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  1. 1. “The Dream of a Cyberpunk Future?Entelechy, Dialectical Tension, and the Comic Corrective in William Gibson’s Neuromancer” Valerie R. Renegar & George N. Dionisopoulos
  2. 2.  Entelechy – a vital force that directs an organism toward self-fulfilment. (or perfection in this case) Dialectical – arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments.
  3. 3.  Marked by its portrayal of the near future of our society rather than a world hundreds of years from now or on some distant planet.  The audience participates in the imagination of a world that is dark, cold, and filled with technological tools.Cyberpunk
  4. 4.  Neuromancer is one of the earliest works of Cyberpunk science fiction. The book is over 20 years old. Many of Gibson’s futuristic visions have become reality. The reading argues that it encourages critical self-reflection and social critique.Neuromancer
  5. 5.  Theory of ‘comic correctness’. A comic posture creates a sense of ‘‘maximum consciousness’’ by allowing ‘‘people to be observers of themselves while acting’’. Humans have the tragic tendency to push toward perfection regardless of the consequences. Goal: become aware of this and effect positive life changes. A comic perspective: individuals reflect on themselves, learn from experiences and recognise the limitations they have constructed.Kenneth Burke
  6. 6.  The role of technology Accuracy of visions Do we want to inhabit such a world? Trailer: (fake) PAF2rFoNeuromancer
  7. 7.  Entelechial extension – purely aesthetic Alarming body modification Cyborgs The brain can be manipulated Ramifications of technologyTechnology
  8. 8.  Incongruous ideas expose things previously obscured by habit E.g. the artificial beings want relationships while primary characters are emotionally detached.Perspective by incongruity
  9. 9.  Computers could feed ideas into humans Have human cunning Devise ways to enhance themselves Are computers really tools used BY humans?Perception of computers
  10. 10.  Gibson criticised for not providing solutions Irony is up to interpretation Results of reflection differLimitations