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A Sketch Of Dutch Identity, Through Diversity


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A Sketch Of Dutch Identity, Through Diversity

  1. 1. A sketch of Dutch identity, through diversity. We compared the standard Dutch identity with the identities of two inhabitants of the Netherlands. BLaID Name Native country Years in the Netherlands Age :::: Lygia Suriname 15 years 39 years Erik The Netherlands 25 years 25 years
  2. 2. Food Lasagna Potatoes, vegetables and meat Lygia Erik The Netherlands Rice with kousenband
  3. 3. Food French fries Herring with unions Lygia Erik The Netherlands Pom
  4. 4. Food Energy drink Beer Lygia Erik The Netherlands Home made ginger ale
  5. 5. Sports 4x4 Off road racing Volleyball Soccer Lygia Erik The Netherlands Cycle racing athletics
  6. 6. Customs You keep your own room clean When a child is born, the parents treat the family Lygia Erik The Netherlands Fresh flowers every week
  7. 7. Customs You only get desert of you finish you meal You get one cookie with you coffee Lygia Erik The Netherlands You don’t ware shoes indoors
  8. 8. Traditions I don’t participate in any traditions Sinterklaas Lygia Erik The Netherlands The wearing of traditional clothing at special occasions
  9. 9. Traditions The only tradition I participate in are the remembrance day and the liberation day. remembrance of the victims of WOII and the celebration liberation of the Netherlands Lygia Erik The Netherlands Celebrating ending slavery in Suriname
  10. 10. Men & women I work to pay my education In the old days men had to work en the women did the housekeeping Lygia Erik The Netherlands I do the housekeeping
  11. 11. Men & women I also do the housekeeping Now both men and women work and do the housekeeping Lygia Erik The Netherlands And I work
  12. 12. Education Social works Electrical engineering Index of education Lygia Erik The Netherlands Social works Medical care
  13. 13. Religion or view of life Guevarisme 48.4% Without religion 43.6% Christian 8% Other religions Lygia Erik The Netherlands Winti
  14. 14. Pro or anti war Stop the war Dutch soldiers are currently in Afghanistan Lygia Erik The Netherlands Stop the war