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08 hum-renaissance- timeline- 17sarahh


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08 hum-renaissance- timeline- 17sarahh

  1. 1. Timeline for the Renaissance Sarah Herten
  2. 2. The First Mechanical ClockThe first mechanical clock was created in the 1300s which was the timewhen people started measuring time in 24 hours.The first mechanical clock made it possible for people to measure time moreaccurately and faster. Before the clock it was hard to measure timeaccurately. We should care about this because we still use the clock today inour design of the clock. We should also be grateful because it has made timeeasier to tell.
  3. 3. Johannes Gutenberg The Printing PressJohannes Gutenberg made it possible for the first time in the renaissanceto mass produce books.The printing press has made a impact on the way we print books today. Westill use the ideas of Johannes Gutenberg in the way we print and the wayour printing presses are today. We care about the printing press because itmake books easier to print and it is more efficient then writing out thebooks by hand, also the printing press has saved a lot of time which youcan not buy.
  4. 4. Leonardo Da Vinci The TankLeonardo Da Vinci designed the tank which made it possible for us to break linesof warriors in combat.The tank has impacted the world today because there was no weapon big enoughto break enemy lines in combat before Da Vinci designed it. We care about thisbecause if he had not created the tank more people would be in wars whichmeans more people would die. But because of this invention today more peopleare dying because of this creation because more people have tanks and tanks aredangerous. We use Da Vinci’s design today in the tanks that we use for fightingtoday.
  5. 5. Martin LutherMartin Luther wrote 95 thesis’s that complained about how the church was runand he also translated the bible.Martin Luther shows us that you should believe in yourself and do what youhave to do to get your way. We should care about his because if Martin Lutherhad not nailed the 95 thesis’s to the church door the church would not be as it istoday and we should thank him for teaching us to believe in our selves and notlet anyone get in our own way.
  6. 6. Bloody Mary (Mary the 1 st )Bloody Mary killed people that did not believe in the same beliefs as her.Bloody Mary has made it possible for us to realize that killing people that are not thesame religion or believe in the same beliefs as you is wrong and you should acceptthem. We should care about this because people should be able to believe in whatthey want to and they should be able to make there own decisions.
  7. 7. Galileo GalileiHe made observations of Venus which supported that the sun was in the centerof the universe. This made it possible for us to understand the solar system.Galileo proving that the sun is in the center of the universe has impacted the waywe look at the solar system and what the church says. WE should care about thisbecause if Galileo did not prove this theory we would probably still not knowhow the solar system works. We also care about this because just because somepeople believ that god knows every thing and you do not agree with him on onetiny thing does not mean that you are not part of the religion or that group.
  8. 8. ShakespeareShakespeare wrote books, plays poems and much are still read today and loved.Shakespeare has impacted our literature today as well as writing some of thebest poems and books as well as plays. We should care about the change thatShakespeare has made to literature because the way we write and make playshas been impacted by Shakespeare and his writing.
  9. 9. William LeeThe knitting machine was created by William lee for his girlfriend and themachine make stockings.The knitting machine made it possible for people to make stockings quicker andmake them better quality. We should care about this because today our knittingmachines are based on the design that William lee had created. We should alsothank him because the way that we used to make stockings took a long time andwas not very accurate stitching.
  10. 10. The Flush ToiletThe flush toilet is a toilet that has water that flushes .The flush toilet has made it possible for us today to have better hygiene as wellas being able to keep a toilet sanitary. We should care about this inventionbecause if we did not have a flush toilet our hygiene would be worse and itwould be easier to catch diseases and it would cost more money for people toclean the toilets.
  11. 11. Cornelius DrebbelCornelius Drebbel made a submarine based on the design of a row boat.Cornelius Drebbel used the ideas of the rowing boat to create a submarine for 6people. We should care about this because today we still use the idea of asubmarine looking like a boat but it is under water and two are on top of eachother. We should also appreciate this because this invention has a whole newaspect to war and to fighting under water.
  12. 12. Renaissance Timeline Sarah Herten