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Evian's case study


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This Presentation is created by Nikhil Nehra, IITR under the guidance of Prof. Sammer Mathur, IIML.

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Evian's case study

  1. 1. Evian’s case study
  2. 2. Evian’s Capital- • 1.5 billion bottles are sold in more than 40 countries across the world. • The Evian brand can be valued at $1,027 million .
  3. 3. • Premium popular brand in France, Switzerland, UK, Belgium. • Was only sold at urban centres to a specific target group in other countries i.e. an narrow urban market. • Product was positioned based on the market. Solution “ Unification of brand communication on a global level” Situation Now-
  4. 4. History- • Owned by French Food Products group Danone which acquired the brand in 1968.
  5. 5. Success Mantra- Continuous Innovation Powerful hold on Managing Mass Communications Evian choice of associating with advertiser BETC Paris
  7. 7. Marketing Communications Timeline - • Evian positioned itself to be the “perfect water for babies” Evian designed to target mothers, mid- wives and doctors . • Evian communication added a new reference to health and theme of Alps was introduced. - 1950’ s -1980’s The theme of “purity” was chosen to differentiate the Evian from competitors -1930’s
  8. 8. •“The water you drink is as important as the air you breathe.” Evian’s InnovativeSlogan- •“The Original” •“Live young ”
  9. 9. EVIAN’S campaign
  10. 10. Water Babies Campaign- • This campaign of Evian made the brand evoked youth that had through babies swimming in synchronicity. • This Ad was an instant hit and spawned over 254 million views. It currently holds the record for the most number of views on YouTube. • Hold Guinness World record in this category. Roller Babies Campaign-
  11. 11. Evian’s T-shirt Campaign- • Evian launched the T-shirt with images of baby bodies and this campaign got huge success globally and created Evian’s brand awareness . • This Evian’s Campaign main targets to make brand market in Asia.
  12. 12. Baby & Me Ad Campaign- • This Evian’s campaign uses a baby-and-adult mirrored-dancing concept to highlight their “Live Young” slogan.
  13. 13. Marketing Channels- Social media presence Traditional media presence
  14. 14. Event Associations- Evian organise the First Woman’s Golf Open Championship which is currently one of major tournament in Europe. Evian is the Official Water Brand for Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.
  15. 15. Evian is also Sponsor for Paris Fashion Show. Evian also market their water bottles signed by major Designers.
  16. 16. Public Relations:- • Evian also supports various environmental protection initiatives like through creation of Schools of Water . • Evian also developed Partnership with Red Cross. • Evian affirming its positioning on health and children.
  17. 17. Recap - • Evian has proved that a brand has to continue to innovate around the brand, not necessarily in terms of the product itself, but how it is packaged and all its various touch points. 1908 1930’s 1950’s 1968 1980’s 1998 2007-08 2013 2016 Evian begins selling in glass bottles Starts selling in PVC bottles Purity High-end positioning Live young Baby & me campaign starts Today September 10, 2016 Targeted Babies The Original Water babies ad campaign starts Health Alps as its theme Live young Roller babies campaign starts
  18. 18. Disclaimer- Created by Nikhil Nehra, IIT Roorkee, during a Marketing Internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow