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#NIWeek 2013 Social Media Guide


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Attending NIWeek 2013? Here's all the information on hashtags, contests, @handles, and safe havens you'll need.

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#NIWeek 2013 Social Media Guide

  1. 1. | NI CONFIDENTIAL Social Media Guide
  2. 2. | NI CONFIDENTIAL Live Streaming of #NIWeek Tagged Content: Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, and Instagram A snapshot of the Live Stream
  3. 3. | NI CONFIDENTIAL #Connect: Remember to @mention @NIGlobal or @LabVIEW #NIWeek #LabVIEW #SportsScienceZon e #nicobot #cRIOchallenge #RFfuture …and follow these #tags:
  4. 4. | NI CONFIDENTIAL Use the NIWeek App to stay up-to date. Search for NIWeek 2013 on your mobile device (App Store or Google Play Apps) Tablet or computer? Go to: e/home.jsp
  5. 5. | NI CONFIDENTIAL Live Tweeting During: • Keynote Speeches 8:30-10:00am CST Tue-Th. • The roboRIO launch: 10:00-12:00am CST Thurs, the 8th ask questions to experts live using #robotRIO!
  6. 6. | NI CONFIDENTIAL Need a break? Hit the Connect @NIWeek Lounge The lounge will have comfy couches, WiFi, and electrical outlets for your devices. Connect in Person at the Media Lounge
  7. 7. | NI CONFIDENTIAL Social Media Contests #Nicobot The customer education training bot • Win a week of free training credits: One winner daily! • Simply tweet a picture of yourself with Nico (be sure to include: #nicobot and #niweek or @NIGlobal) #SportsScienceZone • Test your skill on the Power Cycle, Golf Swing Analyzer, “Shot Put,” and more. • Competitor Scores will be live tweeted – winners announced daily! #cRIOchallenge The CompactRIO scavenger hunt • Follow the hashtag to find the (big) prize – clues announced multiple times a day!