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Welcome to NJCRI


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Welcome to NJCRI

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. North Jersey Community Research Initiative NJCRI, founded in 1988, is a community based organization dedicated to reducing disparities inhealthcare and improving treatment outcomes in minority populationsresiding in the greater Newark area.
  3. 3. OUR MISSION NJCRI s mission is to empower our clients by reducing social and health disparities in the greater Newark area. We will accomplish this throughincreased access to medical care and other concrete services including psychosocial support, practical skills building and knowledge dissemination.
  4. 4. OUR MOTTO“Seeking Cures for Tomorrow, Providing Support for Today”
  5. 5. Brian McGovern, LSW Executive Director
  6. 6. OUR FOUNDERCorey DeStefano - Director, Brian McGovern – Executive Director, Bob Baxter - Director, William P. Orr - Founder
  7. 7. Clinical TrialsClinical Trials are research studies. They are designedto determine the best treatments for people with HIVand other illnesses.A Clinical Trial is conducted by doctors and nurseswho follow a set of instructions called a protocol. Theprotocol spells out the goal of the study, who may jointhe study, and how the study will be carried out. Clinical Trials’ direct numbers: (973) 558-5039 or (973) 558-5042.
  8. 8. Care and Treatment ServicesNJCRI’s Care and Treatment Services seek toempower people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS tolive healthy, productive, and independent lives. Wepride ourselves on providing a one-stop shoppingservice for medical care and needed services. Care and Treatment Services’ direct number: (973) 558- 5041 or (973) 558-5042
  9. 9. Care and Treatment Services Primary Medical Care Behavioral Services Substance Abuse Services Medical Transportation Services Support Groups and Food Pantry Mental Health Services Medical Case Management Exam Room Care and Treatment Services’ direct number: (973) 558- 5041 or (973) 558-5042
  10. 10. Care and Treatment Services Food Pantry Medical Care
  11. 11. HIV Counseling, Testing and ReferralHIV Counseling, Testing, and Referral departmentconducts free pre/post test counseling, as well as HIVand Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) testing toindividuals considered to be at risk. These servicesare provided on-site and on mobile units. All HIV and STI treatment is free and confidential.HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral’s direct number: (973) 412-8300.
  12. 12. HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral NJCRI’s eight mobile units can be found on the road seven days a week.
  13. 13. Project Access Syringe ExchangeProject Access is the only syringe exchange program(SEP) in Newark.The program is anonymous and participants areprovided with a card identifying them as a programparticipant which allows them to legally possesssyringes. Project Access’ direct number: (973) 558-5054.
  14. 14. Project Access Drop-in CenterProject Access Drop-in Center provides a safe, nonjudgemental environment where homeless substanceusers can take showers, wash clothes, and participatein educational and support groups. Project Access’ direct number: (973) 558-5054.
  15. 15. Community Health Expansion TechnicalAssistance (CHETA)CHETA provides free technicalassistance, including training andmentoring, to small and medium sizedcommunity-based organizations(CBOs).CHETA has hosted severalconferences in New Jersey on topicssuch as: Substance Use, HarmReduction, LGBTQ Youth Issues andHIV Project CHETA direct number: (973) 558-5063 or email
  16. 16. Community Outreach Prevention andEducation (COPE)COPE provides FREE drug treatment referrals to localfacilities including The Lennard Clinic, Integrity House,Straight and Narrow and many others.Project COPE clients are always offered free andconfidential HIV and STI testing that is provided on-site at NJCRI. Project COPE direct number: (973) 558-5054.
  17. 17. NJ Risk Evaluation, Access to Care andTreatment (NJ REACT) NJ REACT is an NJCRI Behavioral Survey Unit that conducts health studies. It conducts interviews in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area.The studies are anonymous respondent and location basedinterviews. NJ REACT’s direct numbers: (973) 558-5048 or the toll free number (888) 657-3228.
  18. 18. Project Renew Corrections ProgramNJCRI’s Project Renew works at Northern State Prisonand in the community in local halfway houses.The program provides health education to inmates, aswell as continuity of care throughout incarceration andre-entry into the community. Project Renew’s direct number: (973) 558-5064 or email
  19. 19. Project Renew Healthy RelationshipsHealthy Relationships uses scientific preventionmethods to help people determine if they are at risk formajor health problems. Collectively, clients andcounselors work to find ways to prevent or deal withthose health problems and health issues. Project Renew’s direct number: (973) 558-5064 or email
  20. 20. Project WOW! Drop-In Center
  21. 21. Project WOW!Project WOW! Youth Center provides HIV/STIprevention and substance use services to LBGTQyouth between the ages 13 and 24 at high risk foracquiring or transmitting HIV/STIs residing in Essexand Union Counties.WOW! provides opportunities for youth to socializeand build supportive networks while learning newHIV/STI prevention skills in a safe space. Project WOW!’s direct number: (973) 412-7080.
  22. 22. My Brother’s KeeperMy Brother’s Keeper (MBK) is a drop-in center open for MSM(men who have sex with men) between the ages of 25- 44.MBK’s goal is to empower and educate men of color byproviding interactive, entertaining, and educational resourcesthat help men of color make healthy lifestyle decisions.We offer many different support services:  Mentorship  Counseling  Game Nights  TV/ Music/ Computers  Health Education Training  Risk Reduction Workshops
  23. 23. Staff393 Central Avenue, Newark, NJ 07103 (973) 483-3444