Why to Choose NMRD Ltd as Structural Designer


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A Guinness Book of World Record Holder for its Design and Construction of World's Largest Single Span RCC Roof, is a force to reckon in the fields of Construction, Structural Designing, Post Tensioning and Project Consultancy etc. under the leadership of renowned Structural Designer Mr. Deepak Sogani (B.Tech, IIT Kanpur) with a turnover of more than Rs. 100 Crores.

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Why to Choose NMRD Ltd as Structural Designer

  1. 1. Pure economics Our Designs are the most economical ones. In our design the Retaining walls are almost free! We don’t use steel in foundation of more than 16 mm dia. We design the structure number of times to achieve the best design.
  2. 2. Better Architecture Not many realize that a good structural engineer helps in producing a better architecture Reduced depths in beams and columns results in much more meaningful space in the same volume Column less basement halls results in much better utilization of spaces We look from the Architects eye and thus give the desired results
  3. 3. No Sheet Piling Required We produce basements without sheet piling, in areas which are surrounded by other buildings This way a lot lot of money wasted in Sheet piling is saved Profits in the projects becomes better
  4. 4. Post Tensioning Advantage Since we know what is Post Tensioning we use the same judiciously to produce  Better Economics  Better Spaces  Fast Constructions
  5. 5. Precast Advantage Since our company does Precast works of world class quality we know how to use the same  To Reduce Cost  To Reduce Time of Construction
  6. 6. Sanitary Design We also do the Plumbing Design for the building This adds another quality in our designs We design the structure keeping in view the Sanitary pipes locations
  7. 7. Retrofitting Many times we encounter structures damaged by fire, loads, wind etc We repair these with lot of skill and care We have saved a lot of fire burnt structures by just repairing them We are THE crack removal experts !!
  8. 8. Innovations Innovations is in our blood! We have made the world’s largest span which was declared as failure by all. A simple thickening the slab from 5” to 8” helped in creating this marvel. We have designed 11m long cantilever We have knocked off one side of the building to create a Stage