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Court.Fm Brochure


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Court.Fm Brochure

  1. 1. Listen to any courtroom from anywhere
  2. 2. AUSCRIPTPROVIDES THE FASTESTACCESS TO COURTAuscript has delivered fast, precise and secure recordings and transcripts since1921. We bring the courtroom to you—when and where you need it throughour two integrated services: Transcripts Listen to any courtroom Order a transcript of any from anywhere via the web proceeding, delivered within two hours after adjournmentAuscript’s complete offering LISTEN FROM AUSCRIPT RECORDS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME EVERY COURTROOM Log in to We upload all website to listen hearings to JOIN OUR TRUSTED ORDER THE COMMUNITY TRANSCRIPTS YOU NEED Courts approve Order a transcript of the subscribers exact times via—the only way to listen is Australia’s first online portal of courtroomrecordings.Recordings are available as quickly as 10 minutes after thespoken word*, so you can follow matters as they happenfrom any location. Any authorised user can simply log into the website and select the relevant hearing.Each matter shows you the official time of record available,so you know how recent the recording is.*Subject to access time approved by relevant court
  3. 3. JOIN OUR EXCLUSIVE, TRUSTED COMMUNITY We invite you to join our Trusted Community, a network of law firms and barristers approved by the relevant court to subscribe to Auscript will set up a pilot program specifically for your firm, where we will work with you to introduce into your daily processes. is built on trust. Every time you access, we will ask you to comply with access obligations and relevant Acts. Accordingly, we track log in and playback activity to ensure compliance and may provide aggregated reports to the relevant courts upon request. Simply contact our Client Services team on 1800 AUSCRIPT to arrange a demonstration. Further information is available at our website will finetune your performance. You can gathera virtual team of experts to listen to proceedings as theyunfold, or at a time they are available.Within minutes, you can assess your team’s courtroomperformance and share vital knowledge to determineyour next move. This gives you a powerful advantageand optimises your expert resources across many matters.Focus on what matters IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!’s simple controls help you to quickly pinpoint what While you are in court, your staff and expert counselyou want to listen to, saving valuable time. can listen from anywhere. They can provide you withYou also save costs by ordering transcripts of the sections vital advice and research critical information asyou need, with enabling you to define the exact proceedings unfold.times and place orders online. This reduces the length During recess, you can log into and use theof the transcript. simple controls to find key sections and listen to exactly what was said and how it was said. The recording is soTotal, quality coverage clear; it’s just like being back in court. With the click of a button, you can critique your performance, review vitalAuscript has a long, reliable history of recording and evidence, and order an Auscript transcript, the officialtranscribing Australia’s court hearings. court is available when and where you need it. As a result When court resumes, you are equipped with theof Auscript’s proprietary technology, each recording is of knowledge to bolster your case.broadcast quality, so it is just like being in court. Use to optimise your firm’s expertise,We record all proceedings in numerous jurisdictions and store and save valuable time and cost.them on for up to two years. You can rely on thesecurity and availability of our system, which is accessed froman ISO 27001 certified facility. We provide instant support8am–6pm weekdays and 24/7 online support.
  4. 4. CLIENT SERVICEST 1800 287 274F 1300 739 037E hours: 8am–6pm AESTHEAD OFFICELevel 22179 Turbot StreetBrisbane QLD 4000PO Box 13038George Street Post ShopBrisbane QLD 4003Our Technology PartnersCRS www.courtrecordsolutions.comFTR www.ForTheRecord.comAuscript Australasia Pty LimitedABN 72 110 028 825Brisbane | Sydney | Melbourne | Canberra | Perth | Adelaide | Hobart