Xbox 360 Kinet E3 Outcomes


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Oz Sultan is a Serial Entrepreneur with a background in Marketing and Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Over the past 15 years he has helped build, develop and implement Digital Technology and Marketing solutions for a wide range of companies from The Economist to GE and Xbox.

He has personally raised over $10M in venture for startups and mid-stage companies. He has also advised over 50 startups in the past decade ranging from Automotive to Luxury, Fashion, Manufacturing, New Media, Music and Entertainment. He is currently the head of Sultan Interactive, a boutique Digital Media firm in NYC.

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Xbox 360 Kinet E3 Outcomes

  1. 1. E3 Outcomes:Summary Deck 26 May 2010
  2. 2. Launc Timeline Review h Premiere Keynote Monday Build Engage Amplification Galen Time 60 sec keynte MTV Nick Drum Constr Lapse BRoll video BCast Bcast Invite #Xboxe3 and #Kinect Mosaics Partner Pitching Celeb Site Seeding Partner Site Seeding Natal Diaries Thurs Mon Sun Mon Tues WedMay June July 27 7 13 14 14 15
  3. 3. XBOX• Overview • In 2010, We launched a number of revised Social Media initiatives • Facebook: New landing pages, 2 new accounts – Xbox Main, XboxforAll, XboxforCore • MySpace: Updated site that matches the look and feel of • Twitter: Activation of @Xbox, addition of @XboxforAll and @XboxforCore • E3 USB Key: Custom landing page and #Kinect related Content • Mosaic Campaigns: Drove E3 Twitter interest in Kinect • Celebrity Coverage | Seeding: Drove Twitter and Kinect Interest • Xbox Partnerships – Program Recommendations and Social Concepts • Summary recommendations are contained in the deck 2010 Partners
  4. 4. YOY Metrics: 2010• Summary For Facebook and Twitter Channels • E3 YOY Total Fan / Friend counts 2009 2010 Notes FB: Xbox ~600,000 1,202,094 Growth has been organic from a spike in Nov 2009 FB: XboxforAll N/A 3,526 New Fan Page FB: Xboxforcore N/A 2,205 New Fan Page @Xbox N/A 8113 Was relatively dormant until May 2010 @XboxForAll N/A 488 New Handle @XboxForCore N/A 630 New Handle Myspace: Xbox N/A 102,828 New MySpace Page
  5. 5. Facebook PagesFacebook PagesPages:• A new tab for Xbox main and two new fan pages for All and Core• Xbox (Main) – 1 Million Fans• Xbox for All (@Xboxforall)• Xbox for Core (@Xboxforcore)Keys – Xbox (Main) | Xbox for Core• Dedicated Tab within Fan Page• Superhero [ 3 images for primary content / partner offering by page ]• Video Player • Youtube videos and navigable content• Twitter Feed • Fed with #hashtag and xbox related tweets • User ability to syndicate tweets back to twitter• Mini Wall - User PostsAddition: Xbox for All• Gifts - “Gift” items that users can give across facebook
  6. 6. Facebook Page Detail – Xbox for All
  7. 7. Facebook Page Detail – Xbox for Core
  8. 8. MySpace PageMySpace PagePages:• Main Page 102k fansKeys• Replaces existing Myspace page and updates look and feel to mirror• Superhero [ 3 images for primary content / partner offering by page ]• Video Player • Youtube videos and navigable content• MySpace Blog Entries • Xbox Blog posts to the Myspace Page• MySpace Gamer of the Month • Profiled Xbox gamer• Forum • User Posts and commentary• Wall • Posts from Xbox friends on Myspace
  9. 9. Twitter Mosaic Campaigns#XboxE3 and #Kinect CampaignsKeys • The Mosaic campaign generated Xbox Mosaics from user tweets • The 2 Mosaics generated 81,901 Tweets over a 12 day period • Engagement was across 37,405 unique tweeters for both tags • Each mosaic filled with 27,480 tweets • The Mosaic pages themselves generated over 8,000 unique pageviews to date
  10. 10. Celebrity CoverageOnline CoverageKeys • Online coverage varied across 40+ outlets • Microsoft Xbox Buzz was strong across major news and blog channels • Positive coverage outpaced negative coverage with 20 mentions to 5 at last count • Neutral coverage was primarily the un-commented posting of step and repeat photos • Negative commentary contrasted Xbox against competitive products • A number of secondary blogs provided coverage leveraging images from • Sample Celeb Coverage: BBC, Entertainment Tonight, ET Online, • Sample Negative Coverage: SF Chronicle, The Guardian
  11. 11. Celebrity Engagement Aisha Tyler Felicia Day Jennette McCurdy Girl Gamer Tech Zulu• A number of Attending Celebrities + Influencers posted content to Facebook generating “like” and “comment” responses • FB: Celebrity Posts typically result in 50+ “likes” / “mentions” and a range of 25 to 200 comments • Twitter: Celebrity Tweets were more prevalent from the hosts and industry influencers • Overall Celebrity tweeting was acceptable, given that many attending Celebs do not tweet often e.g. @michaelcera • Other Celebs who tweeted included: Rosario Dawson, iCarly Crew, Raven Simone, Rita Wilson, Meaghan Martin
  12. 12. Celebrity CoverageCelebrity Buzz SummaryKeys • Event Buzz • Channels: Social Platforms (Facebook, MySpace, etc.), and Twitter • Key terms associated with the brand within conversations: • Kinectimals, Microsoft, 360, Cirque• Evaluation: • Game affability and the interactivity of Kinectimals drove celeb generated content. • The focus on Microsoft also indicates conversations outside of the core gamer community who’s tweets and posts focus on Xbox
  13. 13. Share of VoiceVoice SummaryKeys • Share of Voice summarizes Xbox’s positioning versus competitors online • Channels: Social Platforms (Facebook, MySpace, etc.), Blogs, Forums Twitter• Evaluation: • Xbox garnered a larger share of mentions vs. PS3 and Wii • Twitter conversations were the largest share of Social voice with a high degree of follow-on conversations occuring well after E3 • Ongoing conversations are anticipatory of the Kinect release • Voice indicates that news, blogs and social commentary were generally favorable • 93% of all content measured indicated a favorability towards Xbox
  14. 14. Flash DriveFlash DriveDetail:• Launch Page on the Gift Bag USB Drive that drives users to: • All three facebook fan pages • The @xbox, @xbox4all and @xbox4core twitter pages • The Xbox Myspace profile • The Xbox Youtube Channel • A link to detail on the broadcast event for Natal | Cirque • The E-prize contestKeys• A single access pint for users to engage with all content on the Flash Drive• New Brand messaging for Xbox for Core and Xbox for All• A Link and reminder of televised event coverage• A Call to Action for the Eprize giveaway
  15. 15. Summary• Updated Xbox branding was successfully deployed across all major Social Networking Spaces• XboxforAll and XboxforCore were successfully deployed on Facebook and Twitter and are building momentum• Celebrity Seeding yielded significant conversations online• Voice is positive for the Xbox brand with sentiment indicating a general affability for the platform• Voice also indicates a general anticipation for Kinect and underscores the success of Xbox in reaching beyond the core gamer audience CONTACT: