Employability skills for underserved youth              News Letter Volume 3                          July’2012    Neem Tr...
PERSPECTIVEHow volunteering can change theflavor of an organization“I always wondered why somebody didnt do somethingabout...
STUDENT SPEAK                                      Narayan Baghel : No Dream Too Big                                      ...
READER’S ANGLE                                          A Visit to CDC Gharoli                                            ...
EVENTS    On the eve of CII Center inauguration in Chhindwara, Hon‟ble Minister Mr. Kamal Nath presented WIPRO job offer l...
SPECIAL MENTION                                           Rag Picker Project                              Sangam Vihar and...
PROJECT UPDATES    NIIT Foundation (NF) is a not-for-profit education society that makes critical    interventions    towa...
GET CONNECTEDNIIT Foundation DistrictLearning Centers (DLC)                                                  DLC Chhindwar...
CENTERS    Noida-51: Lavkush Market, near Post Office, main road Hoshiyarpur,    Sector 51, Noida -201301, Tel: 9811597208...
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NIIT Foundation


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NIIT Foundation

  1. 1. Employability skills for underserved youth News Letter Volume 3 July’2012 Neem Tree is a symbol of value. Hard at work from roots to leaves. Sincerely making itself useful to all it connects with.
  2. 2. PERSPECTIVEHow volunteering can change theflavor of an organization“I always wondered why somebody didnt do somethingabout that. Then I realized I was that somebody.” Second, volunteering requires us to set aside ourLily Tomlin social status and link at a human-to-human level. This sets us free from the boundaries we haveI had been thinking for a long time to connect with created for ourselves.those less fortunate. Things would always come upthat seemed threateningly urgent and I would againbecome relentlessly occupied. Last year I finally got the I believe giving trains the mind to stay on theopportunity through a giving initiative launched in positive side. Realization that we have doneNIIT. I took my daughters to visit an orphanage where something good naturally instills a sense ofwe spent half-a-day with some very energetic and wellbeing. This boosts not just our mood, but anzealous kids, generally chatted with them and handed entire gamut of things, from self-esteem toover to them loads of snacks. These kids enveloped us relationships, even competence.in love and gratitude. Suddenly we were the ones whofelt cared for. It was very humbling. Giving changed us With this conviction, last year we launched thefor the better - I realize that this is the formula for social giving initiative in NIIT – we call it „Imanufacturing happiness! Give‟. Each NIITian is encouraged to give back to society through volunteering or donations. NIITGiving is up to us, we can choose how. We can give offers a special type of leave „IGive Leave‟ whereour time, which is most precious, or the next best thing NIITians can take up to four days off to support - money. However, for the entire experience their cause! Many are already taking advantage of of giving to be satisfying, here are some this initiative, and I hope many more do this year. of my takeaways. First, we got to concentrate on Shampi Venkatesh ‘giving’. When we do this, the Chief People Officer noise of judgment quietens; NIIT Ltd. we concentrate on creating value rather than demanding it. In other words, whether our time is „best utilized‟ by the NGO or not, we got to make our visit count and make a difference. 2
  3. 3. STUDENT SPEAK Narayan Baghel : No Dream Too Big “Bhaiya apka photo chhapa hai paper main” (Your picture has come in the newspaper), someone cried from the heavy mob that wrestled against unplastered walls of Narayan Baghel‟s house. Narayan, the eldest son of a farming laborer, was chosen from all over India for DPE-MSL Global Scholarships for professional training through NIIT Foundation. Narayan‟s beginnings were tougher than you would guess from his brave smiles. Knowing Rs.2000 per month hardly sufficed for his family of five, from an early age of 12, Narayan spent weekends working on farms earning Rs. 20 per day for school fees. When school finished, he quietly buried his hopes of being an Engineer. Concentrating hard on practicality of life, doing B.Com.(Hons.), and moving to Bangalore with his Aunt seemed like a sure shot way to land a job. Three years of home tuitions to earn fees, endless chores and errands, nights of pouring over English books to comprehend what professors talked about and finally a B.Com.(H.) degree however failed to do the needful. Narayan returned to Chhindwara, MP his hometown without a job. Just another statistic confirming that traditional education system does not prepare youth for industry. Narayan then heard of NF District Learning Center in Chhindwara. Professional Job oriented courses offered at the center seemed within Narayan‟s reach, bringing hope of a job. Still, the 5 hours of daily travel, and sheer battle for sustenance posed a challenge. “But then I would think how I had come a long way, I was finally learning about computers, professional behavior, and conversing in English. Ravi Sir supported me a lot at DLC. I would remember my dream of being an Engineer, to have a computer of my own, and I would somehow find the strength to go on for one more day” Narayan‟s dedication and hard work earned him the DPE-MSL Global scholarship that is helping him fulfill his dream. Today Narayan has his coveted laptop, he is studying to be a software engineer from NIIT on full scholarship, and interning in NIIT Foundation Head Office, New Delhi. From an aggressive kid who had joined DLC Chhindwara, Narayan has now transformed into a calm, cooperative and responsible young man. His improved speech, posture, and dressing match his new self perfectly. He says he still has a long way to go. Being a farmer at heart, he is prepared. From above: Top: Narayan at Chhindwara District Learning Centre. For more information on Narayan’s scholarship story, kindly visit: Middle: In Delhi streets on his way to NIIT office. htt p:// born tol earn .m s l earn.net/ d pe_ ms l _s chol ars hi p/b/we bl og/ Bottom: At NIIT, where archive/2012/05/17/narayan-s-transformation.aspx Narayan studies through his DPE-MSL scholarship.3
  4. 4. READER’S ANGLE A Visit to CDC Gharoli Guests from NGO-Kamalini A visit by guests from NGO- Kamalini, represented by Claudia from Peru, Paolina from Brazil and Anu Thomas Dr. Nutan Bharati, from India, created a chance to interact with local Commonwealth of Learning students registered with CDC. This interaction was Educational Media Centre For Asia (CEMCA), New Delhi valuable as it generated stories that can be sharedI had an opportunity to visit one of the career across with like mindeddevelopment centres (CDC) of NIIT Foundation some people.time back. NF is making an effort to addressemployability issues for urban underprivileged youth byproviding industry linked skill-sets. In the followingparagraphs I am sharing my experience of that day whenI was at CDC Gharoli along with my friends from othercountries. Rahul, a youngGharoli Settlement shy boy in the soft skills class, wasGharoli is a settlement near the city dump at Ghazipur game for theoff the National Highway 24 from New Delhi. If we were „Jeevan Chakra‟ activity. He chose the area of life:to ignore trying realities, this dump encircled by vulture physical environment as an important part of his life.in the grey sky, actually presents an art surrealist‟s image Physical environment was rated eight on a ten pointof human existence looming larger than human scale. According to Rahul‟s observations, eight meantdwellings, hopes and aspirations. an acknowledgement to what has already been done for locality‟s environmental cleanliness. He aspired for aThe resettlement, Mullah Colony with well measured rating of ten which would mean more cleanlinessstreets, has materialized around high tension around the houses. He made a commitment to himselftransmitters. These big electric transmitters provide to speak to his landlord to allocate one container forunique relief to the topology of this colony, as household garbage so that it is not strewn all over thesometimes, they appear like mini towers underneath place. Rahul‟s face was beaming at the possibility ofwhich motorbikes can easily pass through somewhat like meeting his commitment. everyday traffic crosses bridges and tunnels. Some other towers offer a roundabout Puja, a young lady, expressed concerns over health chance to narrow lanes. The towers issues for women and committed to mobilize her stand there tall and very inclusive. community for a health awareness mela. Rohit felt he This is a monument of human cannot bear to see the poor suffer; he has committed capacity and a will to adjust to to share at least one skill with people he wishes to help environmental hurdles! in order to search for ways to achieve freedom from poverty. Another spacious feature that attracts attention This class of fourteen, predominantly dreamt, planned because of its potentially and committed to take steps for improving beautiful architecture is a mosque communication and computer skills to earn a housing a Madrasa, a place of learning. certification and achieve financial freedom for NIIT Foundation‟s career themselves and their families. They are truly development centre called NIIT unstoppable! Yuva Star is housed close to this building. Disclaimer: Views expressed are from writers personal perspectives and do not necessarily represent viewpoint of CEMCA. 4
  5. 5. EVENTS On the eve of CII Center inauguration in Chhindwara, Hon‟ble Minister Mr. Kamal Nath presented WIPRO job offer letters to NF students. Mr. S. Ramadorai, Mr. Adi Godrej, Mr. Pradeep Bhargava, and Mr. Deepak Saxena also graced the occasion with their presence. Volunteer workshops were conducted across The Industry visit to VRPL, Pitampura was a first visit to CDCs to build mass awareness on issues like a retail outlet for most of the fresh students of our CDC. Health, Domestic Violence and Womens Rights The Store Manager showed a realistic picture of the work culture, growth path and the technicalities of the job to the students. Civil Lines CDC Delhi, celebrated completion of one year in Parent Awareness workshops were organized to address operation. In the picture: Chief Guest Purnima Rai and Sapna inhibitions associated with employment of their daughters Moudgil (Implementation Head, NIIT Foundation) and problems encountered in feeling the connect with children once they become young adults.5
  6. 6. SPECIAL MENTION Rag Picker Project Sangam Vihar and Gharoli are two rag-pickers‟ colonies that have sproutedaround the prominent garbage dumps of Delhi city. Rag-picking remains the mainstay of inhabitants whose dailyconcerns are as much about meeting the goals set by local Kabadis (Scrap Shops) as they are about communaltensions, diseases and crime.“We had available capacity in the centers. Moreover, centers are there for the benefit of the community. It was hardto ignore that (some of) these (rag-picker) kids had never been to school. They will become the youth of tomorrow.We gathered kids of all ages (6 to 13 years) in the center and began with basics. Alphabet, grammar, maths, and Early every morning, a half asleep Muskan is piled on to a rickshaw on which her father drives her to work (picking broken glass objects) on the pahaad (Garbage dump) at 7.30 am with her parents and younger siblings. Her first meal of the day comes only after half past noon. On the days that they are not able to meet the required pick, they work longer. After coming back from the pahaad, while her parents set about sorting out the garbage, she was left to her own devices on the basti streets for rest of the day. On talking to Muskan, we learnt that she had never been to school. Within a few sessions at NIIT Foundation Center, Gharoli, she has bloomed into a bubbly talented child. Her natural urge to learn and participate in class discussions have won her first place in Muskan 10 Years Old alphabet reading, basic arithmetic and multiplication table tests many times. Gharoli “I love computer and dancing. I wait every day after reaching home to come back the next Rag Picker day”- Muskan Mampi could not understand anything except Bengali. NF Rag-Pickers‟ Project is entirely funded She did not come for her classes at NIIT Foundation by individual donations. Two batches (NF) Center for a week because she got scared by the have already passed out of Gharoli center. strange things called alphabets. In Sangam Vihar the entire batch was Mampi Thanks to contributions of NF individual donors, she is placed in Lord Krishna Public School. 7 Years Old now in school learning those unfamiliar things. Ragpicker Students Impacted through rag-picker’s project: 118 Students admitted to schools through this project: 52Weekly Schedule at NIIT Foundation Centerfor Rag-Picker batchesDay Activity ResourceMonday Listening & speaking BooksTuesday Speaking & Writing Notebook, White BoardWednesday Oral Test TrainerThursday Written Test Computer SoftwareFriday Dancing, Alphabet games Trainer 6
  7. 7. PROJECT UPDATES NIIT Foundation (NF) is a not-for-profit education society that makes critical interventions towards upgrading the skill base and employability of the marginalized youth in urban slums and rural areas. In addition, it works with other NGOs to offer NF Certification to the NGO‟s beneficiaries. District Learning Centers Career Development (DLCs) focus on imparting Centers (CDCs) cater to the employability skills to under- skilling needs of the vast employable privileged, non-working graduates population residing in urban slums. in rural areas. DLCs are currently CDCs are currently functional in functional in Madhya Pradesh. Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai, UP and Urban Slum Rural Youth DU SC/ST NGOs Synergy Project set up in NReach builds capacity among partnership with CII and Delhi NGOs by providing structured University, focuses on building courseware, training NGO trainers employability skills of the Distance and providing trainer and student Education students at Delhi certifications. This program is University, with a special focus on offered nationwide. Performance Areas Total No. of Students Impacted 36031 Percentage of girl students 43% Percentage of placed students 78% No. of NGO partners 84 No. of partner employers 250 100% Scholarship for SC/ST Students this quarter 47 100% Scholarship for Girl Students this quarter 41 Volunteer hours 6580 Sponsor a career for youth, a livelihood for a family and hope for the na- tion!7
  8. 8. GET CONNECTEDNIIT Foundation DistrictLearning Centers (DLC) DLC Chhindwara Teamin Chhindwara, MadhyaPradesh started on thehypothesis that it ispossible to bring a ruralor semi-rural graduateto the same level ofproficiency as the urbanstudent by providingfocused and high-quality (Above from Left) - Dharmendra, Aaradhna, Vikram, Dinesh, Garima, Pankaj, Piyush, Saba,training. Deepak, Vijay, Rita, Manoj, and Pratiksha This change in students can happen in as short a period as six months or up to a year, with the right mix of technology, training, industry input and experienced faculty. Join our mission by sponsoring a needy student, volunteering to spread awareness in communities, or connecting usDLC Barkuhi Team to your network. You can start by sharing this newsletter with all your friends. We look forward to meeting you. (Above from Left) - Smita, Deepak, Neeraj, Wasim, Devendra, Amit, Amin, Manish, Chhavi, and Rahul Corporates, individuals, NGOs and funding agencies can connect with us in varied ways. Please do write to us at Partner@niitfoundation.org to explore synergy. 8
  9. 9. CENTERS Noida-51: Lavkush Market, near Post Office, main road Hoshiyarpur, Sector 51, Noida -201301, Tel: 9811597208; Begumpur : Basti Vikas Kendra, Behind Begumpur Bus-stop, Malviya Nagar, Begumpur -110017, Ph. 40580305; Paharganj: 9329/1, Gali No.7, Multani Dhandha, Paharganj - 110055, Ph. 47506874, 47506873; Prem Nagar : I-180, Prem Nagar II, 70Ft Road, Kirari, New Delhi -110086, Ph. 25185560; Gurgaon : Vishwas Vidyalaya, Sector 46, near Unitech Cyber Park, Gurgaon -122001, Ph. 7838177728; Mangolpuri: L-625, DDA Flats, (near Mother Dairy) Mangolpuri, Delhi Ph. 011-27918987; Sangam Vihar : Green Aravali School, I-4/35, Ratiya Marg, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi -110062, Ph. 26043709; Sunder Nagri: N-25/26, Sunder Nagri, New Delhi -110093, Ph. 22597745; Madanpur Khadar: H.No 317, Chauhan Mohalla, Manshukh Singh Marg, Near, Anglo Indian Public School, Madanpur Khadar, New Delhi – 76, Ph: 29947891; Civil Lines: No. 2 Raj Niwas Marg, near Shah Auditorium, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Ph: 23982620; Ghaziabad: Gram Niyojan Kendra, Adhyatmik Nagar, Opp. IMS Engg. College. Dasna, Ghaziabad, Ph: 7838177728 Nizamuddin: MCP School, Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti, Delhi -110013. Ph: 9818942279; Gharoli: C-548, Harijan Basti, Gharoli Extension -110096, Ph. 22628857; Brahmpuri : C- 185/36, 1st Floor, Above MTS Office, Main Brahmpuri Road Delhi -110053, Ph. 22560344; Jawahar Nagar: 2/600, Jawahar Nagar, Opp. Sanatan Handa Ki Gali, Near Satya Sai College, Jaipur, Ph: 0141-2650554; Shastri Nagar: DD-82, Vishvakarma Colony, Nahari ka Naka, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur, Ph: 0141-2309699; Jajpur: JSL Institute of Industrial Training, Trijanga rehabilitation colony, P.O. Danagadi Jajpur 755026, Ph: 07735565556; Mumbai:FSC-1,1st floor shopping complex, opposite Airport high school, New Airport Colony, (opposite Hanuman road) Airport Authority of India, Vila Parle East Mumbai- 400099, Ph: 09619619074; Hisar: JINDAL INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL TRAINING, (Formerly Stainless Skill Training Institute - Prerana), 126 Green Square Market, Hisar - 125 005, Ph: 07206790140; Chhindwara DLC: NIIT District Learning Center, near FCI warehouse Seoni road, Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh- 480002, Ph: 0716 2232228, 0716 2232229; Barkuhi DLC: Barkuhi old VTC building, near SBI Barkuhi, Madhya Pradesh- 480447, Ph: 0716 1263334 Project Director NIIT Foundation 8, Balaji Estate, Kalkaji, New Delhi - 110019, India Website: www.niitfoundation.org Email: niitaffirmativaction@niit.com, Giving@niit.com, Partner@niitfoundation.org Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/NIITAffirmativeAction Office: +91-11-4167-5000, FAX: +91-11-4167-51789