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How to build an education wellness series in senior living communities


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Watch this slideshare to learn how to pull together an effective and fun wellness lecture series for the residents in your senior living community

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How to build an education wellness series in senior living communities

  1. 1. EDUCATIONAL WELLNESS SERIES PROGRAM Cara Long Director of Lifestyle and Health Marquette
  2. 2. NIFSACTIVEAGING EDUCATIONALWELLNESSSERIESPROGRAM Webinar Content: Description Course Topics Example Wellness Series Agendas Speakers Example Video Attendance History Cost & Benefits to Residents and Community Questions
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION  The Educational Wellness Series Program was developed to give residents information on health and wellness related topics  Start with a general topic area  Choose topics that are most asked about or health issues that are most seen in your community  Break it down  4 or 6 week sessions  Each week can be same speaker or different  Sessions  Not always just listening… can be interactive and hands on
  4. 4. COURSE TOPICS 2011 EDUCATIONAL WELLNESS COURSES Course Name Date Range Creator Final Draft Relaxation January 3rd – February 11th Cara Long November 3 Healthy Bones and Joints February 21st – April 1st Becca Smalley December 21 Balance April 11th – May 20th Cara Long February 11 Special Populations and Exercise May 30th – July 8th Cara Long March 30 Total Body Strength July 18th – August 26th Becca Smalley May 18 Weight gain/loss and exercise September 5th – October 14th Becca Smalley July 5 Weight gain/loss and nutrition October 24th – December 2nd Becca Smalley August 24
  5. 5. COURSE TOPICS 2012 EDUCATIONAL WELLNESS COURSES Course Name Date Range Creator Final Draft Nature Opportunities January 4th – January 25th Becca Smalley December 10th Heart Health February 1st – February 22nd Becca Smalley January 10th Meditation/Relaxation March 7th – March 28th Cara Long February 10th Nutrition April 4th – April 25th Intern March 10th Active Senior Sports May 2nd – May 23rd Cara Long April 10th Specialists/ Pharmacy June 6th – June 27th Cara Long May 10th Joint Replacements/Injuries July 11th – July 25th Rachel Huffman June 10th Brain Health August 1st – 15th & 29th Cara Long July 10th Specialists and Self Care September 5th – 26th Rachel Huffman August 10th Balance/Fall Prevention & Mystery October 3rd – 24th Cara Long September 10th Wellness Goal Setting (Exercise, Nutrition, & Overall Wellness) November 7th – 28th Cara Long October 10th Walking/Posture December 5th – 19th Rachel Huffman November 10th
  6. 6. COURSE TOPICS 2013 EDUCATIONAL WELLNESS COURSES Course Name Date Range Creator Final Draft Personal Development/Fresh Start January 9th – January 30th Cara Long December 10th Pharmacy World February 6th – February 27th Allison Huet January 10th Mind/Body Connection March 6th – March 27th Intern February 10th Power Houses of the Body April 3rd – April 24th Cara Long March 10th Respiratory Health May 8th – May 29th Rachel Huffman April 10th Arthritis June 5th – June 26th Cara Long May 10th Wellness Around the World July 10th – July 31st Rachel Huffman June 10th Neighborhood Watch/Safety First Aid August 7th – 28th Cara Long July 10th Aging with Vitality September 4th – 25th Rachel Huffman August 10th Emotional Health October 9th – 30th Cara Long September 10th Chronic Medical Conditions November 6th – 20th Rachel Huffman October 10th Beat the Stress December 4th – 18th Cara Long November 10th
  7. 7. EXAMPLE WELLNESS SERIES AGENDA  General Description – Joint Replacements and Injuries  In this series, you will learn the in’s and out’s of joint replacements and injuries. The beginning of the series will begin with discussions covering the surgical side of joint replacements. The following two sessions will then delve into discussions on treatments, including physical therapy and massage therapy, and the steps to take before and after surgery for optimal performance, functionality and/or recovery. We encourage you to participate in the entire series, but we openly welcome those who cannot attend each session.  Weekly Details  July 11, 2012 – David Fisher, MD, a specialist in Total Joint Replacement (Hip & Knee) from OrthoIndy Northwest, will join us for our first session, covering joint replacements. More specifically, this session with discuss the hospital/surgical side of joint replacements, including signs & symptoms that warrant surgical evaluation, available types of joint replacements and repairs, what happens during a joint replacement surgery and more!  July 18, 2012 – Heather, A therapist from Marquette’s very own Physical Therapy department, will join us to discuss joint replacements, including knees, hips, and shoulders, as well as arthritis and degenerative diseases of the low back. The therapist will cover the importance of pre-surgery exercises, steps to take in order to delay or potentially prevent surgery, and the importance of post-surgery exercise. Heather will then focus on causes of back pain, common stretches and exercises to treat pain related to low back issues.  July 25, 2012 – The last session will cover general aches and pains and massage therapy, led by our own massage therapist, Dave Johnson. He will touch on what to expect, common reasons for massage, and massage as a health maintenance measure to be used along with exercise and diet. Come and learn about the various types available and their pain-relieving benefits, as well as the use of self-care techniques.
  8. 8. EXAMPLE WELLNESS SERIES AGENDA 2  General Description – Brain Health  In this series, you will learn everything from the anatomy and physiology of the brain to information on mental health disorders. We will be discussing how the brain ages and teaching ways to keep the brain sharp! We encourage you to participate in the entire series, but we openly welcome those who cannot attend each session.  Weekly Details  August 8, 2012 – Laughter Yoga instructor, Linda Lou Batchelor-Ballew will discuss the benefits of laughter yoga and how it can affect and stimulate your brain. Laughter Yoga is not about happiness; it is about joy. While happiness is a complex mental decision and depends upon many life conditions, joy is a physical phenomenon that can be created at will even if you are not feeling well. Join us in the educational session and Laughter Yoga demo!  August 15, 2012 –Katie Eller, Director of Education and Member Services at the Indiana Health Care Association, will speak about types of memory and how you can strengthen your memory with age. She will also be focusing on steps for altering old behaviors and dealing with change.  August 22, 2012 – Have you heard of the Dakim Brain Fitness Game? Cara Long, Director of Lifestyle and Health at Marquette, will discuss the ins and outs of this game, located at the MAC. Find out how easy it is to use and what it can do for you! Also, hear from Barbara Furlow, Marquette Resident, as she speaks about care giving for a loved one with dementia. Find out what you can do to protect your health and still be a wonderful care giver.  August 29, 2012 – Kaylynn Evans, Marquette’s Director of Dementia Programming will take you on a tour of the brain. She will be discussing ways to prevent cognitive decline through lecture and fun trivia!
  9. 9. SPEAKERS  Inside  Department Directors  Dementia Director  Nursing Director  Security  Dieticians/Chefs  Therapy Department  Physicians  Residents  You!  Outside  Doctors  Chiropractors  Professionals from local universities  Massage Therapists  Dentists  Wellness Instructors  Benefits  Referrals  Marketing  References  Visibility
  10. 10. ATTENDANCE HISTORY 2011 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 2011 Wellness Series Program Attendance Relaxation Healthy Bones and Joints Balance Special Populations & Exercise Total Body Strength Weight Gain/Loss & Exercise Weight Gain/Loss & Nutrition
  11. 11. ATTENDANCE HISTORY 2012 0 50 100 150 200 250 2012 Wellness Series Program Attendance Nature Opportunities Heart Health Meditation/Relaxation Nutrition Active Senior Sports Pharmacy Joint Replacements/Injuries Brain Health Specialists & Self Care Balance/Fall Prevention Wellness Goals Setting Walking/Posture
  12. 12. ATTENDANCE HISTORY 2013 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2013 Wellness Series Program Attendance Fresh Start for the New Year Pharmacy World Mind/Body Connection
  13. 13. ATTENDANCE HISTORY AVERAGES 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 2011 2012 2013 Average Attendance Average Attendance
  14. 14. COST & BENEFITS TO THE RESIDENTS  Cost  No Cost to the Residents  Education  Build References  Reminder of In-House Services
  15. 15. COST & BENEFITS TO THE COMMUNITY  Low Cost Program  Approximately 85 speakers  Total Cost = Less than $1000 spent  Benefits to the Community  Staff Visibility  Referrals  Therapy  Clinic  Healthcare Center  Possible Improvements/Suggestions  Happy Heart Menu  Resident Satisfaction
  16. 16. FOR MORE INFORMATION  Please contact Emily Davenport at 317-219-3110 or via email at  You are also welcome to visit NIFS website for additional resources including white papers, quick read, and blogs at Thank you for joining us today.