Room 115. Submission of RISE stu- search Support (MBRS) Undergraduates. dent portfolios, including program. The goal of NIH- RISE Study Skills, personal statement, RISE is to strengthen and Mondays (1—5 PM), summary of research, diversify the scientific work- Wednesdays (2—6 PM), CV, etc., due to Cathilia. force by increasing the Fridays (11—2 PM) Our RISE (Research Initia- number of students from April 17 Foster Hall, room 137. tive for Scientific Enhance- underrepresented groups Undergraduate Research who complete Ph.D. de- RISE Mentor Research and Creative Arts Sym- ment) Community at New Mexico State University is gree programs in biomedi- Education Colloquia, posium (URCAS). cal and biobehavioral re- 2nd Weds of Feb ,Mar, committed to scientific re- April 22-23 search that will promote hu- search. & Apr. Graduate Research & man health and reduce ill- Elba Serrano, Ph.D., February 12 (4—5 PM) Arts Symposium ness and disabilities. RISE is Regents Professor & RISE Learning Styles Work- (GRAS). a National Institutes of Program Director shop in Hardman Hall, Health (NIH)initiative that Feb 4 supports student scientific room 202. RISE Advisory Board Rise Spotlight on Undergraduate TJ Redhouse Thurman ―TJ‖ Redhouse is a remedies and scientific medi- tifically‖ as he puts it. Eventu- junior majoring in horticulture cine. ―I have that herbalist kind ally he hopes to get his doc- and is in his first year in the of feel,‖ he quips, before talk- torate. He emphasizes how RISE program. TJ explains ing in a more serious vein RISE is helping him towards that it was his Navajo heri- about his incredible experi- these goals. ―RISE,‖ TJ says, tage and upbringing that got ence in RISE’s summer Med- ―has helped me prepare for him into plant science. ―I’ve Plants workshop. TJ’s future future education, like prepar- always enjoyed what my cul- plans include more research ing for graduate school. There ture has done with plants,‖ he on the medicinal properties of are a lot of people here to help says, before pointing out that herbal remedies, ―what more you.‖ his particular interest lies at the plants can provide scien- the intersection of cultural RISE Spotlights Undergrad Alexandru Bojé ―fix it.‖ He learned from cal engineering, is conduct- searched the scientific proper- scratch how to use the editor ing RISE research with Dr. ties of the silverleaf night- Dreamweaver and how to pro- Elba Serrano. He describes shade. His current work fo- gram in XHTML. Alex tactfully himself as having lived in a cuses on reconstructing three says that ―through this experi- ―range of environments: from dimensional models from the ence, I...learned how to tackle metropolises to rural towns‖ histologic slices of inner ear a project...not in my area of and says that his ―research tissue. Alex describes his pro- expertise.‖ Alex has since and academic experience ject as ―trying to..model physi- been instrumental in re- [has been] as varied as [his] cal stresses within the inner designing and creating web- life.‖ Alex participated in the ear.‖ Although the work he sites for numerous programs Summer RISE-MBRS Medici- does in the lab is challenging, at NMSU including the Society Alexandru ―Alex‖ Bojé, a nal Plants (―Med-plants‖) Alex says his most difficult of Woman Engineers. freshman majoring in chemi- Workshop, where he re- problem was when a previous
  4. 4. Page 4 Desert SunRI SE Volume 1, Issue 2 SACNAS RISE Presentations: RISE GRADUATE SCHOLARS: José Bañuelos, ―Investigations on the Temperature-Induced Intermediate Structure of Ribo- nuclease A and Other Globular Proteins by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering.‖ Iliana Cooley, ―Geographic Trophic Variation of the Jumbo Squid, Dosidicus Gigas, in the Eastern Pacific Ocean: Evidence from Stable Isotopes and Morphometrics.‖ Richard Elicier, ―Exploring Interactions Between Mob1 and a Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier.‖ Ivette Guzman, ―Carotenogenesis of Orange Color in Capsicum Annuum Fruit.‖ Nabeeh Hasan, ―Reading Tea Leaves: Morphological and Molecular Analysis of t^é Gastro- nol Constituents.‖ Gloricelys Rivera, ―Identification of Potential Light-Response Pathway Genes in Cryphonec- tria Parasitica.‖ Aerial Singleton, ―The Production of Succinate in the Brain after 12 min of Global cerebral Ischemia in Female Sprague Dawley Rats.‖ RISE UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARS: Yvonne Diaz, ―Feed Value of Dry Distillers Grains for Feedlot Lambs.” Jon George (a RISE/ BRIDGES student), ―Synthesis of Methoxy-S-Trityl-L-Cysteine Deriva- tives.‖ Sarah Gonzalez, ―Synthetic Azole Nucleosides as Potential Antiviral Drugs.‖ Jaime Guerra, ―Geographic Variation in the Vocalizations of the Endangered Thick-Billed Parrot (Rhynchopsitta Pachyrhyncha); Implications for Conservation Strategies.‖ Kellie Jurado (a RISE/MARC student), ―Synchrony, Adrenocortical Functioning, and Learning in Three Month-Old Infants.‖ Tannia Lau, ―Global Protein Expression in Hypovirus Infected and Uninfected Cryphonectria Parasitica Strains Using Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis.‖ Alexander Louie (a MARC student), ―Polyamine Oxidase: A Major Contributor of Reactive Oxygen Species during Apoptosis.‖ Amanda Munoz, ―Gene Flow in a Ground Cricket Hybrid Zone.‖ Brianna Rios, ―Development of Reagents to Study the Spindel Assembly Checkpoint in Sea Urchin Embryos.‖ Marie Romero, ―Molecular Comparison of Undifilum Oxytropis Isolates from the Western United States.‖ Lacie Yazzie, ―Constitutive Overexpression of Maize SPS in Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa).‖ Natasha Yazzie, ―Structural Study of Human Siderocalin and Iron Bound Siderophore, Vi- briobactin.‖
  5. 5. Desert SunRI SE Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 5 RISE Scholar Presentations at SACNAS 2008:
  6. 6. Desert SunRI SE Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 6 RISE Congratulates Fall 2008 graduates: New Mexico State University Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement - Rise to Excellence Program Proudly recognizes the following graduating Scholars: Nicholas Beltran, Bachelors of Science, Biology, Yvonne Diaz, Bachelor of Science, Animal Science, Jamie Guerra, Bachelor of Science, Biology, & James Moten, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
  7. 7. Desert SunRI SE Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 7 RISE on the Web! RISE Program Staff Cathilia Flores, Program Coordinator Linda Amezquita, Records Specialist M. Donohue, SunRISE Editor Citlalin Xochime, RISE Professional Skills Facilitator RISE Student Advisory Committee Jesus Cuaron, RISE Graduate Representative Yvonne Diaz, RISE Undergraduate Representative Amanda Munoz, RISE Undergraduate Representative Emigdio Reyes, RISE Graduate Representative The SunRISE is a tri-annual (summer, fall, spring) publication dedicated to showcasing RISE staff undergraduate and graduate scholars, mentors and staff. RISE Spotlights Citlalin Xochime, Former SunRISE Editor and RISE Professional Skills Facilitator NMSU English Department’s Desert SunRISE newsletter. Rhetoric and Professional She conducted the fall 2008 Communication program. RISE workshop series for She teaches undergraduate undergraduate RISE Schol- English courses, including ars. Citlalin has a diverse On Teaching technical and scientific com- background, including a MA munication. Citlalin states, in English and a BS in Biol- ―My teaching philosophy is ogy. She was a recipient of a “ M y Teaching Philosophy,” to prepare college students NASA Space Grant Fellow- says Citlalin, “ is to prepare for discourse empowerment ship for summer study at within their professional, Kennedy Space Center, and college students discourse personal, and social interned at the IBM Silicon spheres.‖ She promotes a Valley Lab. Citlalin plans to empowerment within their studious climate of writing graduate in December of reflection, critical inquiry, 2010 and to seek a position professional, emotional, and and technique on how to in academia or industry. Citlalin Xochime is a former model disciplinary scholar- social spheres. ” RISE workshop facilitator ship. During her RISE ser- and a PhD candidate in the vice, Citlalin launched the
  8. 8. ENHANCEMENT NMSU RISE TO EXCELLENCE (NIH NIGMS GRANT #R25GM061222) MINORITY BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH SUPPORT—RESEARCH INTITIAVE FOR SCIENTIFIC Minority Biomedical Research Support Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (MBRS-RISE) New Mexico State University MBRS-RISE Program, PO Box 30001 MSC 3AF , Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001 Phone: 575-646-8040 | 575-646-7011 Email: