Renaissance timeline By: Namsai


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A timeline about the impacts during the renaissance.

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Renaissance timeline By: Namsai

  1. 1. By: Namsai Sethpornpong 8B
  2. 2. Dante was a politician and an author. He wrote the epic poem, Inferno which told people about the 9 sins of hell. * Dante emphasized how hell were flames of internal torment. Dante gave a perception to how hell really was, the bible never really described what hell was like, and now that Dante gave his perspective, it has become clearer for the people of the Renaissance.A computer game based on Dante’s Inferno Dantes Inferno struck fear to all of the people who were considered "sinners" during the renaissance. What they did to redeem themselves was pay money to the priests or monks of the church. Also, the Inferno pushed into converting to Christianity. Dante effects us now because of his writing, if he hadnt wrote the Infernal, then we would not have an insight on the what the people who lived during the renaissance had feared so much. And maybe, without the Infernal, we would never had developed, there would not have been all of these rebellions, which led us to the way that we are now.
  3. 3. Peaked in Europe for only two years, it is also estimated to have killed 30-60% of the Europe population. It took Europe at least 150 years for recovery. The Black death inspired people in the Middle ages to enhance their knowledge of the human body. It also created major economy, social, and religious upheavals. The Black plague helped create the renaissance. Because almost 1/3 of the population died, the villens or serf became more important in society.A medieval painting of the The feudal system ended and that was how theBlack death renaissance began to develop.The renaissance was the "rebirth". Without it, then we wouldnt be the way that weare today. The renaissance was the period in history that we began to discover thethings that we have today. For example, we began to develop our knowledge aboutthe human body, thanks to Da Vinci. The tank was invented, so was the printingpress, and the Protestant religion was started. And to think none of this wouldvehappened without the black death.
  4. 4. Johannes Guttenberg created the printing press which allowed books and bibles to be printed onto paper rather than having monks and priests write the text down by hand. * The printing press enabled the bibles and books to become known more world wide. First, it spread in Europe, then it went all over. It has impacted us today because it was the way that people spread knowledge around the world and has helped us get to where we are today because it was the original printing press and a prototype for other new presses to come.The Printing Press at * The printing press is credited with helping the standardizedwork alphabet become the way it is. Also the indexes, contents, and page numbers were said to be credited by the invention of the printing press.
  5. 5. Was an explorer, "discovered" America. Columbus wanted to actually go to Japan to do trade, but he actually landed in the Bahamas. Columbus made threemore voyages and initially explored most of the westernhemisphere. Christopher also discovered that the worldwas round because he sailed from the Atlantic and ended up where he started.Even though Christopher Columbus wasnt exactly thefirst one to go to America, (the first people were Vikingsled by Leif Ericson) he still changed it permanently. Wewouldnt be living the way that we are now. Most of ourthings and ideas or products are made in America.America is the most influential countries for us right Portrait of Christophernow. We now know that the world is round, and ColumbusColumbus was the first one to find that out. If Columbusdidnt discover America, we would be living in a verydifferent world.
  6. 6. Leonardo Da Vinci invented so many different things; e.g The Mona Lisa; the Parachute; the tank. He was the original "renaissance man”* The parachute has been very helpful to us because not that the aeroplane has been developed, we can now be dropped off from any height and be safely dropped down to the ground. This has also increased the economy for some countries which are tourist attractions.* The tank has had a huge impact on the wars from World War I and II. The tank has saved many men during the two main wars.We still use this machine even today, and without it, the world would be very different for us.** The Mona Lisa is the world famous painting of a lady who is an object of curiousity because of her famous smile. Leonardos Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa (1504) techniques are so perfect that the brushstrokes are not visible. The Mona Lisa was so influential that other famous artists had decided to repaint it with their own interpretation.
  7. 7. He was a politician and author. He wrote the famous book called The Prince. He thought that a good leader must be like a lion and a fox, meaning that they were to be both strong and sly. And his quote "the end justifies the means" is very famous.His view on leadership has influenced so many peopletoday. According to Machiavelli dictators such asHitler, Stalin, and Bin Laden were good leaders. In myopinion, they were. They were good leaders, but thatdoesnt mean that they were good people. Machiavellisview on leadership has influenced so many peoplenowadays because some people choose to follow what hehas told them, some people dont. His name is even usedto describe someone malicious. Penguin Classic’s “The Prince”
  8. 8. * Had 6 different wives. In order to divorce the first one, Queen Catherine of Aragon, he decided to create a new religion which separated the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England which reformed to Protestantism. A lot of people are Protestant which is another branch of Christianity. King Henry the 8th created this religion and has greatly impacted the lives of many more people to come. Nowadays, about 500 million people are reported as protestants. Without King Henry, there wouldnt be the protestant religion.King Henry depicted with hissix wives Henry the 8th also impacted the renaissance in another way which was that he was one of the things that made Queen Mary or Bloody Mary kill all of the people she did. Bloody Mary executed many because of religious influences, she was Catholic, whereas a lot of people werent.
  9. 9. The graphite pencil was created when a large graphite mine was discovered in Cumbria, England. The graphite were made into sheets and cut into thin rods, ensconced into wooden holders; and the pencil was created. At that time, people thought that the graphite was lead, therefore giving its name as the "lead" pencil, even though it contained none of the substance.Before the keyboard was invented, the pencil was crucial. We use pencils in ourdaily lives today. Even though there were pens, we couldnt erase pens from paperlike we can with the pencil. We use pencils all the time, from sketching, to writingreports. The pencil was also used during the renaissance by artists when theysketched. “Lead” Pencil
  10. 10. He wrote many plays which became world famous and his plays were able to be related to the Kings and the Peasants. He developed 1,700 english words and is one of the most remarkable playwriters in the English language. Shakespeares plays and poems have become quite known worldwide. Students are learning about his works in school. Shakespeare also established 1,700 English words. Even today William Shakespeares plays are being developed and interpreted. His type of plots are being used today; e.g;Portrait of William Shakespeare * Two young people falling in love that is forbidden from his play Romeo and Juliet * An evil person who ends up in deep trouble because of their own sins, from Hamlet.
  11. 11. He was a king of Thailand during the Renaissance period. King Naresuan lead many battles against Myanmar, trying to gain more territory, from which was taken from us. If if wasnt for King Naresuan, then Thailand may not be the way it is. He plays a great role in Thai history, and is one of the most influential Monarchs. During King Naresuans reign, Siam had the most territory extent. Not only this but King Naresuan still has made a lasting impact, playing the role model and hero for all Thai people. Because of his bravery, leadership, kindness, and great fighting skills, he has been a great inspiration for many, and us Thai citizens would not be where we are now withoutOne of the many movies him.about King Naresuan
  12. 12. The first flush toilet was invented by John Harrington for Queen Elizabeth I. Even though the flush toilet was made popular by Thomas Crapper, Harrington was the one who had first created it. The flush toilet has created a lasting impact on us because we use it everyday in our lives. Imagine how hard life would be it we didnt have flushing toilets, we would have to urinate or poo in a pot and throw that out. There are sewage system underground so that it doesnt smell that bad, but imagine if you just throw all of your waste out theThe Flush toilet duringthe Renaissance window, life would be quite disgusting.
  13. 13. Invented Calculus, he created the universal theory of gravity, wrote the book Principia. * Calculus is the thing that math is all leading up to, it’s the formula and laws of nature. Everyone who has a decent education must learn calculus, because it is required in the jobs of architects or engineers. We use calculus in our daily lives, and so, Isaac Newton has really impacted us. * The Universal theory of gravity was created by Isaac Newton when he was sipping tea in the garden with a friend- William Stuckeley and an apple fell on his head. This has greatly effected us today because if we still didnt know about how gravity works, then how would we know that if a pencil fell of a desk, it wouldnt end up on the ceiling? Isaac helped us to recognize the laws of gravity around us.• In Newtons famous book, Principia, he describes three main laws called "Newtons Laws of Motion. These laws describe how objects which are not being pushed or pulled by the same force will stay still or continue in a steady line. Another law is the mass multiplied by acceleration equals force. (Which helps us today to predict many things.) Or the last law that states "for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction." In Principia, Newton also describes how the planets orbit around the sun in an oval, not a circle, changing our views on things and making Newton’s Apple tree at everything clearer. Trinity College