Cabin Crew System: Improving Crew's Overall Efficiency - Whitepaper


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The Cabin Crew System is single answer to all the concerns as it will help airline to reduce the paper cost, minimizing the cabin crew’s duty timings required for ground reporting and feeding the information, reducing the aircraft weight, enhancing customer experience and improving overall efficiency of its one of most costliest resource.

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Cabin Crew System: Improving Crew's Overall Efficiency - Whitepaper

  1. 1. Cabin Crew System Manmohan Narula Archit Sharma NIIT Technologies White Paper
  2. 2. CONTENTS Executive Summary 3 Functions of Cabin Crew System 4 • Roster 4 • PIL/seatmap 4 • Information 5 • Reports 5 • Tools 5 Conclusion 6
  3. 3. TRANSPORTATION TRAVEL CARGO PACKAGING TRANSPORTATION TOUR TRAVEL GUIDE TRAVEL TRANSPORTATION CARGO CARGO LOGISTICS TRAVEL JOURNEY GUIDE TRANSPORTATION CARGO JOURNEY CARGO GUIDE LOGISTICS TRAVEL Executive Summary Some of the airlines have either introduced or in process to Most of the Airlines by and large have established the automation introduce the iPads like devices for cabin crew to reduce the facilities to support the conventional business processes like complicated paper based/manual operations in performing their Reservation, Distribution, Airport services, Maintenance and day to day functions. Cabin crew most of the time has little access Operations. Airline customers come in contact with the airline to computer systems. They have flight, meal and passenger related mostly at the two areas, namely, at the airport and during the flight. information available during the flight through some of the paper The services at the airport relate to Check-in, Gate control, forms and reports. There are serious performance issues in using Baggage handling at origin & destination airports with lounge conventional paper forms and reports. services. Technology support is available at most of these areas at airports. Passengers are in contact with cabin crew during the Paper forms are also used to update the flight performance and flight. Most of the cabin crew relies on paper documents for passenger feed backs related information to the ground systems. performing their duties and very minimal technology solutions are This is a very inefficient way of working. This method increases the available to support their responsibilities. Airlines have now started work load and also has integrity and accuracy issues. Currently, looking for customer satisfaction along with improved efficiency for most of the airlines use this method and this information is mostly overall customer facing activities during the flight using technology. recreated and updated in the systems upon arrival of the flight at the destination. Access crew portal via FBT/CRA Check-in for his fight event Access different applications BMS Briefing Apps Server RES CCIO Take print outs of docs required in fight CIO CORE DMS BEST Information filed/updated in the relevant system COSMIC System CAS Server Documents Submitted to the ground staff Data Link Briefing Positioning Library PIL/Seat Map - Customer Status - M&M - ID guests - Special Service - Special Cases Reports (COSMIC) - Customer Data - Fight Data - Additional Data Roster - Circulation Info - Crew Info - Events Private Work 3
  4. 4. NIIT has developed a mobile device solution on iPad for cabin crew • The Crew Check-in application is used by the crew member to for use during flights to access the ground systems online as well report for the duty certain hours prior to flight. Through this as make some of the vital information/data made available on functionality, the Cabin crew can check-in in advance using iPad these devices during the flight. The aim of this system will be to from home itself. The supervisor at airport will have clear view of access the different ground applications/systems through one the attendance for the flight well in advance. single device. Cabin crew would use the stored information in the iPad whenever PIL/seatmap connectivity is not available. The information which needs to be The PIL/Seat Map information is currently accessed by the Cabin synchronized or updated to ground systems will be done as and crewusing paper documents. The cabin crew requires customer when connectivity (Wifi, GSM) is available. related information to ensure the best services on board based on their status, ID, M&M, special service requests etc. The Cabin crew also prepare some customer specific reports using this information manually. iPad application will have facility to view this information during flight. • Meal • Special Services/Cases • Position List • Customer Status Functions of Cabin Crew System Roster • The Roster application is used by the Cabin crew to check his/her duty roster. It also gives the complete information about his/her circulation, flight / ground events etc. This information will be available on iPad solution. 4
  5. 5. Information Reports During the flight crew member need to refer to various details. Currently the cabin crew has to create/edit/maintain a number of Instead of keeping handout or to memorize everything, crew can reports manually to record customer specific data, flight use this Ipad application for: information, customer complaints, attachments etc. These can • Briefing: Briefing is a process in which the cabin crew takes the be directly created in the iPad and the same will be uploaded inputs from briefing system prior to taking the flight duties. He/She will be able to have this information on iPad in the when arrives on ground. proposed system and can refer the same during the flight, Tools whenever needed. The benefit of such a solution is to bring in overall efficiency of the cabin crew and support their work processes in the area of • Library: Cabin crew has to refer various documents on board to perform his/her duties. Currently he/she has to carry the print outs customer servicing during the flight. This will help purser to customize the system as per his/her needs. of such documents or refer to paper manuals during the flight. Cabin crew will be able to perform this function using iPad. Conclusion In this fast evolving world where airlines are being pushed to control the CO2 emission, provide better services to its internal staff, enhancing customer engagement and improvising the overall efficiency of the inflight services, airlines are looking forward to have better and lean resources enabling them to resolve their above mentioned concerns. The Cabin Crew system is single answer to all the concerns as it will help airline to reduce the paper cost, minimizing the cabin crew’s duty timings required for ground reporting and feeding the information, reducing the aircraft weight, enhancing customer experience and improving overall efficiency of its one of most costliest resource i.e. cabin crew. 5
  6. 6. About NIIT Technologies NIIT Technologies is a leading IT solutions organization, servicing customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It offers services in Application Development and Maintenance, Enterprise Solutions including Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing to organisations in the Financial Services, Travel & Transportation, Manufacturing/Distribution, and Government sectors. With employees over 7,000 professionals, NIIT Technologies follows global standards of software development processes. Over the years the Company has forged extremely rewarding relationships with global majors, a testimony to mutual commitment and its ability to retain marquee clients, drawing repeat business from them. NIIT Technologies has been able to scale its interactions with marquee clients in the BFSI sector, the Travel Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing & Distribution, into extremely meaningful, multi-year "collaborations. NIIT Technologies follows global standards of development, which include ISO 9001:2000 Certification, assessment at Level 5 for SEI-CMMi version 1.2 and ISO 27001 information security management certification. Its data centre operations are assessed at the international ISO 20000IT management standards. India NIIT Technologies Ltd. Corporate Heights (Tapasya) Plot No. 5, EFGH, Sector 126 Noida-Greater Noida Expressway Noida – 201301, U.P., India Ph: + 91 120 7119100 Fax: + 91 120 7119150 Americas NIIT Technologies Inc., 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway 5th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30338, USA Ph: +1 770 551 9494 Toll Free: +1 888 454 NIIT Fax: +1 770 551 9229 Europe NIIT Technologies Limited 2nd Floor, 47 Mark Lane London - EC3R 7QQ, U.K. Ph: +44 20 70020700 Fax: +44 20 70020701 Singapore NIIT Technologies Pte. Limited 31 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #05-13 Techlink Singapore 417818 Ph: +65 68488300 Fax: +65 68488322 Write to us at D_25_120413 A leading IT solutions organization | 21 locations and 16 countries | 8000 professionals | Level 5 of SEI-CMMi, ver1.2 ISO 27001 certified | Level 5 of People CMM Framework